Deputy Assistant to the President;
Assistant to the President;
Office of White House Operations


Files concerning numerous domestic and foreign policy issues, investigations of the intelligence community, Supreme Court and other personnel appointments, 1974 and 1977 transitions, and the 1976 presidential election, especially the campaign for the Republican nomination.

8.4 linear feet (ca. 16,800 pages)

Gerald R. Ford (accession number 77‑102, 77‑107, 77‑117, and 78‑61)

Open.  Some items may be temporarily restricted under terms of the donor's deed of gift, a copy of which is available on request, or under National Archives and Records Administration general restrictions (36 CFR 1256).

Gerald R. Ford donated to the United States of America his copyrights in all of his unpublished writings in National Archives collections.  The copyrights to materials written by other individuals or organizations are presumed to remain with them.  Works prepared by U.S. Government employees as part of their official duties are in the public domain.

Prepared by William H. McNitt, August 1985
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Richard Bruce Cheney

January 30, 1941 - Born, Lincoln, Nebraska

1965 - B.A., University of Wyoming

1966 - M.A., University of Wyoming

1966 - Staff aide to Governor Warren Knowles (R-Wisconsin)

1966‑68 - Graduate student, University of Wisconsin

1969 - Congressional Fellow, American Political Science Association - served on the staff of U.S. Representative William A. Steiger (R-Wisconsin)

1969‑1970 - Special Assistant to Donald Rumsfeld, Director, U.S. Office of Economic Opportunity

1970‑71 - Deputy to Counsellor to the President Donald Rumsfeld, The White House

1971‑73 - Assistant Director for Operations, Cost of Living Council

1973‑74 - Partner, Bradley, Woods & Co. investment advisory firm

Sept. 1974-Nov. 1975 - Deputy Assistant to the President for White House Operations

Nov. 1975-Jan. 1977 - Assistant to the President for White House Operations ("Chief of Staff")

1977‑78 - Partner, Bradley, Woods & Co.; public policy consultant, Washington, DC and Casper, WY

1979-     - U.S. Representative from Wyoming

1981-     - Chairman, House Republican Policy Committee


The Cheney files consist partly of materials created by or addressed to Cheney and partly of materials addressed to the President by other White House staff members, campaign committee officials, friends of the President, government officials, and Republican leaders.  The President apparently transmitted most of these documents to Cheney for his information or handling.

The two topics most heavily documented in the Cheney files are the 1976 presidential campaign and the 1975 investigations of the intelligence community.

The bulk of the campaign materials (over two linear feet) concern President Ford's efforts to obtain the Republican nomination, May 1975-August 1976.  Included are such items as a virtually complete set of progress reports from President Ford Committee chairmen Howard "Bo" Callaway and Rogers Morton, July 1975-July 1976; letters from Republican leaders giving campaign advice; handwritten messages from the President to Cheney; and the President's handwritten notes concerning telephone calls to Republican convention delegates, June-August 1976.

Materials on the intelligence investigations (over one linear foot) concern such topics as William Colby's report to the President in December 1974 on alleged abuses by the Central Intelligence Agency, the establishment and operation of the Rockefeller Commission, congressional investigations, and proposed presidential actions to reform the intelligence community.

Researchers interested in the intelligence investigations or other topics relating to national defense and foreign affairs questions should be aware that archivists have withdrawn numerous classified documents during processing.  These are not currently available for research, but researchers may initiate requests for agency review for possible declassification.

The amount of material on most topics other than the campaign or the intelligence investigations is fairly small.  The collection concerns a wide range of domestic and foreign policy issues, personnel appointments (including the nomination of John Paul Stevens to the Supreme Court), and the 1974 and 1977 transitions.  What the files lack in quantity, they often make up for in quality.  Many folders contain the originals of significant documents addressed to the President and/or notes exchanged between Cheney and the President.

One area that is not well documented in this collection is the large number of meetings that Cheney attended.  Although the senior staff met on a daily basis, only a few scattered notes by Cheney on the discussions appear in the files.  Similarly, there are few notes from Cheney's meetings with the President and other individuals.

Related Materials (August 1985)
The files of Alexander Haig relate to his work as Chief of Staff during August and September 1974.  The Library has no collection of Donald Rumsfeld files covering his work in this position.  The files of Cheney's assistants James Field, Robert Goldwin, and James Reichley are available for research.

Related materials on the intelligence investigations can be found in White House Central Files category ND 6 and in several collections in the Congressional Relations Office, especially the files of Vernon Loen and Charles Leppert.

Collections containing material on the 1976 presidential campaign are described on the Ford Library handout "The 1976 Presidential Election: A Guide to Manuscript Collections Available for Research."


General Subject File, 1974‑77.  (Boxes 1‑13, 5.2 linear feet)
Memoranda, correspondence, handwritten notes from the President to Cheney, briefing papers, option papers, decision memoranda, recommended telephone call forms, reports, testimony, hearing transcripts, press releases, schedules, and clippings.  These materials concern a wide variety of domestic and foreign policy issues and personnel appointments.  Over one foot of material relates to the 1975 investigations of the intelligence community.  Other topics include: federal budgets, common situs picketing legislation, organization and operation of the Domestic Council, economic and energy issues, Panama Canal treaty negotiations, role of Vice President Nelson Rockefeller in the administration, Strategic Arms Limitation Talks, nomination of John Paul Stevens to the Supreme Court, 1974 and 1977 transitions, and the final weeks of the war in Vietnam.

Arranged alphabetically by topic.

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President Ford Committee Weekly Reports, July 1975‑July 1976. (Boxes 14‑16, 1.4 linear feet)
Originals (and occasional copies) of detailed reports on the campaign submitted to the President by PFC Chairmen Howard "Bo" Callaway and Rogers Morton.  The reports cover such topics as organization and staffing of the PFC, state campaign organizations, legal matters, delegate selection, fundraising, press contacts, advocate schedules, campaign advertising, and campaign leaflets.  Reports #3 and #4, covering late July and early August 1975, were missing when the collection was received, but have been added from other sources.  The PFC apparently discontinued these reports after the middle of July 1976. (View digitized copies of the documents in this series.)

Arranged chronologically.

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Campaign Subject File, 1975‑76. (Boxes 16‑19, 1.4 linear feet)
Memoranda, correspondence, handwritten notes from the President to Cheney, briefing papers, recommended telephone call forms, and clippings.  Although some material relates to the fall campaign against Jimmy Carter, the bulk of the series concerns the campaign for the Republican nomination.  Topics include: campaign advice from Republican leaders, organization and operation of the President Ford Committee and its advertising division, Campaign '76 Media Communications, Inc.; meetings with and telephone calls  to convention delegates (including the President's handwritten notes re the telephone calls); and the presidential campaigns of Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter.

Arranged alphabetically by topic.

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Correspondence File, 1974‑76. (Boxes 19‑21, 0.9 linear feet)
Correspondence, mostly between Cheney and businessmen, local officials, and the general public.  The series consists mostly of carbon copies of outgoing letters and attached photocopies of incoming letters.  The originals of many of the incoming letters appear in the White House Central Files.  Although occasional items from the early part of the administration are included, the bulk of the series dates from Cheney's service as Assistant to the President after November 1975.  The correspondence concerns legislation, invitations, congratulations, personnel matters, and the 1976 presidential campaign.  Some specific topics on which a significant amount of material appears are: bilingual education program budget cut, common situs picketing legislation, National Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Act, maximum allowable cost program, antitrust legislation, and the Energy Conservation and Oil Policy Act.

Arranged alphabetically by correspondent

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Audiovisual Materials, 1964‑76. (Box AV1, linear feet)
This series consists of forty-nine black-and-white photographs taken during a civil disturbance in the Panama Canal Zone in January 1964. Some of the photographs are identified as U.S. Army photos, and the origin of the others is unknown. Also included are two videotapes of practice interviews that five members of President Ford's staff (Robert Hartmann, Dick Cheney, John Marsh, Robert Goldwin, and Don Penny) conducted with Ford in preparation for press interviews during the 1976 presidential campaign primary elections.

Arranged in two sections. The first section are the Primary Campaign Interview Rehearsal Tapes. The second section are the 1964 Canal Zone Incident Photographs, the first part of which is arranged by exhibit number, and the second part is unarranged.

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Box 1 - General Subject File

  • Abortion
  • Advance Schools, Inc.
  • Agency for International Development
  • Agriculture Secretary (1)‑(3)
  • Ambassador to Spain
  • Ash, Roy
  • Aviation Noise Control
  • Bailey, Pearl
  • Baum, William W.
  • Belin, David
  • Budget (FY1977) ‑ Agriculture and Small Agencies (1)‑(2)
  • Budget (FY1977) ‑ HUD
  • Budget (FY1977) ‑ NASA
  • Budget ‑ General
  • Busing
  • Cabinet
  • Cambodia
  • Camp David
  • Capitol Hill Club
  • Cargo Preference
  • China ‑ Ford Visit
  • China ‑ Possible Elliot Richardson Trip
  • China ‑ Report on Mao Tse‑tung
  • China ‑ Richard Nixon Trip
  • Civil Aeronautics Board ‑ Personnel Changes
  • Civil Aeronautics Board ‑ Publication of Decisions
  • Civil Aeronautics Board ‑ Transportes Aereos Portugueses Decision
  • Civil Defense Policy

Box 2 - General Subject File

  • Coal Strike
  • Cole, Sterling
  • Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe
  • Commission on the Organization of Government for the Conduct of Foreign Policy Report
  • Common Situs Picketing ‑ General
  • Common Situs Picketing ‑ Transcripts of Hearings (1)‑(9)
  • Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe

Box 3 - General Subject File

  • Congress ‑ Falsifying Committee Transcripts
  • Corruption in Government Legislation (S.495)
  • Crime Message
  • Cuba ‑ Military Intervention in Africa
  • Defense ‑ Briefing on Installation Reductions and Closures
  • Defense ‑ General
  • Defense ‑ Hearings on Donald Rumsfeld's Nomination
  • Delaney, Patrick
  • Domestic Council ‑ Meeting, June 10, 1976
  • Domestic Council ‑ Reorganization
  • Domestic Council ‑ Review Group on Regulatory Reform
  • Domestic Council ‑ Study of Federal Social Programs
  • Domestic Council ‑ Vice President's Role
  • Domestic Council and OMB Directorships
  • Dow Chemical
  • Dunlop, John (1)‑(2)
  • Economic ‑ Deficit Financing and Capital Markets
  • Economic ‑ General
  • Economic And Energy Proposals
    Congressional Leadership Breakfast, Jan. 16, 1975
    Spokesman's Briefing Book, Jan. 27, 1975 (1)‑(3)
    Spokesman's Briefing Book, Jan. 29, 1975

Box 4 - General Subject File

  • Economic And Energy Proposals
    Spokesman's Briefing Book, Jan. 31, 1975 (1)‑(2)
  • Economic Intelligence Weekly
  • Economic Policy Board Meeting, Dec. 21, 1974
  • Economic Policy Board Meeting, Sept. 16, 1976
  • Economic Policy Review (1)‑(3)
  • Economic Review
  • Economic Summit ‑ Puerto Rico
  • Economic Summit ‑ Rambouillet, France
  • Education for the Handicapped
  • Electronic Surveillance Legislation
  • Energy
    International Oil Developments Reports
    Morbark Industries
    Natural Gas Shortfall (1)‑(2)
    Nuclear Power
    Oil Price Decontrol

Box 5 - General Subject File

  • Energy
    Personnel Changes
    Synthetic Fuels
  • Energy Policy Options Paper
  • Energy Resources Finance Corporation (1)‑(2)
  • European Community Subsidized Cheese Transshipments
  • Federal Trade Commission
  • Feldman, Trude
  • Food Aid (PL480)
  • Food Stamps Reform
  • Ford, Betty
  • Fortune Magazine Bicentennial Issue
  • Funeral Delegations
  • General Revenue Sharing
  • General Services Administration
  • Graham, Billy
  • Grain Sales to the Soviet Union
  • Gramshammer, Pepi
  • Grand Canyon National Park Enlargement Act
  • Gun Control
  • Hoffman, Milton
  • Housing
  • Immigration of Soviet Union Refugees Living in Italy
  • Indochina Refugees
  • Intelligence Subseries
    Appointment of CIA Director
    Colby Report
    Colby Testimony (1)

Box 6 - General Subject File

  • Intelligence Subseries
    Colby Testimony (2)
    Congressional Investigations (1)‑(3)
    Decision Book (1) Click on folder title to view contents
  • Decision Book (2) Click on folder title to view contents
    Decision Book (3) Click on folder title to view contents
    Decision Book (4) Click on folder title to view contents
    Intelligence ‑ General
    Meeting to Review Decision Book
    New York Times Articles by Seymour Hersh (1)‑(2)
    Olson, Frank
    Options Paper

Box 7 - General Subject File

  • Intelligence Subseries
    President's Actions Draft Report (1)‑(2)
    President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board
    President's Meeting with Richard Helms
    Release of Documents to the Church Committee (1)‑(2)
    Report on CIA Assassination Plots (1)‑(2)
    Rockefeller Commission ‑ General
    Rockefeller Commission ‑ Implementation of Recommendations
    Rockefeller Commission Report ‑ Final (1)

Box 8 - General Subject File

  • Intelligence Subseries
    Rockefeller Commission Report ‑ Final (2)‑(4)
    Rockefeller Commission Report ‑ General
    Rockefeller Commission Report ‑ Working Copy
  • Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin
  • Issues Briefing Book, Nov. 1975 (1)‑(2)
  • Issues Briefing Book, Oct. 1976 (1)‑(5)

Box 9 - General Subject File

  • Kahn, Herman (1)‑(2)
  • Kissinger, Henry ‑ Removal of Documents from the White House
  • Kluczynski, John
  • Laird, Melvin
  • Law of the Sea Negotiations
  • Lebanon Crisis
  • Legislation ‑ General
  • Lewis, James ‑ Immigration Request
  • Library of Congress
  • Luce, Clare Booth
  • Mayaguez Crisis
  • McCrary, Tex
  • Mexico ‑ Proposed Meeting with Jose Lopez Portillo
  • Microwave Study ‑ American Embassy ‑ Moscow
  • Middle East
  • Milliken, William E.
  • New Hampshire Senate Seat
  • New York City Financial Crisis
  • Office of Telecommunications Policy
  • Olympics
  • Panama Canal ‑ Ellsworth Bunker Congressional Testimony
  • Panama Canal ‑ General
  • Panama Canal ‑ Photographs of the 1964 Incident
  • Paris Air Show
  • Parks Proposal
  • Passman, Otto
  • Penny, Don
  • Personnel ‑ General
  • Personnel ‑ Presidential Personnel Office Director
  • Postal Rate Commission
  • Postal Service Legislation
  • President ‑ Assassination Attempt
  • President ‑ Ford Vision of the Good Society
  • President ‑ Golf
  • President ‑ Media Contacts
  • President ‑ Meeting with the Pope
  • President ‑ Miscellaneous Notes to Dick Cheney

Box 10 - General Subject File

  • President ‑ Request for Tickets to the 1977 Inauguration
  • President ‑ Schedule
  • President ‑ Succession Arrangements
  • President ‑ Telephone Calls
  • President ‑ Television Ratings Summary
  • President ‑ Trips
  • Presidential Clemency Board
  • Presidential Commission on School Integration
  • Privacy Legislation
  • Railroads
  • Republican National Committee
  • Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee
  • Reserve Officers Association Mid‑Winter Conference
  • Rockefeller, Nelson ‑ Meeting with the President, June 4, 1976
  • Rockefeller, Nelson ‑ Progress Report on Assignments
  • Rockefeller, Nelson ‑ Role as Vice President
  • San Diego, CA ‑ Proposed Federal Correctional Facility (1)‑(3)
  • Sandman, Charles
  • Savings Bonds
  • Secret Service
  • Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Senior Staff Meeting, Nov. 14, 1974
  • Small Business Leaders Meeting with the President
  • Social Security Finances
  • Social Security Tax
  • Solzhenitsyn, Alexander
  • State Department Personnel Changes
  • State of the Union Address, 1975

Box 11 - General Subject File

  • State of the Union Address, 1976
  • State of the Union Address, 1977
  • Steel Price Adjustments
  • Strategic Arms Limitation Talks ‑ Briefing Paper
  • Strategic Arms Limitation Talks ‑ General
  • Strategic Arms Limitation Talks ‑ Options Paper
  • Student Loan Program
  • Summary of Presidential Nominations and Appointments, Mar. 1976 (1)‑(2)
  • Summary of Presidential Nominations and Appointments, Apr. 1976 (1)‑(2)
  • Supreme Court Nomination
    Background on Recommended Candidates
    Letters to the President
    Opinions of John Paul Stevens on Environmental Questions
  • Tax Cut / Spending Limitation Proposal
  • Tax Exempt Status of Private Educational Institutions
  • Television Series on the American Presidency
  • Tennessee Valley Authority

Box 12 - General Subject File

  • Transition (1974)
    Possible Candidates for Appointment to Positions (1)‑(2)
    Suggestions from the Cabinet and Agency Directors (1)‑(2)
    White House and Cabinet Personnel Report
  • Transition (1977)
    Analysis of White House Organization (1)‑(3)
    Briefing Book for Second Ford Administration (1)‑(2)
  • Transportation Secretary
  • Trident Submarine
  • Truck Brake Regulations
  • Truck Regulatory Reform
  • Tulley, John Patrick
  • U.S. Military Academy
  • Unemployment Statistics
  • United Nations Ambassador
  • United Parcel Service Strike
  • United Service Organizations
  • Vail Trip
  • Vice Presidential Staff Salary Increases

Box 13 - General Subject File

  • Vietnam ‑ Correspondence from Richard Nixon to Nguyen Van Thieu
  • Vietnam ‑ General
  • Vietnam ‑ Question and Answer Briefing Sheets
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Bill
  • Voting Rights Act Extension
  • Waggoner, Joe
  • Welfare Reform ‑ Caspar Weinberger Proposal (1)‑(2)
  • Welfare Reform ‑ Ronald Reagan Letter and Report
  • White House Public Forums on Domestic Policy Report (1)‑(5)
  • White House Social Events List

Box 14 - President Ford Committee Weekly Reports to the President

The entire series is available in digital form. Please click on the folder titles to view PDF files of the documents.

Box 15 - President Ford Committee Weekly Reports to the President

Box 16 - President Ford Committee Weekly Reports to the President

The entire series is available in digital form. Please click on the folder titles to view PDF files of the documents.

Box 16 (Continued) - Campaign Subject File

  • Baker, Howard ‑ Meeting with the President, Sept. 13, 1976
  • Belin, David
  • Butz, Earl
  • Campaign Communications Strategy (1)‑(3)
  • Campaign Strategy ‑ Advice to the President
  • Carter, Jimmy
  • Connally, John
  • Conservative Third Party
  • Convention ‑ General
  • Convention Delegates
    New Jersey
    New York
    Virgin Islands
  • Debates
  • Dole, Robert
  • Federal Election Campaign Act
  • Ford, Jack
  • Goldwater, Barry
  • Graham, Billy
  • Green, Edith
  • House and Senate Wednesday Groups
  • Longley, James
  • Marsh, John

Box 17 - Campaign Subject File

  • MIA Task Force
  • Morton, Rogers
  • National Republican Congressional Committee Fundraising Letter
  • National Republican Congressional Committee Speech Kit (1)‑(2)
  • Paulucci, Jeno
  • Polling
  • President
    Financial Disclosure
    Investigations of his Finances
    Letter of Support from Republican Congressmen
    Miscellaneous Notes to Dick Cheney
    Telephone Calls (1)‑(8)

Box 18 - Campaign Subject File

  • President
    Telephone Calls (9)
  • President Ford '76 Factbook (1)‑(3)
  • President Ford Committee
    Advertising Policy
    Advisory Committee Meeting
    Establishment (1)‑(5)
    Lee Nunn Resignation as Political Director
    Lists of Officials and Staff, Nov. 1975

Box 19 - Campaign Subject File

  • Primary Campaign Media Interview Rehearsals, April 14, 1976
  • Reagan, Ronald
  • Rhodes, John
  • Rockefeller, Nelson
  • Spokesmen Program
  • State Campaign Information
    New Hampshire
    New York
    North Dakota
    South Carolina
  • Vice President
  • Volpe, John
  • Young Republican Conferences

Box 19 (Continued) - Correspondence File

  • A‑B

Box 20 - Correspondence File

  • C‑L

Box 21 - Correspondence File

  • M‑Z

Box AV1 - Audiovisual Materials

Folder Accession Number Item Description
  Folder 1 -- Primary Campaign Interview Rehearsal Tape
1AV85-2-1 to 2Primary Campaign Interview Rehearsal Tapes [Files of Richard Cheney]
   Folder 2 -- 1964 Panama Canal Zone Incident Photographs (1)
2AV86-12-1Exhibit P1 - At about 4:40 p.m. on Thursday, January 9, a group of Panamanian students entered the Canal zone carrying flags, signs and the Student Federation Banner.
2AV86-12-2Exhibit P2 - At the Governor's Residence they paused and sang the national anthem of Panama.
2AV86-12-3Exhibit P3 - In descending the long flight of steps, the students passed between twin flag poles in front of the Administration Building, which were flying the flags of both Panama and the United States.
2AV86-12-4Exhibit P4 - Captain Gaddis Wall, district police commander of Balboa, talked with members of the group where it had been halted by the police.
2AV86-12-5Exhibit P5 - Six Panamanian student representatives were selected to march to the Balboa High School flag pole. (note tear in flag at upper right-hand corner of red field.)
2AV86-12-6Exhibit P6 - The Panamanian delegation left the main group and were escorted by the police to the scullion.
2AV86-12-7Exhibit P7 - Four of the delegation carries the flag, holding it by its top edge in front of them. (Note the tear is evident in this photograph)
2AV86-12-8Exhibit P8 - The Panamanian students stated harshly that if they could not hoist their flag, they would not continue the ceremony.
2AV86-12-9Exhibit P9 - The Panamanian delegation refused to leave the area when the ceremony was canceled.
2AV86-12-10Exhibit P10 - The delegation was moved out of the area by police officers.
2AV86-12-11Exhibit P11 - An American girl was pushed backward into the hedge surrounding the flagpole.
2AV86-12-12Exhibit P12 - An American boy struck at the Panamanian whom he believed pushed the girl into the hedge. The photograph of this instance was published in The Panama American, with the caption alleging that the boy was tearing at the Panama flag.
2AV86-12-13Exhibit P13 - In the course of being nudged back from the flagpole, two of the four Panamanian flag bearers stumbled but held too tightly to the flag, which appeared to giver under the stress and parted along its seems.
2AV86-12-14Exhibit P14 - When the two students got back to their feet, still holding the flag, it was noticed that the flag was ripped from the top down the middle almost down to the coat of arms emblem.
2AV86-12-15Exhibit P15 - Photograph taken January 10, showing cyclone fence lying on the slope in front of the District Judge's house. The fence was cut by rioters January 9th.
   Folder 3 -- 1964 Panama Canal Zone Incident Photographs (2)
3AV86-12-16Exhibit P17 - Photograph shows an automobile being burned on Fourth of July Avenue in the area of the District Judge's residence.
3AV86-12-17Exhibit P18 - Photograph taken January 10, showing the remains of burned automobiles set afire on previous night in the area of the District Judge's home.
3AV86-12-18xhibit P19 - Panamanian students returning to Panama demolished the traffic lights at the corner of "J Street - Gorgas Road and Fourth of July Avenue.
3AV86-12-19Exhibit P20 - Photograph taken on the corner of Gorgas Road and Fourth of July Avenue January 10 shows damage to light standard caused by Panamanian crowds during rioting the previous night.
3AV86-12-20Exhibit P21 - Rioters threw stones at the car driven by an American school girl and thrust a section of 4x4 timber through the rear window. Insets show the resultant damage.
3AV86-12-21Exhibit P22 - At the dead-end barrier at the entrance to Frangipani Street, rioters rocked and overturned a car, poured liquid on it and set it afire.
3AV86-12-22Exhibit P23 - Photograph taken January 10 shows the burned hulk of an automobile and rags which were set ablaze by Panamanian crowds the previous night in their attempt to burn the Ancon Laundry.
3AV86-12-23Exhibit P24 - The mob moved to Shaler Triangle and the Canal Zone Bus Terminal, which they attacked.
3AV86-12-24xhibit P25 - One car was driven into the Pan American Building at the ground level on "L Street, and was set afire.
3AV86-12-25xhibit P26 - Car burning in the Pan American Building at the ground level on "L Street, where it had been driven and set afire.
3AV86-12-26Exhibit P27 - Photograph taken January 10 of the remains of an automobile driven into the Pan American Building and burned the previous night.
3AV86-12-27Exhibit P28 - By 11:30 p.m., the entire Pan American Building was in flames.
3AV86-12-28No caption
3AV86-12-29Exhibit P31 - Photograph taken January 10 of extensive damage caused by the crowd to the Panama canal offices on Cristobal on January 9. The destruction of the roof is the result of Panamanian violence the previous night.
3AV86-12-30Exhibit P32 - Photograph taken January 10 of extensive damage to the exterior of the storage building as a result of Panamanian violence the previous night.
3AV86-12-31Exhibit P33 - Photograph taken January 10 shows the almost complete destruction of the Cristobal YMCA gymnasium on January 9 by the Panamanian mob.
3AV86-12-32Exhibit P34 - Photograph taken January 10 shows the extensive damage of the Cristobal YMCA gymnasium on January 9 by the Panamanian mob.
   Folder 4 -- 1964 Panama Canal Zone Incident Photographs (3)
4AV86-12-33Exhibit P35 - Photograph of Panamanian man by the Pan American Building, where he sniped at the Canal Zone.
4AV86-12-34Exhibit P36 - Panamanians tear apart an American flag in the area of the United States Information Agency Services Building.
4AV86-12-35Exhibit P37 - Panamanians burn an American flag in the area of the United States Information Agency Services Building.
4AV86-12-36Exhibit P38 - Panamanian mob prepares to throw an American flag on a burning car in the vicinity of the Tivoli Guest House.
4AV86-12-37Exhibit P39 - Panamanians burn an American flag in flames from a burning automobile in the vicinity of the Tivoli Guest House.
4AV86-12-38Exhibit P - M1
4AV86-12-39Exhibit P - M2
4AV86-12-40Exhibit P - M3
4AV86-12-41Exhibit P - M4
4AV86-12-42No caption
4AV86-12-43U.S. Army personnel maintain a defensive position on the boundary between Cristobal, Canal Zone, and Colon, Panama, on the Atlantic side of the Panamanian Isthmus during disturbances involving the United States and Panama.
4AV86-12-44Two Panamanian plant their national flag atop the light pole in the Canal Zone on the Panama City border during the disturbance that erupted January 9, 1964.
4AV86-12-45U.S. Army personnel on duty on the Tivoli Guest House grounds of the Canal Zone are prepared to protect the Canal Zone from incursions by Panamanian rioters during the 1964 Canal Zone - Panama disturbances. Buildings in the background are on the Panama City side of the border.
4AV86-12-46U.S. Army soldiers use an overturned car as protection as they stand guard in the Canal Zone along the Panama City border during disturbances that erupted January 9th, 1964.
4AV86-12-47Panamanian mobs gather along the Canal Zone - Panama City border during the January 1964 disturbance.
4AV86-12-48roops of "C Company, 4th Mechanized, 20th Infantry in reserve; resting after a night of rioting during the PANAMA CANAL ZONE CIVIL DISTURBANCE on January 11.
4AV86-12-49Panamanian mobs gather along the Canal Zone - Panama City border during the January 1964 disturbances.