at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum

   … this is not a monument to any one man or any one presidency. Rather, it is a classroom of American democracy, a place where school kids as well as scholars will enjoy privileged access to the innermost workings of their government.   

Gerald R. Ford


The Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum opened its doors to all new 21st century exhibits and our state-of-the-art DeVos Learning Center in June 2016. With that came the opportunity, resources, space, and technology to offer a range of programming never before possible. Using classrooms and exhibits, we have something for everyone. Our programs focus on American History, Civics and Government, Leadership, Betty Ford, Civil Discourse, Space, and more. We offer a wide range of programs to visitors of all ages, building on the goal of bringing President Ford's vision to life.

We hope you will join us and schedule your visit today!

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