Past Recipients of the Gerald R. Ford Scholar Award in Honor of Robert M. Teeter

2024 - Reynolds Hahamovitch, University of Michigan, The Space Age: Horizons of the Future in the Cold War United States

2023 - Caitlyn Jones, University of Houston, The Most Important Event Nobody Knows About: Public Memory and the National Women's Conference

2022 - Elizabeth Rees, University of Oxford, The Counterpart System: How Does the East Wing and the Office of First Lady Develop Within the Executive Establishment Between 1961-1980?

2021 - Sarah Meiners, Cornell University, Whose Children? The Making of the United States’ Cold War Child Refugee Policy

2020 - David Evans, University of Connecticut, Hunger for Rights: The Human Right to Food in the Post-War Era

2019 - Christian Ruth, University of Albany - SUNY, The Bitter World: Famine, Foreign Aid, and Development in the Cold War

2018 - Kimberly Probolus, George Washington University, Separate and Unequal: The Rise of Gifted and Talented Programs in Boston, 1950-2000

2017 - Susan Colbourn, University of Toronto, Defining Détente: NATO's Struggle for Identity, 1975-1984

2016 - Timothy Crimmins, University of Chicago, The Fall of the Rehabilitative Ideal and Its Aftermath: Social Science, Penal Policy, and Mass Imprisonment after 1970

2015 - Charles Halvorson, Columbia University, Pricing the Environment: Privileged Costs and the Legacy of Regulatory Reform

2014 - Amanda Demmer, University of New Hampshire, ‘The Last Chapter of the Vietnam War’: Normalization, Non-governmental Actors and the Politics of Human Rights, 1975-1995

2013 - Amanda Hughett, Duke University, Beyond the Prison Gates: Grassroots Activism and Criminal Justice Politics in North Carolina, 1968-1994

2012 - Victor McFarland, Yale University, The Oil Crisis of the 1970s: An International History

2011 - Brent Cebul, University of Virginia, Freedom From: Small Government, Big Government Policies, and the Rise of Blue Collar Republicans, 1970-1994

2010 - Josh Mound, University of Michigan, Inflated Hopes, Taxing Times: The Politics of Economic Crisis in the Long 1970s

2009 - Candace Clare Sobers, University of Toronto, The Crisis of Decolonization, the Challenge of Intervention: Revolutionary Angola, 1968-1976

2008 - Adam Saunders, Trinity College, University of Oxford, Power and the Welfare State: The Political Economy of American and British Unemployment Insurance Reform, 1964-1986

2007 - Vanessa P. Walker, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Ambivalent Allies: Advocates, Diplomats, and the Struggle for Human Rights in Latin America

2006 - Benjamin C. Waterhouse, Harvard University, Corporate Leaders and the Pro-Business Agenda in Modern American Politics

2005 - Erika Franklin Fowler, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Party Images, Public Opinion, and Political Change

The application deadline for the Ford Scholar Award each year is March 31.  For more information, please visit our Ford Scholar page or contact the Library by e-mail or telephone (734-205-0555).