Ford Library Audiovisual Collections

The Ford Library has extensive audiovisual holdings in many formats. Most items are among the historical materials donated to the U.S. Government by President Ford, but material has come from many other sources as well. The audiovisual reference staff can help you find, purchase, and use copies of what you need.

Much of the Library's audiovisual holdings, including all White House-produced photographs, motion picture films, and audiotapes, are in the public domain. Other material, such as donated items and White House Communications Agency news videotapes, are subject to copyright law (see "How does copyright law affect research?").

Descriptions available through the links below summarize the library's audiovisual holdings and provide a basis for requesting further help from library staff.

Audiovisual Collection Descriptions

Ordering Reproductions of Audiovisual Materials

Key Ford White House Collections, 1974-1977

White House Photographic Office Photographs

White House Communications Agency Audiotapes, 1974-77

White House Communications Agency Videotapes of Public Affairs, News, and other Television Broadcasts, 1974-77

Naval Photographic Center Film of Presidential Events

President Ford Committee Records: Audiovisual Materials (1976 election committee)

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