Ford Library Audiovisual Collection Finding Aids

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Note: The list below contains many small collections in addition to the Library's key holdings. For information on the Library's most used audiovisual collections, see

Audiovisual Materials Transferred from Textual Collections

Bales, Susan Ford: Audiovisual Materials, 1975-2005

Cannon, James: Research Interviews - Oral History Audiotapes, 1989-1993

Composite Audiovisual Accessions

Composite Oral History Accessions: Interview Audiotapes from Various Donors, 1971-2004

Ford, Betty: Audiovisual Materials, (1920) 1977-2007

Ford, Gerald: "A Time to Heal" Collection Audiotapes of Interviews, 1977-78 (Not open to research)

Ford, Gerald: Congressional Papers

Ford, Gerald: Personal Papers Audiovisual Materials, 1914-90 (mostly photographs, but some audio and video)

Ford, Gerald: Post-Presidential Papers Audiovisual Materials, (1944) 1977-87

Ford, Gerald: Scrapbooks Audiovisual Materials, (1886) 1928-2003 (almost exclusively photographs for the pre-presidential years)

Ford, Gerald: Vice Presidential Papers

Ford, Gerald and Betty: Family Photo Albums, 1879-1998

Ford, Gerald and Betty: Home Movies, 1954-1972

Ford, Thomas: Home Movies, 1951-1960

Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library and Museum Administrative Files

Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library Oral History Projects: Audiotapes, 1996-Present (only audiotapes with open transcripts are available)

Grand Rapids Oral History Collection: Audiotapes, 1980

Hofstra University Conference on the Presidency of Gerald R. Ford: Videoreccordings of Sessions, 1989

Kennerly, David Hume: Ford Vice Presidential, Post-Presidential and Funeral Photographs, 1973-74, 1977-90 and 2006-07

LaClaire, David: Photographs of the Ford Family and the Ford Museum, 1965-81

Laird, Melvin: Audiovisual Materials, 1960-2007

Military District of Washington: Gerald Ford Funeral Photographs, 2006-07

Naval Photographic Center Film of Presidential Events, 1974-77

President Ford Committee Records: Audiovisual Materials (1976 election committee)

Richard Nixon Presidential Library Oral History Program: Copies of Selected Videorecordings (Not open to research)

Roberts, John W. "Bill": Audiotape Diary as an Assistant Press Secretary, July-September 1974

Sea-Land Service, Inc.: Audiotapes of Mayaguez Crew Interviews, 1975

Teeter, Robert: Videotapes on Political Campaigns, (1976) 1984-1992 (2002)

U.S. Marine Corps. History and Museums Division: Audiorecordings of Interviews with Marine Veterans of the Mayaguez Action, 1975-76

Vogt, Peter, Inc.: Audiovisual Material for Ford Museum Visitors Film, 1980

Wetzel, Roy: Recordings from News, Political, and Public Affairs Broadcasts, 1952-2004 (Unprocessed; not open to research)

White House Communications Agency Audiotapes, 1974-77

White House Communications Agency Videotapes of Public Affairs, News, and other Television Broadcasts, 1973-77

White House Photographic Office Photographs

Audiovisual Collection Descriptions

Digitized Audiovisual Materials
Ordering Reproductions of Audiovisual Materials

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