Ford Library Audiovisual Collection Finding Aids

Key Ford Post-Presidential Collections, 1977-2006

Bales, Susan Ford: Audiovisual Materials, 1975-2005

Composite General Accessions: White House Communications Agency Gerald Ford Funeral Videotapes, 2006-07

Ford, Betty: Audiovisual Materials, (1920) 1977-2007

Ford, Gerald: Personal Papers Audiovisual Materials, 1914-90 (mostly photographs, but some audio and video)

Ford, Gerald: Post-Presidential Papers Audiovisual Materials, (1944) 1977-87

Ford, Gerald: Scrapbooks Audiovisual Materials, (1886) 1928-2003

Kennerly, David Hume: Ford Post-Presidential and Funeral Photographs, 1977-90 and 2006-07

Military District of Washington: Gerald Ford Funeral Photographs, 2006-07

Audiovisual Collection Descriptions

Digitized Audiovisual Materials
Ordering Reproductions of Audiovisual Materials

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