WHCF Subject File - RA: Real Property

According to the White House Central Files filing manual, this category was for "material pertaining to the planning, development and administration of public buildings and lands. Includes matters pertaining to the design and construction of public buildings, real property acquisition and utilization, public buildings and industrial property management and related activities."

Exceptions to the above are materials pertaining to: Executive Mansion, grounds, and the Executive Office Building (see WH); United States embassies (see FO); Indian reservations (see IN); libraries (see ED and FE); military installations and properties (see ND); parks, cemeteries, memorials and reservations (see PA); school facilities (see ED); and the United States Capitol (see FE).


RA: Real Property
Executive 950 pp. / General 225 pp.
Material on federal land ownership, transfers, and management, including land use planning, site location, predator control, surface mining reclamation, Indian claims, historic landmarks, energy exploration leases, real estate procedures, and information on such specific topics as the COALCON project, Real Estate Settlement Procedure Act, Payments in Lieu of Taxes Bill and grazing fees.

RA 1: Acquisition - Requirements
Executive 160 pp. / General 140 pp.
Materials on federal land and facilities bought, sold, and transferred, including relocation assistance and compensation, historic sites, energy exploration leases, site selection, Big Cypress National Preserve, and occasional other topics.

RA 2: Buildings - Plant Management
Executive 150 pp. / General 115 pp.
Materials on space utilization and needs, dedications, proposed facilities and site selection, art for buildings, historic buildings, General Services Administration programs, and occasional other items on federal and non-federal facilities.

RA 2-1: Guest Houses - Blair House
Executive 50 pp. / General 4 pp.
Material on the operation and use of the Blair House, and one item on a proposed guest house in New York City.

RA 3: Concessions
Executive 2 pp. / General 13 pp.
Items on vendors on the National Mall, and employee benefits for vendors.

RA 4: Construction - Design
Executive 120 pp. / General 26 pp.
Materials on the building, financing, and improvement of government facilities, including site selection, construction and design programs, building codes, the COALCON project, and items on the Ford birthplace, non- federal construction programs, a design for a Republican Party flag, and miscellaneous other matters.

RA 5: Disposal - Surplus
Executive 475 pp. / General 80 pp.
Materials on exchanges and transfers of excess federal land, including the Legacy of Parks Program, Federal Property Council, Cabrillo National Monument in California, Fort Story in Virginia, Beltsville Agricultural Research Center, and one item on excess desalinization equipment.

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