WHCF Subject File - ED: Education

According to the White House Central Files manual, this category was for "material pertaining to education and educational institutions (schools, colleges, universities) both public and private; including the requirements, standards, training programs, facilities, staff and students."

The file manual specifically excepted, however, the following topics: Campus unrest (see HU); Capitol Page School (see FG); Federal aid (see FA); Indians (see IN); Military Academies (see ND); Museums (see AR); Orientation and training of civil service employees (see PE); Public health training (see HE); Tax exemptions for schools (see FI); Teacher strikes (see LA); Veterans educational programs (see VA); Vocational rehabilitation (see WE).


ED: Education
Executive 1150 pp. / General 1030 pp.
Material on education and educational policies, including aid for higher education and private schools, the Education Amendment Act of 1975, the Education Division and Related Appropriation Act of 1976, and White House relations with education groups. Cross-references constitute approximately 75% of the file.

ED 1: Buildings - Facilities - Grounds
Executive 55 pp. / General 160 pp.
Miscellaneous items on disparate topics such as educational programs, affirmative action, tax status, funding, facilities, and administration, primarily at specific colleges and universities.

ED 2: Libraries
Executive 20 pp. / General 35 pp.
Requests for meetings with the President by various library groups, invitations to appear at dedications, and legislation concerning public libraries. Many cross-references.

ED 3: Scholarships - Fellowships - Grants
Executive 300 pp. / General 80 pp.
Material on government programs such as White House Fellows and Presidential Scholars programs, especially information requests; Presidential meetings with groups such as the VFW Scholarship winners; and Presidential appearances at educational fund - raising affairs.

ED 4: Teachers
Executive 17 pp. / General 40 pp.
Material concerning White House-teacher relations, including the presentation of the Teacher of the Year Award, meetings with teacher organizations, and messages to individual teachers or classrooms.

ED 5: Teaching Methods
Executive 9 pp. / General 30 pp.
Items on teaching methods, including specific audiovisual and drug awareness programs. Also contains material regarding parental disapproval of textbooks in Kanawha County, West Virginia.

ED 6: Educational Programs
Executive 30 pp. / General 40 pp.
Items on miscellaneous educational programs, particularly reading skills programs.

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