WHCF Subject File - IN: Indian Affairs

According to the White House Central Files manual, this category was for "material pertaining to Indian Affairs, such as land development and use; guidance and assistance in economic and social matters; educational and welfare services; reservations; resources (agricultural and industrial assistance, arts and crafts, forest, irrigation, trust property) management; law enforcement; and relocation services."


IN: Indian Affairs
Executive 1100 pp. / General 1300 pp.
Material on the activities of American Indians and their relations with federal, state and local groups and tribal associations. Included are 1) correspondence between the White House and Indians voicing complaints about mistreatment, commenting on policies of the Bureau of Indian Affairs and other federal agencies or requesting assistance for individual or community problems; 2) information on housing, health, education, cultural affairs, economic development projects and legislation affecting Indian groups; 3) material on land claims of Indian groups, including litigation and disturbances in South Dakota and New York; 4) cross-references on federal organizations serving Indians, disaster and natural resources policy affecting Indians, petitions to the President from Indian groups and similar Indian matters.

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