WHCF Subject File - FE: Federal Government

According to the White House Central Files manual, this category was for "material pertaining to the establishment, organization and reorganization of the Federal Government as a whole; related subjects pertaining to the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Executive Orders, Proclamations and other matters such as heraldry, historical matters and records."

Specific exceptions are: federal agencies (see FG); White House administration (see WH); agency programs and functions (see specific subject).


FE: Federal Government
Executive 6 pp. / General 30 pp.
Miscellaneous items on federal government programs and activities, and information on various school civics class projects.

FE 1: This category was not assigned

FE 2: Capitol
Executive 7 pp. / General 2 pp.
Miscellaneous items on Capitol construction and cross-references to ceremonial activities on the Capitol grounds.

FE 3: Ceremonials - Protocol
Executive 6 pp. / General none
One item on protocol order of Cabinet members, and cross-references on protocol at White House Ceremonies.

FE 3-1: Ceremonials - Protocol: Deaths - Funerals
Executive 125 pp. / General none
Material on condolence messages, statements and ceremonies following the deaths of foreign leaders, government officials and other prominent officials. Arranged alphabetically by name of the deceased.

FE 3-2: Ceremonials - Protocol: Wreath Laying
Executive 200 pp. / General 20 pp.
Material on the designation of personal representatives of the President to attend wreath laying ceremonies at the graves of former presidents and other occasions.

FE 4: Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, Constitution
Executive 100 pp. / General 175 pp.
Material on bicentennial celebrations associated with historical American documents, and information on proposed constitutional amendments.

FE 4-1: Presidential Powers; Succession and Terms of Office
Executive 175 pp. / General 30 pp.
Material on constitutional powers of the President and his term in office, including executive privilege, veto and pardon powers, and the 22nd and 25th amendments to the Constitution.

FE 5: This category was not assigned.

FE 6: Executive Orders
Executive 350 pp. / General 50 pp.
Cross-references to Executive Orders issued by President Ford, filed in appropriate subject categories; and occasional correspondence on Executive Orders in general.

FE 7: Heraldry
Executive 10 pp. / General 1 p.
One item on a Missing In Action Banner and cross-references on symbols and flags of the United States.

FE 7-1: Heraldry: Flags
Executive 75 pp. / General 125 pp.
Material on the use and misuse of the U.S. flag, and letters from school children about flag ceremonies and customs..

FE 7-1-1: Heraldry: Flags: Half-Staffing
Executive 30 pp. / General none
Material on Executive Orders authorizing the US flag to be flown at half-staff upon the deaths of certain US embassy officials.

FE 7-1-2: Heraldry: Flags: President's
Executive 5 pp. / General 5 pp.
Miscellaneous items on the unofficial use of the President's flag, and selected cross-references on the use of the President's seal.

FE 7-2: Heraldry: Seals - Coats of Arms
Executive 50 pp. / General 10 pp.
Material on redesigning of the seal of the Vice President and on the unofficial use of the Great Seal of the United States.

FE 7-2-1: Heraldry: Seal - Coats of Arms: President's
Executive 100 pp. / General 75 pp.
Material on requests for and policy on the unofficial use of the presidential seal.

FE 8: History - Historical Events
Executive 10 pp. / General 2 pp.
Items on miscellaneous historical sites and events sent to the White House for information.

FE 9: Management Improvement Program
Executive 375 pp. / General 14 pp.
Material on presidential and administration management initiatives in the areas of energy, economy and productivity.

FE 10: National Emblems
Executive 5 pp. / General 10 pp.
Suggestions for changing national anthem, and designating the marigold as the national flower.

FE 11: National Emergencies
Executive 100 pp. / General 1 p.
Material on federal government preparations for national emergencies, particularly nuclear in origin; and information on presidential powers and responsibilities during national emergencies.

FE 12: Presidential Libraries - Museums
Executive 15 pp. / General 3 pp.
Miscellaneous items on a potential Nixon Library and events at other presidential libraries.

FE 12-1: Presidential Libraries: Incumbent President
Executive 25 pp. / General 15 pp.
Material on negotiations for establishing the GRF Library and Museum in Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids.

FE 12-1-1: Presidential Libraries: Incumbent President: Background Documents - Agreements
Executive 1 pp. / General none
One cross-reference on the future Ford Library.

FE 12-1-2: Presidential Libraries: Incumbent President: Acquisition Programs
Executive 10 pp. / General 1 pp.
Miscellaneous items on documents and memorabilia to be included in the Ford Library and Museum.

FE 12-1-2-1: Presidential Libraries: Incumbent President: Acquisition Programs: Audio Visual
No material was assigned to this category.

FE 12-1-2-2: Presidential Libraries: Incumbent President: Acquisition Programs: Government History, Microfilming and Collecting
No material was assigned to this category.

FE 12-1-2-3: Presidential Libraries: Incumbent President: Acquisition Programs: Monetary Donations
No material was assigned to this category.

FE 12-1-2-4: Presidential Libraries: Incumbent President: Acquisition Programs: Oral History
Executive 15 pp. / General none
Two items requesting the President's cooperation in oral history projects.

FE 12-1-2-5: Presidential Libraries: Incumbent President: Acquisition Programs: Personal Papers
Executive 1 pp. / General none
One item on personnel to service Ford's personal papers.

FE 12-1-3: Presidential Libraries: Incumbent President: Building (Site, Architect, Plans, Materials)
Executive 3 pp. / General 5 pp.
Items on plans for constructing a future Ford Library in Grand Rapids.

FE 12-1-4: Presidential Libraries: Incumbent President: Staff
Executive 1 pp. / General none
One cross-reference on an offer of staff assistance in the future Ford Library.

FE 13: Proclamations
Executive 325 pp. / General 75 pp.
Cross-reference and occasional correspondence on proclamations issued by President Ford filed in appropriate subject categories.

FE 14: Records - Archives
Executive 600 pp. / General 50 pp.
Material on federal paperwork reduction programs, government archives in general, and scattered information on the disposition of former President Nixon's papers.

FE 14-1: Records - Archives: Access to Records
Executive 1650 pp. / General 100 pp.
Material on access to US government records through provisions of the Freedom of Information Act, Privacy Act, and Government in the Sunshine Act; particularly those records generated by the Nixon administration, covert intelligence operations, and Civil Aeronautics Board investigations.

FE 14-2: Records - Archives: Receipts for Records
Executive none / General 5 pp.
Cross-reference on individual monetary donations returned by the White House.

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