WHCF Subject File - PA: Parks - Monuments

According to the White House Central Files manual, this category was used for "material pertaining to Memorials, Monuments, Historic Sites, Parks, Reservations and Cemeteries."

The file manual specifically excepted material pertaining to forests (see NR); Indian reservations (see IN); and land acquisition and disposition (see RA).


PA: Parks and Monuments
Executive 200 pp. / General 75 pp.
Material on historic preservation, including the National Historic Preservation Act, National Register of Historic Places, Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, Bicentennial projects, and related programs. Also included are miscellaneous items on diverse subjects such as the World Heritage Committee, Presidential totem pole, preservation of scenic areas, a National Training Center for Olympic athletes, and national monuments and museums.

PA 1: Cemeteries
Executive 30 pp. / General 100 pp.
Materials on the National Cemetery System and regional and local cemeteries and shrines, including the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, and items on an historic Jewish cemetery in Europe, and soil tests at Manassas National Battlefield.

PA 1-1: Arlington National Cemetery
Executive 150 pp. / General 19 pp.
Material on burial restrictions and requests, wreath laying at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and other ceremonies, restoration of citizenship rights to General Robert E. Lee, the Vietnam Unknown Soldier, and the establishment of other national cemeteries.

PA 2: Memorials and Monuments
Executive 160 pp. / General 70 pp.
Material on memorials and monuments and activities and organizations related to them, including the Washington National Monument Association, the Bicentennial Heritage Initiative, the battleship New Jersey, and Gerald R. Ford's birthplace. Also included are miscellaneous items on tributes, museums, Bicentennial programs, and restoration/preservation.

PA 2/FG 2: Memorials and Monuments/(former presidents)
Executive 1 p. / General none
One item on the Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum at Lincoln Memorial University, Harrogate, Tennessee.

PA 2/A-Z: Memorials and Monuments/(alphabetical by name)
Executive 400 pp. / General 130 pp.
Material on naming, dedicating, and ceremonies at various memorials and monuments; messages of tribute; wreath laying at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier; and miscellaneous items on re-naming Mt. McKinley, lunar rock exhibitions, commemorative stamps, national monuments maintenance, and marine sanctuaries.

PA 3: Parks and Reservations
Executive 1400 pp. / General 500 pp.
Material on the National Parks System, especially Hells Canyon National Recreation Area, the President's Legacy of Parks Program, the Bicentennial Land Heritage Act, the Land and Water Conservation Fund Act, Bicentennial programs, theme parks, state and local parks, resource conservation and development; and miscellaneous items on Gerald Ford as a Yellowstone ranger, the National Christmas Tree, nuclear power parks, summer White House, national monuments, National Zoological Park, national forests, display of the flag, and scientific reserves.

PA 4: Pennsylvania Avenue Plan
Executive 30 pp. / General 17 pp.
Material on the planning and development of Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C.

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