February 6, 1974
The House votes to authorize the Judiciary Committee to investigate grounds for impeaching the president.

March 1, 1974
Seven of Nixon’s former staff are indicted by a grand jury for Watergate-related crimes. Nixon is named an “unindicted co-conspirator” by the grand jury.

April 16, 1974
Jaworski subpoenas sixty-four additional tapes.

April 20, 1974
Given what the public knows about Watergate, a Louis Harris poll reveals that 49% believe Nixon should not resign, yet 51% believe he “will be found to have violated the law….” Most believe the president is using executive privilege as an excuse to keep incriminating evidence from Congress.

April 30, 1974
Nixon ignores the subpoena and instead provides edited transcripts, announcing his intention to release a total of 1,200 such pages. The House Judiciary Committee insists on hearing the tapes. The public is shocked by the language in the transcripts, its coarser adjectives masked by the repeated phrase “expletive deleted.”