Special Assistant to the President for Women


The collection consists of material associated with Lindh’s participation in Republican politics, and with her service during the Nixon and Ford administrations. Included are newspaper clippings, routine correspondence, copies of her speeches, documentation relevant to the speeches, and other background material.

0.3 linear feet (ca. 600 pages)

Patricia S. Lindh (accession number 96-27)

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Prepared by Donna Lehman, January 1998
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Patricia Sullivan Lindh

1928 - Born, Toledo, Ohio

1946-50 - B.A., Trinity College

1950-55 - Secretary, personnel consultant and adoption case worker in Chicago

1956 - Teacher, Singapore American School

1957 - Instructor, Nanyang University, Singapore

1957-62 - Editor, Singapore American newspaper

1970-74 - Vice-Chairwoman, Republican Party of Louisiana

1974 - Republican National Committeewoman, Louisiana

1974 - Special Assistant to Counsellor Anne M. Armstrong, The White House

1974-76 - Special Assistant to the President, The White House

1976-77 - Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs

1978-93 Vice-President and Director of Corporate Communications, Bank of America

2004 - Died, San Diego, California


Patricia S. Lindh served as Special Assistant to the President for Women during the administration of Gerald Ford. Lindh’s work in the federal government began in 1974 under the direction of Anne Armstrong, Counsellor to Richard Nixon, and continued after her appointment by President Ford in December 1974. In both administrations Lindh was responsible for liaison with women’s organizations and overseeing the Office of Women’s Programs (OWP). Her major duties and accomplishments included: formulating anti-discrimination legislation and regulations, encouraging qualified women to seek top level jobs within the Federal Government, and assisting in the development of the Administration’s policies and programs for International Women’s Year.

In March 1976, Lindh was appointed Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs. In that office she promoted programs of international exchange such as the Fulbright Scholarship program and was responsible for administering the Mutual Educational and Cultural Exchange Act of 1961. The collection contains very little on this phase of Lindh’s career.

Lindh left behind most of the material from her service in the Ford White House when she left in 1976. It was received by the library as part of the Patricia Lindh and Jeanne Holm Files in 1977. This collection supplements her official White House Files with miscellaneous materials accumulated by Lindh since her entry into local and state politics. They consist of newspaper articles and correspondence about each position that she held with the Republican party or the Ford and Nixon administrations. Ms. Lindh was a strong proponent of volunteerism; her views on this subject as well as party politics and the role of women within the political structure are represented in copies of draft speeches included with the collection. Also present is a copy of her personal scrapbook which includes photos as well as citations for service and honorary college degrees.

Related Materials (January 1998)
Related materials are in the Patricia Lindh and Jeanne Holm Files, the Patricia Lindh oral history file, the Sheila Weidenfeld Files, the Anne Armstrong Files, the Elizabeth O’Neill Files, the William J. Baroody Files, and Mrs. Ford’s Papers. Relevant material can also be found in the White House Central Files categories FG 11-5 (Bureau of Cultural Affairs), FG 399 (National Commission on the Observance of International Women’s Year), FO 5 (Exchange Activities), FO 5-1 (Exchange Activities - Educational), HE 2-5 (Human Rights - Women), PP 5-1 (Mrs. Ford), WE 1 (Children), WE 1-1 (Child Welfare Services) WE 3 (Family Planning), and WE 7 (Social Security).


General Subject Files, (1970) 1974-1976.  (Box 1, 0.3 linear feet)
Newspaper clippings and miscellaneous correspondence accumulated by Lindh relating to: 1) her tenure as Vice-chairwoman of the Republican Party in Louisiana, 2) her responsibilities and interests as Special Assistant to White House Counsellor Anne Armstrong and to President Ford for women’s programs, and 3) as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State - Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. Background material and additional correspondence relate to drafts of speeches on topics including: the role of women, volunteerism, and public relations. Copies of speeches delivered between July 4, 1975 and October 28, 1976 are included as is a photocopy reproduction of Lindh’s scrapbook containing many photos, citations for honorary degrees, invitations, and correspondence with President Ford.

Arranged alphabetically.

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Box 1 - General Subject File

  • Appointment - Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs; Mar 21, 1976
  • Appointment - Special Assistant to the President for Women; Dec. 18, 1974
  • Appointment - Special Assistant to White House Counsellor, Anne Armstrong; 1974
  • Appointment - Vice Chairwoman, Republican Party of Louisiana; 1970-1974
  • Article - by Lindh for The London Times
  • Scrapbook
  • Speeches - Baccalaureate Address, Jacksonville, FL; Aug. 14, 1976
  • Speeches - Background Documents
  • Speeches - Correspondence
  • Speeches - Generic - Commencement
  • Speeches - Generic - How to Run For Office Within the Party Structure
  • Speeches - Generic - Mutual Educational and Cultural Exchange Act
  • Speeches - Generic - Party Basics and the Development of Issues
  • Speeches - Generic - Public Relations and the Media
  • Speeches - Generic - Role of Women
  • Speeches - Generic - Volunteerism I
  • Speeches - Generic - Volunteerism II
  • Speeches - Generic - Volunteerism and Running for Office
  • Speeches - Independence Day, Puerto Rico; Jul. 4, 1975
  • Speeches - Mutual Educational and Cultural Exchange Act, Utah, Kansas, Oklahoma; 1976
  • Speeches - Mutual Educational and Cultural Exchange Act; Oct. 28, 1976
  • Speeches - National Federation of Republican Women
  • Speeches - Role of Women; Apr. 27, 1976
  • Speeches - Texas Jaycees; 1976
  • Speeches - Value of the Volunteer - International Women's Year
  • Speeches - World Peace Through Law Center