Art of Diplomacy
Head of State Gifts from the Ford Presidency
An Exhibit at the Gerald R. Ford Library

In September 2006 the Ford Library opened the exhibit, "Art of Diplomacy: Head of State Gifts from the Ford Presidency." This exhibit showcases the ceremonial side of diplomacy and features state gifts, elegant letters of credence, and a look at the white-tie dinner for Queen Elizabeth II in 1976.

Below are some of the photographs and documents included in the exhibit. The "Art of Diplomacy," is currently on display at the Gerald R. Ford Library, 1000 Beal Ave, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109. The Library is open Monday-Friday 8:45 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. and is closed on federal holidays. Admission and parking are free. For more information contact the Ford Library at 734-205-0555 or via e-mail at

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Image: Information about the exhibit, "Art of Diplomacy" which opens at the Ford Library September 18, 2006

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Queen Elizabeth II letter
Document: Letter from Queen Elizabeth II to President Ford, June 18, 1975, among the documents included in the Library's exhibit, "Art of Diplomacy."

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Russian Pilots
Image:Photograph of President Ford's meeting with Russian pilots commemorating the first transpolar flight in 1937. The punch bowl the pilots presented to President Ford is part of the Art of Diplomacy exhibit.

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Visitors to Art of Diplomacy
Photograph: Visitors view the main display case for "Art of Diplomacy," in the lobby of the Ford Library

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President Ford and Sadat
Image: A section of the Library's main case, showing photographs, documents, and artifacts from meetings between President Ford and Egyptian President Anwar Sadat.

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Image : A display case featuring signed Head of State photographs.

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