Teddy Roosevelt:  A Singular Life

Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum

TR Safari

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to learn about the 26th president of the United States.


  1. Who were Theodore Roosevelt’s two heroes?  __________________   _________________
  2. What were three names used to describe Teddy Roosevelt?  __________________  __________________  __________________

      Why do you think he had each of these nicknames?


  1. Young TR, “Teedy,” was sickly as a child.  What was one illness he suffered from?  __________________

      What advice did his father give him as a boy?

      What did he do to follow that advice?

4.  What was Teddy’s passion from the time he was young?

“The Light has Gone Out of my Life”

  1.  Theodore Roosevelt and __________________ were engaged on __________________.  She died four years later, on __________________ , two days after the birth of their daughter, __________________ .  Who else died that day?  __________________
  2. Later in 1884, TR, still grieving, left for  __________________ .  Why?

A New Life and New Challenges

  1. In November 1885, Theodore and childhood friend __________________ were engaged.
  2. The next ten years were busy ones.  Teddy ran for, or was appointed to, numerous public positions, including _____________________________ ,  ____________________________ , and _____________________________ .

“It was my one chance”

  1. William McKinley appointed TR _____________________________ .  Why did President McKinley ask his doctor, Leonard Wood, “Have you and Theodore declared war yet?
  1.   Which war was eventually declared?  _____________________________
  2.   Who were the Rough Riders?  _____________________________

        Who lead them?  __________________ and __________________

        What are they remembered for?

Laurels for a Hero

  1. TR returned from Cuba a war hero.  Soon after he was elected __________________ of __________________ .
  2. At the Republican National Convention in 1900, Teddy Roosevelt was the popular choice for __________________ .  What event led to him becoming the 26th United States president?  _____________________________ .  When?  _________________ .

The Bully Pulpit

  1. Reflecting on his presidency, TR said, “I did and caused to be done many things not previously done by the President …”  What does he cite?  ____________________________ , _____________________________ , and _____________________________ .
  2.   When Teddy Roosevelt became president, after William McKinley died, there were many things he wanted to accomplish.  What were three things he wanted to do within the United States?

      Three things in foreign affairs?

“We Won a Great Triumph”

  1. After what event did TR say, “We won a great triumph.”?  __________________

      What  did he mean?

  1. Describe what the following accomplished:

                  Hepburn Bill

                  Meat Inspection Act

  1. Why did President Roosevelt win the Nobel Peace Prize in 1906?

Lovely Life

  1.   What was Theodore Roosevelt’s salary as president?  __________________
  2.   How many children lived in the White House during TR’s presidency?  ____________

        What did Teddy have to say about controlling his daughter Alice’s behavior?

        Why do you think he said that?

Back in the Arena

  1.   After leaving office in 1909, TR went on an African Safari with __________________ and __________________ .

      During this trip, Teddy was able to pursue what lifelong interest?  _____________________________

  1. Why were people surprised when TR agreed to run for president in 1912 for the __________________ party?
  1. Who won the 1912 election, and what party did he belong to?  _____________________________
  2. Where does the term “Bull Moose” come from?

The Sun Sets

  1. After his final foray into politics, TR and son Kermit went on a second journey, this time to South America.  Their goal was to chart a tributary of the Amazon River, the __________________ .

      What else did they do on this trip?  _____________________________

  1. When Theodore Roosevelt died on __________________ , his son Archie sent a cable to the rest of the family saying, _____________________________ .

      What do you think Archie meant by that?

  1. What do you consider to be TR’s most significant contribution the United States or the world?