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The Professional Women’s Leagues

woemens league

During World War II, many baseball team rosters were depleted as more and more young men were being drafted for the war effort. Chicago Cubs owner Phillip Wrigley and other baseball executives were concerned that the major league parks’ attendance would decline. In 1943, they came up with the idea of organizing a professional league of women players and the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League was born.

The game played by the women was somewhat of a hybrid of baseball and softball with nine players, shorter distances between bases and a slightly larger ball. What was evident early on was the popularity of the league. From its inception to the disbanding of the league in 1954, hundreds of thousands of fans came to the games. Over 600 women played at one time or another in the league. 

Depicted are players from the Grad Rapids, MI. team, the Grand Rapids Chicks.

Photos courtesy the Grand Rapids Public Museum.
womens league

womens league

womens league
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