Gerald R. Ford Library and Museum
cartoon of Hope

Bob Hope: American Patriot

at the Gerald R. Ford Museum from April 1, 2005 - June 5, 2005
Bob Hope's Bio

Exhibit areas:

Hope in World War II
Hope in the Cold War and Korea
Hope in Vietnam
Hope in Desert Storm
Hope and Presidential Awards
The Ford Museum happily presents Grand Rapids with Bob Hope: American Patriot, a special exhibit created by Bob Hope Enterprises on the occasion of Bob Hope's 100th birthday. The exhibit focuses on our beloved entertainer's decades-long service to the U.S. military worldwide. His incredible dedication to Americans in uniform provided a much-needed link to home and loved ones for those serving overseas or away from their families, often for the first time, and regularly under trying conditions. 

Bob Hope's unwavering commitment to the morale of America's servicemen and women made entertainment history, and arguably, world history. Over nearly six decades, in war and in peace, he and his gypsy band of eager entertainers sang, danced and joked their way from one huge audience of military-clad men and women to another. The media called him "America's No. 1 Soldier in Greasepaint." To members of the armed forces, he was "G.I. Bob"-their comedic hero.

"For more than half a century, under eleven Presidents, you have raised the spirits of the American people. Your unmatched patriotism, integrity, stamina and sense of humor have contributed to the well being of your country in countless ways. During hard times your comedy has uplifted the spirits of millions at home and reassured those in our armed forces overseas. Your years of selfless service and dedication have made you an American legend."

--- President Ronald Reagan, referring to Bob Hope as "Ambassador of Good Will to the entire World"