Artifact Collections

The Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum collects, preserves, and exhibits an assortment of historical artifacts that illustrate the life and times of Gerald R. Ford. The goal of the Ford Museum is to preserve this collection so that future generations might better understand the legacy of the nation's 38th President.

With approximately 19,000 artifacts in the museum’s collection, those of the most historical importance relate specifically to Gerald R. Ford.

Gerald Ford's Footballs  

Gerald Ford's Life and Career football telephone JFK award pistol briefcase

Head of State Gifts Given to the President blue vase deer sculpture sash pot tureen

Gifts from the Public to the President china figurine Air Force One model elephant illustration chair "rock" Jerry

America’s Bicentennial pillow cash register silver bowl figurine watch

Whip Inflation Now (WIN) WIn sweater WIN stickers WIN button WIN football WIN seed packets

1976 Presidential Campaign sunglasses elephant speeches top hat round sign

Betty Ford and the Ford Children First Mama purse wooden shoes political cartoon cufflinks bible

flowered chiffon gown green gown with lace shoulders ivory suit brown gown with ivory caplet dress and cape with eagles

Please address questions about the collections, conducting research, artifact donations, or artifact loans to:

James W. Draper, Registrar
Gerald R. Ford Museum
303 Pearl Street, NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49504