Student Online Research Projects Concerning the American Presidency

November 4, 2016

The links below lead to online documents from the presidential libraries covering the American presidency since 1929.


Topical Digitization Projects

See also the Roosevelt Library's Online Historical Documents page to search larger digitization projects or the Special Topics page for topical digitization.

John F. Kennedy

See also the Kennedy Library's Search the Archives page to search larger digitization projects.

See also the Ford Library's Digital Library page to search larger digitization projects. Some key digital collections include:

  • President's Daily Diary, 1974-77: The official log of the President's activities for each day of the administration
  • Memoranda of Conversations, 1973-77: Transcript-like records and handwritten source notes from over 1,000 presidential meetings on foreign relations and national security matters.  Discussion topics were myriad. 
  • National Security Council Meeting Minutes, 1974-77: Listed by date and topic, prominent discussants in the transcript-like minutes include: President Ford, Vice President Nelson Rockefeller, Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, Secretaries of Defense James Schlesinger and Donald Rumsfeld, Directors of Central Intelligence William Colby and George Bush.
  • Kissinger Reports on USSR, China and the Middle East, 1974-76: Materials compiled for President Ford concerning Secretary Kissinger’s meetings with leaders of the Soviet Union, China, and Middle Eastern countries.   Important topics of discussion are SALT, CSCE, the Vladivostok Summit, President Ford’s visit to China and the normalization process, and the Sinai Disengagement Agreement between Egypt and Israel. 

Suggested research topics if you vist the Library

See also the Clinton Library's Digital Library page to search larger digitization projects.