Gerald R. Ford Library Research Room Policies

Complete a research application.  Please provide personal photo identification and complete the research application form.  Your signature to the form indicates that you understand and agree to follow National Archives research room regulations.* 

Retain your research card.  You will receive a research card valid for one year.  Please use your card number when signing-in and ordering reproductions.

Leave in locker your spiral binders, backpack, coat, and other personal belongings.  Only pencils and Library literature and forms may be brought into the research room.  The Library will supply index cards for your note-taking.  Laptops, digital cameras, and certain scanners are permitted.  Cell phones are also permitted, but must be placed in the silent/vibrate mode, and calls must be completed outside of the research room.

.  Please sign the register once each day upon arrival.

Complete box request forms.  Please request delivery of only those boxes you intend to use on a given day.  There is no paging after 4:30 p.m.  If you are not done with the boxes on your cart, we will be happy to hold the cart overnight or sometimes longer.

Open one box and remove one folder at a time.  This ensures that materials remain properly filed and organized for the next researcher.  Within a folder, please leave each item exactly as you found it.  If items seem to be disarranged, tell the person at the reference desk. You alone may use the material checked-out to you.  Please do not pass material along to another researcher, or exchange material with them.

Handle material with care and only in the research room.  Please do not fold, write on, unstaple or otherwise handle documents in ways likely to damage them.  The removal of historical materials from the research room or their mutilation is forbidden by law and punishable by fine or imprisonment or both (18 USC 2071).

Return of materials and presentation of notes, copies, etc.  When you are done for the day, tell the archivist on duty and present for examination anything you intend to remove from the research room, including your notecards, PRESNET reports, photocopies etc.  We will be happy to hold your cart overnight, if you wish.

No smoking or refreshments.  Food and drink are permitted in the lobby only, and smoking is banned from the building.  Ask the archivist about nearby lunch facilities.

* This summary is based on "Regulations for the Public Use of Records in the National Archives and Records Administration," (36 CFR 1254).  A copy is available upon request.  Failure to comply with the regulations may result in revocation of NARA research privileges.