Miscellaneous collections of a few items each donated by organizations and individuals from the congressional district formerly represented by Gerald R. Ford. Collections were solicited by Ford Library staff, received by Thomas Soapes during oral history interviews, or received in the mail unsolicited. Audiovisual materials received in the same manner have been transferred to the Audiovisual Department. Collections are arranged in order of receipt. New accessions are added as they are received and processed.

3.1 linear feet (ca. 5,600 pages)

Various Donors (Various Accession Numbers). Unless otherwise noted, the donor is the person or organization in the entry title.

Open unless noted otherwise for individual entry.

Works prepared by U.S. Government employees as part of their official duties are in the public domain. In addition, Mr. Ford has donated to the United States of America his copyright interest in any other of his writings that might be included in this collection. The copyright interest to materials written by other individuals or organizations is presumed to remain with them.

Prepared by Sandra Raub, August 1982; revised by Helmi Raaska, July 1996; revised by William McNitt, July 2002; revised by Hannah Brookhart, December 2014
[s:\bin\findaid\composite grand rapids accessions.doc]


Box 1

ARTHUR D. WOLF: Papers, 1974-77 (20 pages)
Acc. No. 78-46

Wolf was a constituent of Gerald Ford. Included are 1975 and 1976 Christmas cards from the Fords; thank you letters for messages of support received from Wolf when Ford was Vice President and President; and acknowledgments from Roland Elliott, White House Director of Correspondence, for letters Wolf sent expressing his opinions on a variety of issues. Wolf's letters to Ford are not included.

WOTV TIME LIFE BROADCAST: Videotapes and Photographs, 1972-77 (14 photographs and 2 tapes)
Acc. No. 80-4

Photographs from Gerald Fords 1972 trip to China and videotapes of the China trip and Gerald Fords visits to the Fifth Congressional District as Congressman, Vice President and President. The photographer was Tom ORourke of WOTV. [Transferred to the AV Collection]

FRANK MEYER: PHOTOGRAPHS, 1972 (23 Prints and 13 Negatives)
Acc. No. 80-17

Photographs and negatives made from slides that Meyer took while accompanying Gerald Ford on his 1972 trip to China. [Transferred to the AV Collection]

ROBERT G. HOWLETT: Papers, 1966-70 (19 pages)
Acc. No. 80-23 (see also Acc. No. 88-NLF-027)

Mr. Howlett is a Grand Rapids lawyer. Originals and some photocopies of correspondence between Howlett and Congressman Gerald Ford. Subjects include labor disputes, agricultural pilot training schools in Latin America, Howlett's interest in being appointed to the National Labor Relations Board, and the Leadership Gift Dinner in May 1970 honoring Gerald R. Ford and William G. Milliken.

GEORGE BOUCHER: Papers, 1948-58 (4 pages)
Acc. No. 80-25

Boucher was youth chairman for Ford's first campaign for Congress in 1948 and was also involved in the 1958 congressional campaign. Included are photocopies of a letter to the editor of the Grand Rapids Press from Boucher supporting Ford during the 1948 campaign, two letters of thanks to Boucher for his campaign participation in 1948 and 1958, and a letter from Ford concerning reciprocal trade legislation in 1953.

MARTIN BUTH: Photograph, 1950 (1 print)
Acc. No. 80-26

Photograph of Gerald Ford campaigning for re-election on the farm of Martin Buth in Comstock Park, Michigan. Appearing in the photograph are Buth, Ford, and Buths son George. [Transferred to the AV Collection]

O. W. LOWRY: Photograph, ca. 1958 (1 print)
Acc. No. 80-27

Photograph of Betty Ford and the Ford children taken by the Washington Post. [Transferred to the AV Collection]

STANTON W. TODD: Papers, 1946-48 (7 pages)
Acc. No. 81-15

Stanton Todd was involved with the Kent County Republican Committee and the Republican Home Front when Gerald R. Ford first campaigned for Congress in 1948. Included are a form letter from the Kent County Republican Committee when Gerald R. Ford, Sr. was chairman in 1946, a sample of Republican Home Front stationery when Gerald R. Ford, Jr. was its president, a form letter from Bartel Jonkman sent to voters during the primary campaign in 1948, a list of Republican Home Front officials, and an issue of the McKay machine's Michigan Times, September 3, 1948.

MRS. COLLINS C. (KAY) CLARK: Papers, 1948-75 (100 pages)
Acc. No. 81-16 (see also Acc. No. 84-38 and Acc. No. 99-34)

Mrs. Clark was a friend of Betty Ford and a volunteer worker in Ford's campaign for Congress in 1948. Included are the following items from the 1948 campaign: an August 6 form letter from Gerald R. Ford concerning the primary election, a biographical sketch of Ford, and one sheet of Ford For Congress stationery. The following printed materials are also included: an article from the January 9, 1949, issue of the Grand Rapids Herald concerning Ford's first days in Washington; a special issue of Grand Rapids magazine on Ford's career, October 1974; and the July 28, 1975, Time magazine cover of the Ford family.

Acc. No. 81-41

Photocopies of correspondence from the Grand Rapids City Planning Department files relating to attempts to get a new federal building in Grand Rapids. Included are two letters from Congressman Ford to Edward J. Frey, mayor of Grand Rapids, and correspondence between the city and the General Services Administration.

IRENE M. CANFIELD: Photograph, 1961 (1 print)
Acc. No. 81-51

Photograph of Gerald Ford with a group of Gold Star Mothers from Grand Rapids who were visiting Washington in June 1961. Pictured are: Belle Van Dyk, Nettie Stank, Naomi Bennette, Irene Canfield, Gerald Ford, Mar Boss, Myrtle Elderkin, and Mae Tenske. [Transferred to the AV Collection]

MICHAEL L. HALE: Photograph, 1970 (1 print)
Acc. No. 81-52

Photograph of Gerald Ford participating in the flag raising ceremony at the Welcome Home for the Blind in Grand Rapids on August 25, 1970. [Transferred to the AV Collection]

BERNON W. YOUNG: Papers, 1945-72 (18 pages)
Acc. No. 81-53

Sixteen letters from Congressman Ford to Bernon Young when Young was serving as chairman of the Rockford (Michigan) Housing Commission. The letters concern Rockford's application to H.U.D. for a senior citizen housing project, the dedication of Rogue Valley Towers, and a thank you letter for Young's assistance on the Ford campaign in 1972. Also included are an "Award for Service" certificate for Dr. W. C. Young from the Michigan Office of Civilian Defense signed by Gerald R. Ford, Sr.

ELAINE SHAW: Papers, 1955-62 (10 pages)
Acc. No. 81-54

A program for the dedication ceremonies of the United States Post Office in Grand Rapids on December 1, 1962, and photocopies of newspaper clippings concerning the appointment of H. Wayne Parker as postmaster.

MRS. HOWARD CARPENTER: Photograph, 1928 (1 print)
Acc. No. 82-54

Photograph of Boy Scouts at Camp Shawondosse, July 30, 1928. Gerald Ford is holding the flag. [Transferred to the AV collection.]

JOHN MISIUS: Photographs, Undated (4 Negatives)
Acc. No. 82-55

Four photographs of Gerald Ford visiting the new Lear Siegler plant. [Transferred to the AV Collection.]

RICHARD W. VANDER WERP: Photograph, 1928 (1 print)
Acc. No. 82-57

Photograph of the Grand Rapids South High School Boys Glee Club. [Transferred to the AV Collection.]

JOSEPH MCINTOSH: Photographs, Undated (16 Negatives and Contact Prints)
Acc. No. 82-69

Photographs taken by McIntosh of the first Scout Honor Guard on Mackinac Island. McIntosh, Gerald Ford, and six other Eagle Scouts comprised the Honor Guard. [Transferred to the AV Collection.]

CHARLES M. KINDEL: Papers, 1925-76 (25 pages)
Acc. No. 82-70

Mr. Kindel served as Gerald R. Ford's scoutmaster in Troop 15 of Grand Rapids. The papers consist of a membership record, clippings, a booklet, newsletters, a fact sheet, and one letter concerning Ford's membership in the Boy Scouts, the history of Troop 15, and a visit by Kindel to the White House to present President Ford with the annual report of the Boy Scouts of America for 1974.

GEORGE terHORST: Papers, 1970-73 (200 pages)
Acc. No. 84-35

A media plan drawn up by Insight, Inc., drafts of texts for television spots, and multiple copies of eight different brochures for the 1970 congressional campaign; a 1972 campaign plan; and a copy of Know Your Congress, 1973 with a picture of Ford on the cover.

Acc. No. 84-37

Campaign leaflets for Gerald Ford, George Romney, George McGovern, Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Bob Dole, Harold Stassen, Howard Baker, John Connally, Barry Commoner, Thomas Eagleton, and Ike Skelton. Also included are an announcement of a reception in Grand Rapids with Vice President Ford, Equal Rights Amendment leaflets, and a program for the 1980 Republican National Convention.

MRS. COLLINS C. (KAY) CLARK: Papers, 1948 (1 item)
Acc. No. 84-38 (see also Acc. No. 81-16 and Acc. No. 99-34)

A Gerald R. Ford, Jr. for Congress campaign card.

Box 2

Acc. No. 85-12

Multiple copies of ten different 1976 Ford campaign leaflets.

BARBARA AMBERG: Papers, 1970-72 (800 pages)
Acc. No. 85-13

Materials compiled and used by high school students, including the donor's son, who supported Ford's opponent, Jean McKee, in the 1970 and 1972 congressional campaigns. Included are research notes on Ford's voting record, Ford quotes, precinct information, and instructions for canvassing.

Box 3

Continuation of BARBARA AMBERG: Papers, 1970-72

ROBERT G. HOWLETT: Papers, 1959-76 (9 pages)
Acc. No. 88-27 (see also Acc. No. 80-23)

Photocopies of letters to Howlett from Gerald Ford regarding Republican Party matters, from Richard Nixon regarding Kent County politics, and from Robert H. Finch regarding an invitation to Nixon to speak in Kent County. Also includes an order signed by Gerald R. Ford designating Howlett Chairman of the Federal Service Impasses Panel.

AL SMITH: Audiovisual Materials, 1966 (1 film and 1 videotape)
Acc. No. 88-32

Film and videotape of the Grand Rapids Symphony and Symphony Choirs concert in March 1966. Gerald Ford was the narrator. [Transferred to the AV Collection]

JACK P. SAGE: Papers, 1949-78 (100 pages)
Acc. No. 89-1

Jack Sage is District Conservationist with the Ottawa Soil and Water Conservation District. Papers document Gerald R. Ford's dealings with the Ottawa District, and include correspondence relating to plans for attending meetings, district tours and visits to projects, obtaining appropriations for soil mapping and the Pine Shoot Moth Research Project, and obtaining federal land for Ottawa County to use for recreational purposes.

HAROLD MERCER: Grand Rapids Press Issues, 1973-81 (300 pages)
Acc. No. 89-3

elected issues of the Grand Rapids Press: October 13, 1973; October 30, 1974; July 18, 1975; November 3, 1975; July 4, 1976; July 12, 1976; and September 13, 1981. . [Transferred to oversize folder]

THORNE J. BROWN: Papers, 1948 (1 page)
Acc. No. 90-6

A form letter about the 1948 primary election from Gerald R. Ford to the donor's father.

FRED GILLETTE: Papers, 1974 (2 pages)
Acc. No. 90-7

An invitation to a fund raising reception hosted by the Kent County Republican Finance Committee with Vice President Ford as honored guest, and a ticket order form.

ROBERT FAULHABER: Papers, 1960 (5 pages)
Acc. No. 90-8

Photocopies of correspondence from Congressman Ford to the donor's father, Arthur D. Faulhaber, regarding the presentation of an 1863 issue of the Grand Rapids Democrat to President Eisenhower.

GEORGE HOPPER: Papers, 1970 (4 pages)
Acc. No. 90-9

George Hopper was with the N.A.P.A. Distribution Center of Grand Rapids. Letters to Hopper from Congressman Ford, and carbon copies of letters to Ford from Caspar Weinberger, Chairman of the Federal Trade Commission, regarding guarantee/warranty aspects of automobile tires.

ANNE PERKINS: Photographs, 1953 (5 prints)
Acc. No. 90-26

Photographs taken at the Grand Rapids South High School Homecoming on November 25, 1953. [Transferred to the AV Collection]

EDWARD P. AND DOLORES H. LAUX: Papers, 1959 (1 page)
Acc. No. 90-30

Edward and Dolores Laux were the owners of Lowell Construction Company. A telegram from Congressman Ford to Lowell Construction announcing that the Army Corps of Engineers had awarded a contract to the company.

HERBERT BOSHOVEN: Papers, 1975 (100 pages)
Acc. No. 91-13

November 1975 issue of House Beautiful, which has articles about the Fords and entertaining at the White House, and newspaper clippings.

CLARA PIERCE: Papers, 1969 (1 page)
Acc. No. 91-21

Letter from Gerald R. Ford to Thomas Brawley upon Mr. Brawley's retirement from Lear Siegler, Inc.

LESTER B. THOMAS: Photographs, ca. 1951-65 (7 prints)
Acc. No. 91-55

Photographs of Gerald Ford and Mrs. Geraldine Masters. [Transferred to the AV Collection]

KENT COUNTY CLERK'S OFFICE: Marriage Record, 1917 (1 page)
Acc. No. 92-24

Certified true copy of the marriage certificate of Gerald R. Ford, Sr. and Dorothy G. King.

MARTIN J. ALLEN: Videotapes, 1991 (3 tapes)
Acc. No. 92-51

Videotapes of the highlights of the first ten years of the Gerald R. Ford Museum, from the dedication to the 10th anniversary celebration. [Transferred to the AV Collection]

JOYCE GALE: Letters from Congressman Ford, 1964 (2 pages)
Acc. No. 92-54

Letters from Gerald R. Ford to Mr. B. D. Zondervan regarding an invitation to address the convention of Gideons International in Grand Rapids.

ANDREW DYKEMA: Rough Grading Plan for the Gerald R. Ford Museum, 1979 (6 pages)
Acc. No. 93-10

Contractor's copy of the rough grading plan for the Gerald R. Ford Museum. The plan is signed, "Jerry Ford."

GRAND RAPIDS PUBLIC SCHOOLS: Student Record of Gerald R. Ford at South High School, 1931 (5 pages)
Acc. No. 93-34

Student record of Gerald R. Ford at South High School, 1929-31. Accession includes copy of a letter from Superintendent Runkel to Mrs. Dorothy Downton dated April 29, 1975, transmitting transcript requested on behalf of President Ford.

Acc. No. 94-11 (See Acc. No. 03-5)

RICHARD RUGE: Photograph, 1965? (1 print)
Acc. No. 94-37

Newspaper photograph of House Minority Leader Gerald Ford and an unidentified gentleman. [Transferred to the AV Collection]

Box 4

RONALD CHRISTENSEN: Clippings and Memorabilia, 1970-73 (25 pages)
Acc. No. 94-52

Clippings from the Grand Rapids Press about the Ford family, the December 7, 1973, issue of Time, invitations to political fundraising events, a Christmas card from the Ford family, and a Congressman Ford postcard.

JEFF DAVIS: Films and Tapes, 1970-72 (1 foot)
Acc. No. 95-18

Broadcast tapes, 16 mm.films, and audiotapes from Gerald Fords 1970 and 1972 congressional campaigns. [Transferred to the AV Collection]

MR. & MRS. GERRET HEUVELHORST: Congratulatory Letter, 1957 (1 page)
Acc. No. 96-13

A congratulatory letter sent to Mr. and Mrs. Gerret Heuvelhorst on the occasion of their golden wedding anniversary by Congressman Ford.

GERALD ELLIOTT: Photographs and Draft Article about Congressman Gerald Ford, 1958 (23 prints and 26 pages)
Acc. No. 96-14

Manuscripts of two versions of an unpublished feature article entitled "Congressman on Main Street." Also photographs taken by Ralph Truax of Gerald Ford in or near his mobile office. [Photographs transferred to the AV Collection]

RICHARD BULLOCK: Scottish Rite Memorial Program for Gerald R. Ford, Sr., 1963 (1 item)
Acc. No. 96-26

Scottish Rite Memorial Program for Gerald R. Ford, Sr.

DORRELL BRADFORD: Videotape, 1956? (1 tape)
Acc. No. 96-28

Videotape of a July 4th parade (ca. 1956), featuring Gerald R. Ford riding in the parade and as a beauty queen judge. [Transferred to the AV Collection]

Acc. No. 96-29

Film of Gerald Ford with the Great Lakes Chorus in Washington, DC. [Transferred to the AV Collection]

JAMES MCNITT: Papers, 1975-1996 (60 pages)
Acc. No. 97-7

Grand Rapids South High School classmate of Gerald Ford. Memoir about Gerald Ford in high school (4 pages), newspaper articles, and Class of 1931 reunion booklet for 1995.

EVELYN LIVINGSTON: Photograph, 1936 (1 print)
Acc. No. 98-6

Photograph of the 1936 senior class of Grand Rapids Central High School. Betty Ford was a member of the class. [Transferred to the AV Collection]

PRESIDENTIAL TRIBUTE COMMITTEE: Videotapes, 1997 (5 tapes)
Acc. No. 98-8

Videotapes of coverage for A Presidential Tribute to Gerald R. Ford. They cover various events associated with the dedication of the new core exhibit at the Gerald R. Ford Museum in Grand Rapids. [Transferred to the AV Collection]

NEAL ANDRE: Letter, 1962 (1 page)
Acc. No. 98-21

Letter from Congressman Gerald Ford to Andre concerning the Kennedy-Freeman agriculture bill.

MARY LUKENS: Ella Koeze Memoir, 1974 (10 pages)
Acc. No. 98-26

An account of the activities of the Kent County Republican Home Front group in the 1940s, Gerald Fords entry into politics, and her memories of the Ford family.

MRS. COLLINS C. (KAY) CLARK: Papers, 1945-83 (1200 pages)
Acc. No. 99-34

Personal correspondence with members of the Ford family, a program for a Betty Ford dance performance (1946), documents concerning Gerald Fords congressional and presidential campaigns, a copy of her oral history about President Ford conducted by National Archives staff in 1980, photographs, newspaper clippings about the Fords.

Box 5

Continuation of MRS. COLLINS C. (KAY) CLARK: Papers, 1945-83

ROBERT B. SULLIVAN: Check, 1949 (1 page)
Acc. No. 02-12

Sullivan served as Commander of Amvets Hewitt Madigan Post #126. He kept a check from Gerald Ford to the Amvets Post as a keepsake rather than cashing it.

Box 6

DAVID AND MARY HUNTING: Scrapbook, 1967-76 (300 pages)
Acc. No. 03-5

Scrapbook and other materials relating to the Huntings attendance at a state dinner for the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, in February 1975. Included is an account by Mrs. Hunting of their tour of the White House, the state dinner, and their stay in Washington, D.C. Also included are photographs, place cards, menu cards, an entertainment program, newspaper clippings, background articles on White House entertaining during the Ford administration, and correspondence and greeting cards exchanged with the Fords.

GAIL PRITCHARD: Correspondence with Dorothy and Gerald Ford, 1951-59 (20 pages)
Acc. No. 03-6

Correspondence between Dorothy Gardner Ford and Gail Pritchard concerning Mrs. Fords admittance into the Society of Mayflower Descendants.

CAROL L. BYLSMA: Photograph, ca. 1967-73 (1 print)
Acc. No. 03-7

Photograph of Gerald Ford and Senator Mark Hatfield with Grace Hamilton and Mrs. Lindemulder. [Transferred to the AV Collection.]

DAVID HUNTING: David Hunting Scrapbook, 1973-90 (10 pages, 1 print)
Acc. No. 03-23

Correspondence, invitations, receipt and a news clipping related to President Fords relationship with David Hunting of Grand Rapids, MI. A photograph of David D. Hunting, Sr., and Gerald Ford was transferred to the Audiovisual department.

WOOD-TV8: Footage of Gerald Fords Hometown Celebration in Grand Rapids, 2003 (2 video tapes)
Acc. No. 03-39

Video recording of WOOD-TV8s coverage of Grand Rapids' "Hometown Celebration" of President Ford's 90th birthday on July 30, 2003. [Transferred to the AV Collection.]

VERN TERPSTRA: Vern and Bonnie Terpstra Papers Concerning Congo, 1961 (5 pages)
Acc. No. 04-10

Letters from U.S. Representative Ford to constituent Mrs. Ervin Stahl and news clippings regarding the 1961 disappearance of the Terpstra family, who were missionaries in Congo.

THE ZEELAND RECORD: The Zeeland Record Photograph of Gerald Ford in Eames Chair, 1958 (1 digital file)
Acc. No. 04-13

Photograph of Gerald Ford sitting in an Eames chair with Hugh DuPree of Herman Miller, Inc. [Transferred to the AV Collection.]

WGVU PRODUCTIONS, GRAND VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY: Time and Chance: Gerald Fords Appointment with History, 2004 (1 DVD)
Acc. No. 05-06

Video recording of the Gerald Ford biographical film, Time and Chance: Gerald Fords Appointment with History, produced by WGVU-TV. [Transferred to the AV collection.]

RICHARD VANDERVEEN: Richard VanderVeen Photograph, 1974 (1 print)
Acc. No. 05-22

Photograph of Richard Vander Veen and Gerald R. Ford. [Transferred to the AV collection.]

JAMES M. MULLENDORE: VanderVeen-Mullendore Correspondence, 1948-79 (4 pages)
Acc. No. 05-33

Correspondence from Gerald Ford to Shirley and Andrew VanderVeen following the murder of their daughter Linda, and a letter to Reverend Carl Schroeder from Dorothy Downton transmitting a donation to the Linda VanderVeen Fund. Also included is a photocopy of a letter written by Gerald Ford in 1948 while an attorney for the law firm of Butterfield, Amberg, Law, and Buchen.

BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA TROOP 215: Boy Scouts of America Troop 215 Materials, 1925-28 (13 pages)
Acc. No. 06-10

Gerald Ford's 1925 Boy Scout enrollment form and two copies of Troop 15's 1928 application for charter renewal. The charter application forms were completed by different people and vary slightly.

UNKNOWN: Material Found at Museum by Registrar, 1970-79 (13 pages, 9 prints)
Acc. No. 06-19

Signed White House photographs of President Ford and his family, a photohraph of President and Mrs. Ford dancing in 1979, miscellaneous 1970 issues of "Your Washington Review," a memorandum from William Seidman to Dick Cheney about closing President Ford's Grand Rapids office, Birge Watkins business cards, a memo to Council on International Economic Policy (CIEP) staff about the Ford White House alumni roster, and miscellaneous letters to Warren Mastenbrook, Herman Laug, and Anita M. Gilleo. The photographs were transferred to the Audiovisual Department.

YUANITA VANATTA: Yuinita Jimmy VanAtta Material from Ford Museum, 1960-81 (49 pages, 119 photographs)
Acc. No. 06-21

Correspondence between Gerald Ford, Yuanita "Jimmy" Van Atta, the Van Atta family, and others, generally of a personal and routine nature. Also included are copies of Gerald Ford's evening and speaking schedules for May, September, and October 1973. Photographs, mostly White House photographs, of Gerald Ford and the Ford family were transferred to the Audiovisual Department.

BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA GERALD R. FORD COUNCIL: Boy Scouts of America, Gerald R. Ford Council 2005 Scout Salute: Photograph, 2005 (1 print)
Acc. No. 06-39

Photograph of boy scouts from the Gerald R. Ford Council paying tribute to the victims of September 11, 2001 with a sunrise to sunset Honor Salute at the Ford Museum. [Transferred to the AV Collection.]

GRAND VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY: Audio and Video Recordings of Gerald Ford at Grand Rapids Colleges, 1977 (2 cassette tapes, 2 audio reels, 2 video tapes)
Acc. No. 06-53

Audio recordings of events at Hope College and Calvin College, and video recordings of events at Grand Rapids Junior College where President Ford spoke to students on a trip to Michigan in October 1977. A "Keep It Clean with Jerry Ford" bag that was also given by the donor was retained by the Museum. [Transferred to the AV Collection.]

DEJONGE STUDIO: DeJonge Studios President Ford Stock Photographs, 2003 (11 CDs)
Acc. No. 07-21

Photographs of President Ford taken by DeJonge Studio of Grand Rapids and labeled President Ford Stock Photographs. These include President Ford's 90th birthday portrait and candid shots at his birthday celebration at the Ford Museum. [Transferred to the AV collection.]

MONICA SYPNIEWSKI: Monica Sypniewskis Photograph of Gerald Ford at Hausman Field, 1971 (1 print)
Acc. No. 07-37

Photograph of Congressman Ford at Hausman Field in Grand Rapids, MI, at a track event in July 1971. The print also contains an image of a note to Ford dated July 31, 2003. [Transferred to the AV Collection.]

WOOD-TV 8: WOOD-TV 8 Gerald R. Ford: A Final Farewell DVD, 2006-07 (2 DVDs)
Acc. No. 07-38

Video recordings of Gerald R. Ford: A Final Farewell, produced by WOOD-TV 8 in Grand Rapids, MI, and documents Fords funeral television coverage. [Transferred to the AV Collection.]

MAURENE DRUMMOND: L.F. Hamps Letter from Congressman Gerald Ford, 1965 (1 page)
Acc. No. 07-41

A letter written by Congressman Gerald Ford to constituent L. F. Hamp on September 14, 1965, related to the Otto Otepka case and the Lyndon Johnson administration.

WOOD-TV 8: WOOD-TV 8 Coverage of Ford Museum Flag Retirement Ceremony, 2007 (1 DVD)
Acc. No. 07-44

Video recording of WOOD-TV 8's coverage of the flag retirement ceremony held at the Ford Museum on January 25, 2007. The flag had flown at the museum during the mourning period following President Ford's death. [Transferred to the AV Collection.]

ALEX MYRHORODSKY: Alex Myrhorodskys Photographs, 1980-2006 (42 prints)
Acc. No. 07-45

Photographs of Gerald Ford and others in Grand Rapids, MI. Many of the photographs appear to document events surrounding the opening of the Gerald R. Ford Museum. [Transferred to the AV Collection.]

ELAINE DIDIER: Memorial Cards and Program for Gerald Fords Funeral at Grace Episcopal Church, 2006 (9 pages)
Acc. No. 07-60

Program for Gerald Ford's funeral service at Grace Episcopal Church in Grand Rapids, MI. Also included are two Ford funeral memorial cards.

JAMES C. HILL: Photograph of Aircraft Flyover During Gerald Fords Funeral, 2007 (1 print)
Acc. No. 07-62

Photograph of military aircraft flyover taken during Gerald Ford's funeral events on January 3, 2007. [Transferred to the AV Collection.]

NELSON E. WIERENGA: Photograph of Gerald Ford at Berlin Raceway, 1970 (1 print)
Acc. No. 07-63

Photograph of Gerald Ford, Paul Weisner (Feature Winner), and an unknown person at Berlin Raceway in Marne, Michigan. The photo was taken during the Labor Day Races on September 7, 1970. [Transferred to the AV Collection.]

LOIS WHITMORE: Letters from Congressman Gerald Ford Regarding William Calley, Jr., 1971 (4 pages)
Acc. No. 08-42

Letters from Congressman Ford, related to the murder conviction of Lt. William Calley, Jr., for his actions in the My Lai incident during the Vietnam War. One letter is a form letter addressed, "Dear Friend", and the other was a response written directly to Mrs. Whitmore.

ROSEMARY POSTMA: Photographs of President and Mrs. Ford in Grand Rapids, 1976 (5 prints)
Acc. No. 08-44

Photographs of President and Mrs. Ford in Grand Rapids on the eve of Election Day, November 1976, at Grand Rapids Junior College for the dedication of the Gerald R. Ford Field House and voting at a Grand Rapids school on Election Day. [Transferred to the AV Collection.]

THERESA AND JOSEPH CZYZYK: 1956 Election Ballots for Kent County, Michigan, 1956 (3 pages)
Acc. No. 08-48

Ballots for the 1956 election from Kent County, MI. These materials were transferred to the oversize file.

HOWARD DEGRAFF: Film of Gerald Ford in Grand Rapids, 1974 (1 film)
Acc. No. 08-50

Video footage of Gerald Ford's first visit to Grand Rapids after becoming President. The footage was taken on October 29, 1974, at Kent International Airport and shows President Ford handshaking, Governor Milliken and his wife, and Air Force One. [Transferred to the AV Collection.]

RICHARD H. HARMS: Microfilmed Newspaper Clippings about the Home Front, 1939-54 (1 microfilm reel)
Acc. No. 09-04

Microfilm containing newspaper clippings and letters that relate to local politics in Grand Rapids and Kent County. Clippings are from The Grand Rapids Herald, The Grand Rapids Press, Shopping News, and The Michigan Times. Articles concern city governance, crime and gambling, political machines and bossism, and local elections. A bulk of the material is related to Grand Rapids political groups such as Home Front and Citizens Action.

GRAND RAPIDS SYMPHONY: Orchestral Tribute to President Gerald R. Ford, 2008 (1 CD)
Acc. No. 09-28

Audio recording of the Grand Rapids Symphony performing an orchestral tribute to President Ford titled One of Us Portrait of a Humble Healer and composed by David Culross. [Transferred to the AV Collection.]

JOHN LOGIE: Logie Family Weddings: Early Footage of Betty Ford, 1936-37 (1 DVD)
Acc. No. 09-32

Video footage copied from motion picture film depicting Logie family weddings in Grand Rapids, MI, in 1936 and 1937. The 1936 footage features the wedding of Betty (Ford) Bloomer's brother, William Bloomer, Jr., and Elizabeth Logie; it includes footage of Betty (Ford) Bloomer in the wedding party. [Transferred to the AV Collection.]

ROSEMARY BENNETT: Dance and Fashion Programs and Clippings, 1938-76 (33 pages, 2 prints)
Acc. No. 10-08

Programs from Calla Travis' May dance recitals (1939-1942) and from Herpolsheimer's Department Store fashion events. Betty Ford participated in these programs. Also included are reproduction prints of Grand Rapids newspaper clippings regarding Betty Ford, which have been transferred to the Audiovisual Department.

WOOD-TV 8: 2010 Wreath Laying Ceremony at President Fords Grave, 2010 (1 DVD)
Acc. No. 10-21

Video recording of the events surrounding the 2010 wreath laying ceremony in honor of President Ford's 97th birthday. At the event Japanese Ambassador to the United States, Ichiro Fujisaki, planted a Japanese Maple tree and there was a community luncheon that followed. [Transferred to the AV Collection.]

EILEEN L. HEUVELHORST: Letter from Gerald Ford, 1974 (3 pages)
Acc. No. 11-11

A letter written by President Gerald Ford to constituent E. L. Heuvelhorst expressing appreciation for his support. The letter is dated August 26, 1974. It also includes a photocopy of the incoming letter to Ford.

Box 7

VIOLET SCHICHTEL: History of the Peninsular Club, 1881-1981 (59 pages)
Acc. No. 11-20

Peninsular Club, 1881-1981, a book by Gordon Olson chronicling the history of the Grand Rapids Peninsular Club, of which Gerald Ford was a member.

SCHUBERT MALE CHORUS OF GRAND RAPIDS: Recording of Performance Dedicated to President Ford, 2007 (1 CD)
Acc. No. 12-03

Audio recording of a portion of a performance by the Schubert Male Chorus of Grand Rapids that was dedicated to honor the memory of President Ford. The performance was held at Holy Name of Jesus Church "Epiphany Celebration" in Wyoming, MI, on January 7, 2007. A copy of the performance program is also included. [Transferred to the AV Collection.]

GREGORY WILLARD: Betty Ford Funeral Materials, 2011 (24 pages)
Acc. No. 12-05

Programs from Betty Ford's funeral services in Palm Desert, CA, July 12, 2011, and Grand Rapids, MI, July 14, 2011. Also included are seven handout memorial cards, one printed thank you card from the Ford family, and one Grand Rapids funeral information card.

MICHAEL GRASS: Audio Recording of Duncan Littlefairs Sermon on the Nixon Pardon, 1974 (1 CD)
Acc. No. 12-07

Audio recording of the Reverend Duncan Littlefair's sermon on the pardon of Richard Nixon at Fountain Street Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan. [Transferred to the AV Collection.]

VISION COMMUNICATIONS: Audiovisual Coverage of Gerald Fords Internment, 2007 (11 digital files)
Acc. No. 12-09

Video recordings and digital photographs of Gerald Ford's interment ceremonies at the Ford Museum. [Transferred to the AV Collection.]

WALTER VICTOR: Correspondence with Congressman Ford, 1958 (10 pages)
Acc. No. 12-10

Letters written by Congressman Gerald Ford to Walter Victor and their attachments. The letters concern the Army's emergency leave policy.

JACK HOGAN: Photograph of Jack Hogan, Dean Burch, and Gerald R. Ford, 1971 (1 print)
Acc. No. 12-15

Photographic print of Jack Hogan, Dean Burch, and Gerald R. Ford. [Transferred to the AV Collection.]

PAM HEIDENGA: Photograph of Gerald R. Ford, Sr., and Dorothy Ford, 1945 (1 print)
Acc. No. 12-16

Photograph of Gerald R. Ford, Sr., and Dorothy Ford. [Transferred to the AV Collection.]

WOOD-TV 8: Video Recordings of Dick Cheney and John Paul Stevens Events, 2011 (2 CDs)
Acc. No. 12-19

Video footage of Dick Cheneys talk about his new book, In My Time: A Personal and Political Memoir, at the Ford Museum on September 21, 2011, and the 2011 William E. Simon Lecture by former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, the 2009 Recipient of the Gerald R. Ford Medal for Distinguished Public Service. [Transferred to the AV Collection.]

JULIE FOSTER: Fudge Recipe Used by Dorothy Ford, Undated (1 digital file)
Acc. No. 12-26

Recipe for fudge used by Dorothy Ford.

DAVID PITSCH: Photograph of Representative Gerald Ford, Governor Milliken, Bob and Hope Pitsch, and George Bowman, 1969 (1 print)
Acc. No. 12-30

Photograph of Representative Gerald Ford, Governor Milliken, Bob and Hope Pitsch, and George Bowman. [Transferred to the AV Collection.]

LINN SCHUELLER: Photographs of Gerald R. Ford and Air Force One in Grand Rapids, 1976 (4 prints)
Acc. No. 12-32

Photographs of Air Force One on the tarmac of Kent County Airport as Gerald Ford and Betty Ford depart for Washington on November 2, 1976. [Transferred to the AV Collection.]

GRANT LUBIN: Boy Scouts Camp Photograph with Gerald Ford, 1928 (1 print)
Acc. No. 12-34

Photograph of Gerald Ford with other Boy Scouts at camp. Gerald Ford, who was senior patrol leader at the camp, is shown holding the Boy Scout flag. [Transferred to the AV Collection.]

LUCY REED: Lucy Reeds Grade Books from South High School, 1926-1929 (60 pages)
Acc. No. 12-45

Lucy Reed's Grade Books from South High School, which include the grades of Gerald Junior Ford.

NANCY BERNSON: Daughters of the American Revolution Application of Dorothy Gardner King, 1912 (4 pages)
Acc. No. 12-46

Dorothy Gardner Kings Daughters of the American Revolution application.

JUDITH AVERY: Issues of East Grand Rapids High School Newspaper, 1961 (8 pages)
Acc. No. 12-49

Two issues of the East Grand Rapids High School Newspapers, Flintlock. They contain articles on a letter received by Congressman Gerald Ford, Jr. and his visit to the school on November 19, 1961.

ROBIN BRUMWELL: Prints of Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, and others at the Westinghouse Furniture Systems Building Dedication, 1981 (2 prints)
Acc. No. 12-53

Photographs of Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, and others at the Westinghouse Furniture Systems building dedication on September 20, 1984 in Grand Rapids, MI. [Transferred to the AV Collection.]

GERALD R. DEMAAGD: Correspondence between Gerald R. Ford and Gerald R. DeMaagd, 1956-1975 (11 pages)
Acc. No. 12-56

Correspondence between Gerald R. Ford and Gerald R. DeMaagd regarding Ford's reasons for not running for Governor of Michigan in 1956 and later personal correspondence.

ALLEN WINNIMAN: Correspondence Related to Israel, 1967-1977 (38 pages)
Acc. No. 12-60

Correspondence between Allan Winniman and U.S. Government officials, including Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Mike Mansfield, Robert Griffin, and Lyndon Johnson related to Israel.

ROBERT L. GROOTERS: Correspondence with Congressman Ford and Recollections, 1971-2013 (20 pages)
Acc. No. 13-06

Letters from Congressman Gerald R. Ford to Robert L. Grooters, a photocopy of a letter from Roger L. Conner, Executive Director of the West Michigan Environmental Action Council, to Richard F. VanderVeen. Also included are Mr. Grooters recollections about environmental issues and Congressman Ford and a 2006 issue of the Glen Arbor Sun newspaper with an article about Grooters.

CINDY HAYS: Huldah Mannings Grand Rapids South High Materials, 1931-1932 (5 pages)
Acc. No. 13-08

Huldah Manning's Grand Rapids South High School materials: a list of South High yells, the score and lyrics to the 1931 class songs, 1931 and 1932 Annual Class Day programs, and a newspaper clipping with photographs of the South High and East Grand Rapids football teams. These materials were transferred to the oversize file.

TED HAVENS: Letters to C. R. Ver Veer, 1968-1977 (54 pages)
Acc. No. 14-04

Letters sent to Cornelius (C. R.) Ver Veer from Gerald Ford, Betty Ford, and members of the White House staff. Materials also include invitations, a telegram sent to the White House, and the 1974 White House Christmas card.

MARTIN J. ALLEN: Gerald Ford & Old Kent Bank File, 1968-1973 (40 pages, 4 prints)
Acc. No. 14-13

Material concerning Congressman Gerald R. Fords relationship with Old Kent Bank, including his service on the Board of Directors and other business dealings with the bank. Photographs of Congressman Ford, Richard M. Gillet, President of Old Kent Bank, and Carl H. Morgen, Chairman of the Board of Old Kent Bank and Trust Company were transferred to the Audiovisual Department.

THERESE J. CARLSON: Fords Grand Rapids Congressional Office Material, 1970-1975 (24 pages)
Acc. No. 14-14

Therese J. Trix Carlsons materials from her time as a staff member in the Ford Congressional Office in Grand Rapids, MI, including correspondence, a newspaper clipping, a script for a Ford Congressional Staff play, and Ms. Carlsons employment application.

MARY TIMMER: Gerald Ford Letter to Mr. & Mrs. John Schrotenboer, 1954 (2 pages)
Acc. No. 14-15

Letter and envelope sent by Congressman Gerald Ford to constituents Mr. and Mrs. Schrotenboer in 1954 wishing them a happy 25th wedding anniversary.

BARBARA W. AMBERG: Photograph of Betty Bloomer at Camp Bryn Afon, 1940 (1 print)
Acc. No. 14-16

Photograph of Betty Bloomer Ford at Camp Bryn Afon in Rhinelander, WI, where Mrs. Ford worked as a dance counselor. [Transferred to the AV Collection.]

SALLY SCOBEY: WJFM Man-on-the-Street Interviews About Gerald Ford for CBS, 1973-74 (1 audio tape)
Acc. No. 15-01

Audio recording of WJFM-FM man-on-the-street interviews in Grand Rapids, MI, about Gerald Ford as Vice President, conducted by CBS News reporter Sally Scobey. [Transferred to the AV Collection.]