Counsellor to the President for Political Affairs
Counsellors to the President


Materials reflecting the work of Burch and his staff from August to December 1974 on White House liaison with the Republican National Committee and other party organizations, political advice to the President on such topics as legislation and appointments to positions, and the President's involvement in the 1974 election campaign.

2.8 linear feet (ca. 5,600 pages)

Gerald R. Ford (accession number 77-107)

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Prepared by William H. McNitt, July 1984
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Dean Burch

Dec. 20, 1927 - Born, Enid, Oklahoma

1946-48 - U.S. Army

1948-53 - University of Arizona (L.L.B.)

1953-54 - Assistant Attorney General of Arizona

1955-59 - Administrative Assistant to U.S. Senator Barry Goldwater

1959-69 - Member, Law Firm of Dunseath, Stubb and Burch of Tucson, Arizona

1963-64 - Deputy Director, Goldwater for President Campaign

1964-65 - Chairman, Republican National Committee

1968 - Manager, Goldwater for Senate Campaign

1969-70 - Member, Arizona Board of Regents

1969-74 - Chairman, Federal Communications Commission

Feb.-Dec. 1974 - Counsellor to Presidents Nixon and Ford

1975-present Member, Law Firm of Pierson, Ball and Dowd, Washington, D.C.

1980 - Chief of Staff, George Bush Vice Presidential Campaign and Senior Advisor to the Reagan-Bush Committee


The Dean Burch Files reflect the work of Burch and his staff from August to December 1974 on White House liaison with the Republican National Committee and other party organizations, political advice to the President on such topics as legislation and appointments to positions, and the President's involvement in the 1974 election campaign.

Burch joined the White House staff as Counsellor to the President in February 1974 to provide political advice and coordination for President Richard Nixon, then served President Ford in the same capacity. Burch's key assistants during the Ford administration were Charles Lichenstein, Gwen Anderson and Peter Roussel.

Although the Burch files contain materials on various aspects of White House involvement in politics, the primary focus is the 1974 elections, especially races for Congress and Governor. The files show Burch involvement in scheduling presidential fund-raising and campaign appearances with local party officials. Also included in the files are candidate endorsement letters and briefing papers for the President's photographic and taping sessions with Republican candidates.

The files also contain a small, but significant, file of correspondence between Burch and the Republican National Committee concerning party matters and scattered items showing his political advice to the President. Occasional items relating to broadcasting and telecommunications policy appear due to his previous service as Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission.

Related Materials (July 1984)
The most important related materials include White House Central Files categories PL (Political Affairs) and TR 3 (Campaign Trips). The files of Rogers Morton concern his work as Counsellor to the President for political affairs in 1976 and numerous other collections concern the 1976 presidential election. A listing of these materials on the 1976 campaign is available from the reference archivist. The files of Gwen Anderson contain significant materials on the 1974 campaign, but are currently unprocessed and unavailable for research.


Subject File, 1974.  (Boxes 1-7, 2.8 linear feet)
Memoranda to and from White House staff members and officials elsewhere in the federal government; correspondence with Republican Party officials, the general public, family and friends; briefing papers; polling data; schedules; and clippings. For the most part the materials concern liaison with the Republican Party, the 1974 election and political advice to the President. Although most of the folders are subject orientated, small chronological files of routine correspondence, memoranda, and materials handled by Burch's assistant Charles Lichenstein are included.

Arranged alphabetically by topic.

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Box 1 - Subject File

  • Action Memoranda - General
  • Action Memoranda - Personnel (1)-(2)
  • Amnesty
  • Brown, Skip
  • Burch, Dean - Invitations: General - Pending
  • Burch, Dean - Invitations: General - Regretted
  • Burch, Dean - Invitations: Social (1)-(2)
  • Burch, Dean - Staff
  • Burch, Dean - Trip to Anaheim, CA
  • Briefing Materials Drafted for the President
  • Cabinet Meetings
  • Campaign Briefings
  • Campaign General (1)-(3)
  • Campaign Reform Legislation
  • Campaign Results
  • Campaign Themes
  • Candidates - Endorsement Letters (1)-(3)

Box 2 - Subject File

  • Candidates - Governors
  • Candidates - House of Representatives
  • Candidates - Presidential Photo and Taping Sessions (1)-(2)
  • Candidates - Senate
  • Civil Aeronautics Board
  • Clemency Board
  • Congressional Leadership Meetings
  • Corporation for Public Broadcasting Board, Appointments to
  • Correspondence (1)-(7)

Box 3 - Subject File

  • Defense Department
  • Economy
  • Election Analysis
  • Election Night
  • Fair Labor Standards Act
  • Garvey, Jim
  • Japan Visit
  • Latinos
  • Legal Services Board, Appointments to
  • Letters for the President's Signature
  • Lichenstein, Charles - Chronological File (1)-(7)
  • Meeting With the President, Republican National Committee Leaders and Senior Staff, 12/12/74
  • Memoranda - Cabinet Departments
  • Memoranda - President

Box 4 - Subject File

  • Memoranda - White House Staff (1)-(2)
  • National Transportation Safety Board - Reappointment of Isabel Burgess
  • Nixon Pardon
  • Office of Telecommunications Policy
  • Pending File
  • Political Appointments (1)-(4)
  • Polls - General
  • Polls - Republican National Committee
  • Presidential Trips - General
  • Presidential Trips - Proposed Schedules (1)-(2)

Box 5 - Subject File

  • Presidential Trips
    - Ohio, 8/30/74
    - Utah and California, 10/2-7/74
    - Vermont, 10/7/74 (1)-(2)
    - Pennsylvania, 10/9/74 (1)-(2)
    - Michigan, 10/10/74
    - Missouri, South Dakota, Nebraska and Indiana, 10/15-16/74 (1)-(4)
    - South Carolina, North Carolina and Kentucky, 10/19/74
    - Mexico, 10/21/74

Box 6 - Subject File

  • Presidential Trips
    - Oklahoma and Ohio, 10-21-22/74
    - Iowa and Illinois, 10/24/74 (1)-(2)
    - Grand Rapids, MI, 10/29/74
    - Iowa and Los Angeles, 10/31/74-11/1/74 (1)-(2)
    - Fresno and Oregon, 11/11/74 (1)-(3)
    - Utah, Colorado and Kansas, 11/2/74 (1)-(2)

Box 7 - Subject File

  • Primaries
  • Regulatory Review
  • Republican National Committee (1)-(3)
  • Requests - Candidate Endorsement Letters
  • Requests - Presidential Appearances: Campaigns and Fundraising (1)-(2)
  • Requests - Presidential Appearances: General
  • Requests - Presidential Autographs
  • Rhode Island
  • Rule 29 Committee
  • Scheduling - First Family
  • Scheduling - President
  • Scheduling - Presidential Meetings at the White House
  • Scheduling - Presidential Spokesmen
  • Scheduling - Vice President
  • Tayloe House, Request for Use of
  • Telegrams for Presidential Signature
  • Transportation Department
  • White House Political Operations
  • White House Social Functions - Suggested Invitees