President Ford Committee Chairman for Bell County, Texas


A fragmentary collection of campaign literature, press releases, correspondence, and central Texas newspapers and news clippings from the 1976 Texas primary and general election.

Less than one linear foot (ca. 300 pages)

Ron Brandon. (accession number 96-NLF-017)


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Prepared by Brooke Clement, May 2004
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On November 19, 1975, President Gerald Ford learned that Ronald Reagan would challenge him for the Republican nomination for President in the 1976 election. This meant that the approaching primary season would be much more grueling than had been anticipated and the contest for delegates had now commenced.

Prior to Reagan’s announcement, Ron Brandon, a psychologist active in the Republican Party, sought information from the Election of President Ford campaign director on how he could help. As a member of the Bell County Republican Party, a delegate to the Republican State Convention in 1970 and 1972, a chairman for the Granberry for Governor campaign, and publicity chairman for the George H. W. Bush for Senate campaign, Brandon was eager to participate. Noticing this enthusiasm, the President Ford Committee (PFC) named Brandon county chairman for President Ford for Bell County in Temple, Texas, and Brandon was subsequently nominated as a Ford delegate from Texas’ 11th Congressional District.

Temple is located in eastern-central Texas, between Austin and Waco, just east of Fort Hood—a populous area to garner votes. Bell County was one of 210 counties (out of 254 in Texas) equipped for Republican polling on May 1, 1976. Ford outspent Reagan nearly 2:1 in the primary, but Reagan won in a landslide. Although Ford received the Republican nomination in August, he failed to win the state in November, losing to Jimmy Carter.

The Ron Brandon Papers document his participation in the Texas state primary chiefly through correspondence and campaign literature from the PFC. While Brandon was not selected to go to the Republican National Convention in Kansas City, his support for Ford never wavered, as evidenced by his substantial collection of local newspapers that covered both the primary and the November election.

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Subject File, 1975‑77.  (Boxes 1-2, Less than one linear foot)
Memoranda, souvenirs, and correspondence collected by Ron Brandon prior, during, and following his nomination as a President Ford delegate and President Ford Committee chairman for Bell County, Texas, in 1976. A large part of this series is made up of clippings and newspapers from local and metropolitan Texas areas, including Temple, Dallas, Austin, and Waco.

Arranged alphabetically by subject and chronologically thereunder.

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Photograph, ca. 1976
One photograph of President Gerald R. Ford with delegates from Texas.

Arranged in parallel to the textual materials.

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Box 1 -Subject File

  • Campaign Literature & Memorabilia
  • Clippings
  • Correspondence

Box 2 - Subject File

  • Periodicals – The Austin American-Statesman, 8/15/1976
  • Periodicals – The Austin American-Statesman, 11/4/1976
  • Periodicals – The Dallas Morning News, 11/3/1976
  • Periodicals – Temple Daily Telegram, 2/25/1976
  • Periodicals – Temple Daily Telegram, 4/29/1976
  • Periodicals – Temple Daily Telegram, 5/1/1976
  • Periodicals – Temple Daily Telegram, 5/2/1976
  • Periodicals – Temple Daily Telegram, 5/3/1976
  • Periodicals – Temple Daily Telegram, 5/9/1976
  • Periodicals – Temple Daily Telegram, 6/13/1976
  • Periodicals – Temple Daily Telegram, 10/4/1976
  • Periodicals – Temple Daily Telegram, 10/5/1976
  • Periodicals – Temple Daily Telegram, 10/17/1976
  • Periodicals – Temple Daily Telegram, 10/19/1976
  • Periodicals – Temple Daily Telegram, 11/1/1976
  • Periodicals – Temple Daily Telegram, 11/2/1976
  • Periodicals – Temple Daily Telegram, 11/4/1976
  • Periodicals – Waco Tribune-Herald, 4/30/1976