President Ford Committee Convention Operations Director


Materials documenting Anderson's activities as convention director for the President Ford Committee. The collection relates primarily to scheduling, communications, staff assignments, budget, security, space allocation, and liaison with the White House staff and the Republican National Committee.

0.8 linear feet (ca. 1,600 pages)

Stanton D. Anderson (accession numbers 91-NLF-059)


Stanton D. Anderson has donated to the United States of America his copyrights in all of his unpublished writings in National Archives collections. The copyrights to materials written by other individuals or organizations are presumed to remain with them. Works prepared by U.S. Government employees as part of their official duties are in the public domain.

Prepared by Leesa Tobin, August 1992
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Stanton D. Anderson

October 18, 1940 Born, Portland, Oregon

1962 B.A., Westmont College

1962-63 Assistant Executive Director, National Aviation Trades Association

1963-65 Executive Director, Young Republican National Federation

1965-66 Assistant Traffic Manager, Pacific Northwest Bell

1966-69 J.D., Willamette University School of Law

1969-71 Attorney, Surrey, Karasik, Greene & Hill

1971-73 Staff Assistant to the President of the United States

1974-75 Deputy Assistant Secretary of State

1975-81 Attorney, Surrey, Karasik & Morse

1976 Convention Operations Director, President Ford Committee

1981-present Attorney, Anderson, Hibey, Nauheim & Blair


Stanton D. Anderson, an international lawyer, long-time Republican political activist, and White House staff member during the Nixon administration, was the President Ford Committee's (PFC) convention operations director in 1976. He was the PFC's principal liaison with the Republican National Committee during planning of the party's national convention in Kansas City in August 1976. Anderson was also in charge of logistical planning for all PFC activities at the convention. The Stanton Anderson Papers provide partial documentation of his activities in this position.

Anderson had previous experience coordinating Republican conventions. In 1972 he handled the scheduling operation for William Timmons, President Nixon's convention director. Although some printed materials from the 1972 Republican Convention appear in this file, Anderson's 1972 convention activities as Timmons' deputy are not represented in the collection. The bulk of the collection dates from December 1975 through the convention in August 1976. For a larger and somewhat more complete record of Anderson's PFC activities, researchers should examine the Convention Office File, a part of the President Ford Committee Records, Administrative Office File.

The Anderson Papers reflect his responsibility for planning and coordinating PFC activities during the convention which were not related directly to garnering delegate support. James Baker handled the PFC's delegate operation, a responsibility he had held since May 1976. Anderson's convention responsibilities fell into three broad categories--logistics, the President's schedule, and scheduling auxiliary events and the appearances of other campaign principals.

Logistical planning included arranging for hotel and office accommodations; developing a complex security system at the PFC's on-site headquarters; securing telephones, rented cars and air charter tickets; assigning persons to particular duties; and planning the PFC's command center in a trailer outside the convention site. Anderson also worked closely with White House schedulers to coordinate the President's many convention appearances, as well as those of the First Lady and the President's children. 

These extant files provide some insight into the complexity and political maneuvering associated with a national party conventionHowever, this collection does not document strategic decisions concerning how President Ford intended to win the party's nomination on the convention floor.

Related Materials (August 1992)
Additional files accumulated by Stanton Anderson and his assistants are in the Administrative Office Files (B15 - B17) of the President Ford Committee Records. The PFC Records also include the files of James Baker's delegate operation (J1 - J15). Information concerning other aspects of the 1976 Republican National Convention is scattered throughout many White House staff files and various categories of the White House Central Files Subject File. Researchers are encouraged to request a PRESNET search for extensive additional citations.


Boxes 1-2           Subject File, (1972) 1975-76 (0.8 linear feet)
Memoranda, correspondence, lists, handwritten notes, schedules, printed material, and staffing diagrams accumulated by Stanton Anderson during planning for the PFC's participation in the 1976 Republican National Convention in Kansas City. The file partially documents the selection of a headquarters site, staff and delegate housing arrangements, security, communications, facilities rental, and participation of the President and First Family in convention events. Also included are occasional printed materials from the 1972 Republican National Convention.

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Box 1               Subject File

  • Convention - Alternate Programming
  • Convention - Anderson Checklists
  • Convention - Anderson Messages
  • Convention - Anderson Pre-Convention Planning Trips
  • Convention - Budget
  • Convention - Cabinet and Administration Officials
  • Convention - Communications System (1)-(2)
  • Convention - Congressional Participation
  • Convention - Factbook
  • Convention - Federal Election Commission Rulings
  • Convention - Housing
  • Convention - Insurance
  • Convention - Kansas City Facilities
  • Convention - Media Coverage
  • Convention - Newsletters
  • Convention - Official Report of Proceedings (Transcript)
  • Convention - Presidential Ford Committee Staff
  • Convention - Republican National Committee Committees
  • Convention - Republican National Committee Convention Manager
  • Convention - Rules

Box 2               Subject File

  • Convention - Schedule
  • Convention - Schedule - First Family
  • Convention - Schedule - Vice President
  • Convention - Security (1)-(2)
  • Convention - Special Guests and Speakers
  • Convention - Staff Organization
  • Convention - Ticket Distribution
  • Convention - Transfers to Audiovisual and Museum Collections
  • Convention - Youth Program
  • Convention - White House Involvement
  • Delegate Status Reports
  • Joint Center for Political Studies
  • President Ford Committee Factbook (1)-(2)