WHCF Subject File - PQ: Procurement - Disposal

According to the White House Central Files manual, this category was for "material pertaining to the general subject of procuring, managing and disposing of material, equipment, supplies and services by contract, purchase or other negotiations. Includes Federal Catalog program and prison-made goods."

Information on procurement and disposal of most specific commodities is filed in the category CM Commodities without cross-references to PQ.

Specific exceptions are: commodities (see CM); disposal - surplus real estate (see RA); White House (see WH).


PQ: Procurement - Disposal
Executive 4 pp. / General 1 p.
Cross-references on materials shortages and procurement policies of the federal government.

PQ 1: Disposing - Excess - Surplus
Executive 70 pp. / General 15 pp.
Material on the transfer or sale of surplus government property to private citizens or governments and information on the disposition of the Glomar Explorer.

PQ 2: Purchasing - Contracting - Procuring
Executive 725 pp. / General 175 pp.
Material on procurement policies and practices of federal government agencies, including problems with and results of small and minority business contracting programs, legislation affecting government purchasing, suggestions from the public on reducing procurement expenditures, and cross-references to procurement problems in specific subject areas.

PQ 3: Storing - Distributing
Executive 5 pp. / General 1 p.
Cross-references on the disposition of commodities bound for Vietnam and the stora ge of nuclear weapons, toxins and petroleum.

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