WHCF Subject File - HE: Health

According to the White House Central Files manual, this category was used "for material pertaining to consultative assistance for the prevention and control of disease, hospital operation, conducting research in biology and medicine, blood donations, enforcing interstate quarantine regulations and conducting medical and hospital care programs; pollution and controls."

Specific exceptions are: blood donations by government employees (see PE); grants-in-aid (see FA); health of federal civil service employees (see PE); health of servicemen (see ND); health of veterans (see VA); Indian health activities (see IN).


HE: Health
Executive 600 pp. / General 400 pp.
Materials on national health planning and legislation, health care and emergency medical services, costs and insurance, personnel, medical products and devices, health conferences, and sign language. Occasional items on toxic substances, optometry, dental health, the President's health, Indian health, birth defects, blood donors, and health awareness.

HE 1: Diseases
Executive 950 pp. / General 350 pp.
Materials on specific diseases and research, particularly on swine influenza and diabetes. Occasional items on birth defects, mental health, hearing impairments, learning disabilities, insurance, and health education.

HE 1-1: Alcoholism
Executive 100 pp. / General 100 pp.
Materials on alcoholism and its treatment.

HE 1-2: Blindness
Executive 30 pp. / General 70 pp.
Materials on blindness and on lazy eye.

HE 1-3: Cancer
Executive 400 pp. / General 400 pp.
Materials on prevention, causes, research, meetings, smoking, fluoridation, and fund raisers.

HE 1-4: Heart
Executive 150 pp. / General 12 pp.
Materials on cardiac and pulmonary diseases and research, heart surgery, pacemakers, and high blood pressure.

HE 1-5: Mental Disorders
Executive 120 pp. / General 65 pp.
Materials on mental retardation, the emotionally disturbed, developmental disabilities, the Special Olympics, and occasional items on foster grandparents.

HE 2: Doctors - Dentists - Nurses
Executive 100 pp. / General 200 pp.
Material on education, proficiency, medical malpractice, shortages, legislation, MAC (maximum allowable costs), fees and salaries, bonus payments in the Department of Defense and Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, and professional standards and utilization. Occasional items on Doctors for Ford (a political group), doctor's views and comments, and organizations.

HE 3: Food - Nutrition
Executive 100 pp. / General 150 pp.
Materials on nutrition for the elderly, children, and needy; supplemental food programs and legislation, and dietitians.

HE 3-1: Hunger and Malnutrition
Executive 10 pp. / General 17 pp.
Materials on food production and shortages, and infant malnutrition.

HE 4: Health Services
Executive 200 pp. / General 300 pp.
Materials on the health care industry and costs, impact of regulations, legislation, emergency health care, health care planning, nursing home services, Professional Standards Review Organization, and Medicare. Occasional items on wage and price controls, Indian health, proficiency of personnel, malpractice, international assistance, home health services, preventative medicine, and health and social services integration.

HE 4-1: Chronic Diseases - Health of Aged
Executive 4 pp. / General 3 pp.
Materials on senior citizen nutrition, Older Americans Act, geriatric care, home health care, Medicare, and Medicaid.

HE 4-2: Environmental - Occupational Health
Executive 50 pp. / General 26 pp.
Materials on black lung disease, environmental regulations, auto emission standards, occupational safety, and occasional items on alcoholism and smoking.

HE 5: Medicines - Drugs - Serums
Executive 250 pp. / General 400 pp.
Materials on drug research, development and shortages; swine influenza, MAC (maximum allowable costs), drug abuse, medicinal opium, sweeteners, poisons, vitamins, and occasional items on genetic research, animal disease, the handicapped, and medical facilities.

HE 5-1: Narcotics
Executive 1200 pp. / General 200 pp.
Materials on drug abuse prevention, enforcement and legislation; opium production/Turkey, and the White Paper on Drug Abuse. Occasional items on medicinal narcotics, American prisoners abroad, military drug problem, Criminal records of drug manufacturers employees, and alcoholism.

HE 6: Hospitals - Medical Care
Executive 150 pp. / General 300 pp.
Materials on physical facilities, regulations, utilization review, cost containment, finances, fund raising, insurance - including Medicare and Medicaid, safety, standards of care, sharing of facilities, and other aspects of health care provided by hospitals, nursing homes, long term care facilities, health maintenance organizations, and home health care services. Occasional items on construction, accreditation, employment, ethylene oxide sterilization, infection control, medical information, and First Family hospital visits (as guests).

HE 7: Radiological Health
Executive 70 pp. / General 14 pp.
Materials on radiation, radioactive fallout, Chinese nuclear tests, medical radiology, and nuclear wastes.

HE 8: Research
Executive 100 pp. / General 40 pp.
Material on biomedical and behavioral research, recombinant DNA (genetic) research, fetal research, funding, closure of facilities, protection of human subjects, and occasional items on animal health research.

HE 9: Sanitary Services - Pollution Control
Executive 300 pp. / General 2,000 pp.
Materials on pollution abatement, regulations and cost; environmental protection, solid waste/resource recovery, conservation, pollution control equipment, and a large volume of anti-pollution correspondence from children. Occasional items on nuclear safety, noise pollution, educational programs, international activities, hostile uses of environmental modification, and portable toilets.

HE 9-1: Air Pollution
Executive 600 pp. / General 400 pp.
Materials on auto emission controls and standards, the Clean Air Act, coal power plant emissions, fluorocarbons and ozone depletion, the Environmental Protection Agency, and occasional items on new auto engine designs.

HE 9-2: Milk - Food Sanitation
Executive 1 p. / General 5 pp.
One item on food sanitation and one on the mushroom industry.

HE 9-3: Sewerage Systems
Executive 90 pp. / General 90 pp.
Materials on water pollution control, solid waste disposal, waste treatment plants, and occasional items on littering, and resource recovery.

HE 9-4: Water Pollution - Water Purification
Executive 500 pp. / General 400 pp.
Materials on water quality and supply, pollution control, sewage treatment, oil spills, Safe Drinking Water Act, Federal Water Pollution Control Act, dredging and filling regulations, fluoridation, and aquatic plant growth.

HE 9-4-1: Pollutants and Controls
Executive 80 pp. / General 35 pp.
Materials on toxic substances, nuclear wastes, pesticides, Oval Office flies, litter, and water pollution.

HE 9-5: Plant and Soil Pollution
This category was received empty.

HE 10: Vital Statistics
Executive 3 pp. / General none
Items on the Bicentennial Baby of the United States.

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