WHCF Subject File - VA: Veterans Affairs

According to the White House Central Files filing manual, this category was for material pertaining to "veteran benefits and assistance such as pensions, education, housing, and medical care."

The following were specifically excepted: material pertaining to servicemen and retired personnel (see ND); veterans housing loans (see FI); and veterans reemployment rights in the Federal Civil Service (see PE).

Most material concerning cases of individual veterans is filed in the White House Central Files Name File.


VA: Veterans Affairs
Executive 500 pp. / General 300 pp.
Material on aid to veterans and presidential relations with veterans groups, including: legislation such as H.R. 12628 Vietnam Era Veterans Readjustment Assistance Act of 1974 and S. 2363 Disabled Veterans and Servicemens Automotive and Adaptive Equipment Amendments of 1974; termination of Vietnam era GI adjustment benefits; Veterans Administration (VA) reorganization and service improvements; meetings with and suggestions of the Veterans of Foregn Wars, American Legion and other groups; and special problems such as loan defaults, the "Philippine widow cases", headstone inscriptions, right-to-die policy, and limitations on attorney's fees in benefit claims.

VA/A-Z: Veterans Affairs/(name of individual)
Executive 100 pp. / General 200 pp.
Material on specific concerns of individual veterans and their families, especially comments on services and appeals on claim determinations. Arranged alphabetically by name.

VA 1: Bonus
No material was filed under this category.

VA 2: Compensation - Pension
Executive 125 pp. / General 45 pp.
Material on pension legislation, pension increases and miscellaneous other benefits.

VA 3: Educational Programs
Executive 300 pp. / General 225 pp.
Material on educational programs and legislation, primarily H.R. 12628 Vietnam Era Veterans Readjustment Assistance Act of 1974, especially correspondence in support of the bill from congressmen, veterans, veterans groups and educators; and the decision to terminate GI Bill education benefits for Vietnam era veterans. Included also is material on S. 969 Veteran's Education and Employment Assistance Act of 1976, increases in benefit utilization, and historical comparison of post-war GI Bill education benefits, and other matters.

VA 4: Hospitalization - Rehabilitation
Executive 60 pp. / General 40 pp.
Material on VA medical care programs and facilities, including a 1974 quality of patient care survey, H.R. 71 medical care bill for Polish and Czech veterans of the world wars, the American Legion Auxiliary's poppy program, and other matters.

VA 4-1: Veterans Administration Hospitals
Executive 300 pp. / General 75 pp.
Material on VA health care facilities, especially the siting, construction and naming of hospitals and clinics. Materials on quality of care, Medicare Supplemental Medical Insurance Premiums for physicians' services and other matters also included.

VA 5: Housing
Executive 3 pp. / General 19 pp.
Miscellaneous items on VA mortgages, veterans homes, and special housing entitlements for the disabled.

VA 6: Insurance
Executive 19 pp. / General 15 pp.
Items on acceleration of VA life insurance dividend payments and one item on conversion of life insurance policies.

VA 7: Employment Assistance
Executive 125 pp. / General 75 pp.
Material on regionalization of the Veterans Employment Service (VES), upgrading the VES Director to the assistant secretary level within the Department of Labor, a Veterans Administration force reduction, and miscellaneous other matters.

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