Ford, Gerald R. A Time to Heal (New York: Harper & Row, 1979), pp. 20-21

“Mr. President,? I said, conscious that everyone was looking at me, “ with your indulgence, I have something to say.?

“Well, Jerry, go ahead.?

“Everyone here recognizes the difficult position I’m in,? I said. “No one regrets more than I do this whole tragic episode. I have deep personal sympathy for you, Mr. President, and your fine family. But I wish to emphasize that had I known what has been disclosed in reference to Watergate in the last twenty-four, I would not have made a number of the statements I made either as Minority Leader or as Vice President. I came to the decision yesterday and you may be aware that I informed the press that because of commitments to Congress and the public, I’ll have no further comment on the issue because I’m a party of interest. I’m sure there will be an impeachment in the House. I can’t predict the Senate outcome. I will make no comment concerning this. You have given us the finest foreign policy this country has ever had. A super job. And the people appreciate it. Let me assure you that I expect to continue to support the Administration’s foreign policy and the fight against inflation.?