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Gerald R. Ford, Jr.
High school graduation portrait of Gerald Ford Jr., 1931.

Gerald and Betty Ford in the U.S. Census

The National Archives released the 1940 census to the public for research on April 2, 2012.

With the assistance of several individuals, such as Sheryl in Ohio and Josh in California, we have found listings for both President and Mrs. Ford with their parents in Grand Rapids in the 1940 census. It is possible that there may be other listings for one or both of them.

Gerald R. Ford, Jr. was a student at Yale Law School and also worked at Yale as a coach in 1940, so he also may be listed in the New Haven, Connecticut area. Mrs. Ford recalls in her memoir that she was in New York City studying dance with Martha Graham at this time so she may also be listed in New York.

Please let us know if you find additional listings for either of them. Any assistance will be appreciated.

Betty Bloomer at age 14. 1932.
Elizabeth "Betty" Bloomer at age 14, 1932.