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Staff Favorites
from Collections at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library and Museum

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There are many meaningful artifacts on exhibit at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum. When I was asked to write about just one I thought it would be impossible to choose, but in fact it was quite easy ...

Read more by Public Relations Specialist Kristin Mooney ...

Callaghan note For more than ten years the primary focus of my work has been archival processing and declassification review of collections that comprise the files of the National Security Adviser to the President (Henry Kissinger, succeeded by Brent Scowcroft) ...

Read more by Archivist Helmi Raaska ...

EBF at desk The Washington Post featured Mrs. Gerald R. Ford, then wife of a young Congressman, in an April 4, 1954 article.  The author described her as having “a penchant for ‘quiet’ suits and ‘slightly more talkative’ hats.”  As the country learned two decades later, Betty Ford was anything but quiet on a range of topics, including equality for women...

Read more by Education Specialist Barbara McGregor...

printing press

In 1776, the most famous American of the time, Benjamin Franklin, set sail for Paris as the ambassador to France from the world's newest nation, the United States.  Two hundred years later for America's Bicentennial, the French president, Giscard d'Estaing, presented an 18th century printing press to President Ford as a tribute to our 200th birthday...

Read more by Deputy Director Jim Kratsas...

Ford on Mackinac Island

I have been associated with the audiovisual department of the Gerald R. Ford Library for nearly 34 years.  When I’m asked to choose a favorite photograph, the decision can be quite difficult.  I have many favorites.  Is it a swearing in photo, a state arrival or dinner, the Bicentennial, a set of Norman Rockwellesque photos taken in New England, or one from the campaign?  There are far too many to choose from...

Read more by Photo Archivist Ken Hafeli....

Advice to GRF Advice to Gerald Ford

Ford Library archivists discovered this during the processing of Vice Presidential Papers in 1981 to prepare them for opening to researchers.  If you come to the Library, you can find this document in the folder “Opening Statement: Experts View on Vice Presidency” in Box 242.

Read more by Archivist Bill McNitt...