The Gerald R. Ford Library Review-for-Access Queue

 Several Library collections (see list below) require significant advance consultation with an archivist before materials can be released.  These collections are well-arranged and have accurate public finding aids, but Library staff have not reviewed all contents for privacy, national security, or other restrictable information.  The purpose of the consultation is to identify pertinent folders, place them in a review work queue, and discuss the researcher's likely waiting period in general terms (e.g., a few weeks, many months, or over one year.)  The rules governing the review queue are explained below.  The purpose of the queue system is to give researchers a voice in setting work priorities.

Procedures for initiating a Review Queue request:

1. Consult the finding aids to the collections listed below to see if any folders may relate to your research.  Finding aids are available in the research room or through our online Guide to Historical Materials.

2. List the titles of the folders (with the collection title and box numbers) that you would like us to review.  The first 25 folders (approximately 1,500 pages) that you list will be placed at the back of our review queue.  When these are reviewed, we will notify you and then add the next increment of your request to the back of the review queue.

3. Submit your requests to William H. McNitt, Gerald R. Ford Library, 1000 Beal Avenue, Ann Arbor, MI 48109 or send them by e-mail to  Such requests should be submitted well in advance of any planned visit to the Library.   Small requests - those for just a folder or two - may be handled in an "express lane" to keep down the total number of requests waiting in the queue.

4. Upon receipt of your request, an archivist will contact you with information about the current status of our review queue backlog.  We are unable to give you an exact date by which your requested folders will be open for research, however, as staff resources for the review queue may change due to other workload.

5. Upon completion of review, we will notify you that your requested folders have been opened to the public.  It is possible, however, that some documents within those folders may still be temporarily restricted under terms of the donor's deed of gift or under National Archives and Records Administration general restrictions (36 CFR 1256).

Manuscript Collections from which Folders can be Requested

Many Library collections are already fully open to research, while others are completely unprocessed and therefore not available for research.  Only a limited number of collections are eligible for the Review Queue - those that have been arranged and described by the Library staff, but the final review by archivists to determine access to individual documents is not yet complete.  Please feel free to request the review of specific folders from these collections according to the instructions above.

American Citizens Concerned for Life Records (part of the collection is fully open)
Domestic Council Computer Office Files
David C. Hoopes Files
Robert Horn Papers
Edward Hutchinson Papers (part of the collection is fully open)
Melvin R. Laird Papers (part of the collection is fully open.  Not all series are eligible for the Review Queue.)
Pamela A. Powell Files
John E. Robson Papers
Peter H. Sorum Papers
White House Central Files Bulk Mail File
White House Central Files Chronological File
White House Central Files Name File
White House Congressional Mail Files
White House Social Office Central Files

April 2005
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Last Updated: April 28, 2005