September 11, 1973

Attorney General Richardson
Deputy Attorney General Designate Ruckelshaus
Assistant Attorney General Petersen

George Beall
United States Attorney, District of Maryland
and Assistant United States Attorneys
Barnet D. Skolnik, Russell T. Baker, Jr.,
and Ronald S. Liebman

Status Report on the Investigation of
Vice President Agnew and Others


On Thursday, September 6, 1973 , Assistant Attorney General Petersen by telephone directed this office to prepare a written status report on the investigation of Vice President Agnew and others. He requested that three copies of this report be delivered to the Department of Justice. Pursuant to this instruction, three copies of this memorandum are being delivered to the Department: one for Mr. Richardson, one for Mr. Ruckelshaus, and one for Mr. Petersen.

On Friday, September 7, 1973 , Assistant United States Attorneys Skolnik, Baker and Liebman advised Mr. Petersen by telephone of their unanimous opinion that it was unwise at this time to prepare such a memorandum. Mr. Petersen stated that he appreciated the risks but that such a memorandum was necessary to enable the appropriate officials in the Department