Teddy Roosevelt:  A Singular Life



                   Africa                                                 Europe

                   America                                             European

                   Artifact                                               Executive Branch

                   Campaign                                           Explorer

                   Central America                                  Governor

                   Character / Virtue                               Political

                   Character Traits                                  Political System

                   Congress                                            Private Sector

                   Editorial                                              Public Policy

                   Environment                                        Tariff

Middle School

                   Chronology                                         Social Concern

                   Havanna, Cuba                                   Spain

                   Japan                                                 Spanish

                   Peacekeeping                                     United States

                   Reform                                               World War I

High School


                   Bull Moose Party



                   Civil Service Commission


                   “He kept us out of war”

                   J. P. Morgan

                   “The Jungle”

                   Kaiser Wilhelm II

                   Labor Union

                   Meat Inspection Act

                   Monroe Doctrine

                   National Park Service

                   Organized Labor

                   Personal Characteristics

                   Political Cartoon

                   Political Machine

                   Primary Source


                   Progressive Movement

                   Progressive Party

                  “Remember the Maine

                  Roosevelt Corollary

                  Rough Riders

                  Russo-Japanese War

                  Spanish American War

                  “Speak softly but carry a big stick”

                  Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt

                  United Mine Workers (UMW)

                  Upton Sinclair

                 William Howard Taft

                 William Jennings Bryan