Teddy Roosevelt:  A Singular Life

Curriculum Packet

Section 1:                      Acknowledgements, Using the Packet, Themes and Standards

Section 2:                      Introduction to the Exhibit, Exhibit layout and Artifacts

Section 3:                      Elementary Activities

                                                Meet Teddy Roosevelt

                                                Roosevelt Family Tree

                                                Around the World with TR

                                                The Life and Times of Teddy Roosevelt

Section 4:                      Secondary Activities

                                                1905 Inaugural Address

                                                Analyzing & Interpreting the Past

                                                          Political Cartoons

                                                          Primary Documents

                                                Man of Influence

                                                Nobel Peace Prize

                                                TR Timeline

                                                TR Safari

                                                          TR Safari Answer Key

                                                Theodore Roosevelt Day / follow-up activity

Appendix A:                   Vocabulary

Appendix B:                   Bibliography

Appendix C:                   Analysis Worksheets

                                      Bio-poem Worksheet