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LBJ report card, 1917 Jimmy Carter math homework, 1933
Lyndon B. Johnson's third grade report card, Johnson City, TX, 1917.
Courtesy LBJ Library.
Jimmy Carter fourth grade homework, 1933.
Courtesy JC Library.
JFK health card, 1922 GRF Boy Scout card
John F. Kennedy's health records, written by his mother Rose, ca 1917.
Courtesy JFK Library.
Gerald R. Ford Boy Scout award card, 1928.
Courtesy GRF Library.
GRF grade school photo, 1923 Ronal Reagan 4th grade class, 1920
Gerald R. Ford, Jr., Madison Elementary School portrait, 1923.
Courtesy GRF Library.
Ronald Reagan (hand on chin) and 4th grade class, Tampico, IL, 1920.
Courtesy RR Library.