Follow-Up Activity

“Who’s the Big Cheese?”

Matching Activity: Key Figures From The 1920s

All that Jazz: America in the 1920s
Gerald R. Ford Museum
5th Grade

Michigan Content and Standards

Social Studies
I. Historical Perspectives
2. Comprehending the Past – L.E. #3


• Students should be familiar with key people from the 1920s and able to identify them from short descriptions.


Make a copy of the following worksheet for each student. Students will then have time to match the proper description to the name of key individuals from the era. This should be done after you have visited All That Jazz, and students are familiar with the key figures. Additionally, much of this information can be found in the background information provided.

Answer Key

1. – B 6. – J
2. – E 7. – A
3. – K 8. – F
4. – C 9. – H
5. – I 10. – D


“Who’s the Big Cheese?”

Matching Activity: Key Figures From The 1920s

All that Jazz: America in the 1920s


____ 1. Wrote "The Sun Also Rises" and "A Farewell to Arms". Considered one of the top writers of the 1920s

____ 2. Also called the “Sultan of Swat.” He played for the New York Yankees and set the season home run record at 60 in 1927.

____ 3. Was a great African American poet and was a key figure in the Harlem Renaissance.

____ 4. Was President of the United States. He took office in 1921 and died in office in 1923. His administration is remembered as the most scandal filled of the decade.

____ 5. Started Ford Motor Company in Detroit, Michigan. Best known for the Model T and the assembly line.

____ 6. Considered “Lucky,” he made a very famous transatlantic solo flight from New York to Paris.

____ 7. A great trumpet player. His talents helped make jazz a popular form of music in the 1920s.

____ 8. He was a Tennessee teacher who was put on trial for teaching evolution in his science class.

____ 9. One of the greatest college football players of all time. He played for the University of Illinois and was once carried two miles on the shoulders of his classmates after a victory.

____ 10. Considered one of the biggest gangsters of all time. He controlled the supply of illegal alcohol in Chicago through murder and bribery.


A. Louis Armstrong F. John T. Scopes
B. Ernest Hemingway H. Red Grange
C. Warren G. Harding I. Henry Ford
D. Al Capone J. Charles Lindbergh
E. Babe Ruth K. Langston Hughes