All That Jazz

January 31 - June 13, 2004

view of "The Lost Generation" area of exhibit view of "Mass Cunsumption" area of exhibit view of "Jazz, America's Music" area of exhibit

Teacher Information

The drama of one of the most significant decades in America’s history unfolds in this unique look at the Jazz Age. All That Jazz traces the panorama of the roaring decade that was America in the 1920s. Drawn from the collections of individuals and institutions from across the country, the artifacts, documents, photographs and music provide a sweeping look at the time with a focus on the defining events, trends, and innovations that made the 1920s such an unprecedented and pivotal decade. Come see Babe Ruth’s uniform, Al Capone memorabilia, Admiral Byrd’s flight suit worn on his flyover of the South Pole, an Al Jolson costume, as well as a Ford Model A, Duesenberg, stock ticker, early radios, flapper dresses, and legends of Hollywood, all from an age marked by contrasts and social upheaval.


We are offering guided tours of All That Jazz weekdays through June 11, 2004. Call or e-mail Kristin to schedule your tour and receive a complete curriculum packet.
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Curriculum Ties

All That Jazz and the related curriculum tie to Social Studies, Language Arts, and Visual Arts curriculum standards. Sample activities from the curriculum packet include:

5th Grade: “It’s the Bees Knees !!” Students compare and contrast popular entertainment, then and now.
“Who’s the Big Cheese” This follow-up activity will help reinforce student knowledge of important figures from the 1920s.

8th Grade: “We Got the Goods on Him” Students follow up their Museum visit by writing a newspaper article about a significant event in the 1920s.

High School: “The Red Scare” Have your students learn more about the Red Scare by interpreting political cartoons.