Pre-visit and Gallery Activity

“It’s the Bees Knees!!”

Comparing and Contrasting Entertainment in Two Decades

Venn Diagram

All That Jazz: America in the 1920s
Gerald R. Ford Museum
5th Grade

Michigan Content Standards and Benchmarks

Social Studies
I. Historical Perspective
2. Comprehending the Past – L.E. #2
3. Analyzing and Interpreting the Past – L.E. #1


• Students will compare popular entertainment from today in their own lives with that of people in the 1920s.
• Students will begin to understand how life in the 1920s differs from / is similar to life today.
• Students will be aware of their own interests as well as the interests of others, past and present.


Make a copy of the following Venn Diagram for each student. As a pre-visit activity, have students complete the “Today” section. They may work on their own or in small groups. Ask students to list things which they, or their families and friends, like to do for entertainment. Doing this as a pre-visit activity will help them notice items in the exhibit since they will be looking for comparable ideas.

When you attend the exhibit have students bring their diagrams to complete the “1920s” portion. If you prefer, this could also be done as a follow-up activity, completed by the students recalling what they saw.

Suggested Post-visit Activity

• Have students research and write about one of the entertainment topics introduced in All That Jazz. Examples include: The Golden Age of Hollywood, radio, Jazz music or musicians, baseball, or Mah Jongg.