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State Dining Gallery at the Gerald R. Ford Library.
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A red glass decanter with gold and white painted design of floral scrollwork sent by Abdul Halim Khaddam of Syria to President Gerald R. Ford in August of 1974.
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An elaborate, Derby China soup tureen given by Queen Elizabeth II as a gift for America’s Bicentennial. The Queen presented the tureen upon her visit to the White House in July of 1976.
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Betty Ford's brightly colored chiffon silk gown worn to the State Dinner for Yew of Singapore on May 8, 1975. The dress features a large floral print design, long flowing sleeves, and a sheer short cape over-lay by the designer Albert Capraro.

State Dining Area

Head of State dinners play an important diplomatic role on behalf of the nation. President and Mrs. Ford hosted many such events, none more ceremonial than those they hosted honoring the nations of France and England during America's Bicentennial celebrations. The exchange of gifts between nations at these events helps solidify diplomatic ties.