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The Pardon Gallery at the Gerald R. Ford Library.
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The Parker ink pen used by President Gerald R. Ford to sign Richard Nixon’s pardon on September 8, 1974.
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President Ford’s pardon of Nixon resulted in the sudden resignation of his Press Secretary, Jerald terHorst. In his resignation letter, terHorst explains, “So it is with great regret, after long soul-searching, that I must inform you that I cannot in good conscience support your decision to pardon former President Nixon even before he has been charged with the commission of any crime.?
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A section of the White House telephone switchboard dating to President Gerald R. Ford’s administration. The switchboard lit up as thousands called the White House to voice their reactions to Nixon’s pardon.

The Pardon

In an effort to mitigate the firestorm surrounding President Nixon's involvement in the Watergate crisis, President Ford, a month into his administration, granted the former president “a full, free, and absolute pardon.? President Ford received a whirlwind of criticism and praise for this act affecting the remainder of his presidency.