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Gerald R. Ford is sworn in as the 38th President of the United States.

President Ford delivers his remarks on signing a proclamation granting Pardon to Richard Nixon. September 8, 1974

Susan Ford adjusts President Ford’s tuxedo in the Yellow Oval Room of the Residence prior to a White House reception for diplomats.
October 5, 1974. Susan served as the official hostess while her mother recovered from breast cancer surgery.

President Ford and his golden retriever, Liberty, in the Oval Office. November 7, 1974.

President Ford, in his pajamas, meets with staff members Steve Todd, military aide;
Terry O'Donnell and Don Rumsfeld in the President's suite in the Akasaka Palace, Tokyo, Japan. November 19, 1974.

President Ford and Soviet General Secretary Leonid I.
Brezhnev sign a Joint Communiqué following talks on the limitation of strategic offensive arms.
The document was signed in the conference hall of the Okeansky Sanitarium, Vladivostok, USSR. November 24, 1974.

President Ford addresses the nation on the State of the Union. January 15, 1975.

President Ford meets with Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, Army Chief of Staff General Frederick Weyand,
and Graham Martin, Ambassador to Vietnam, in the Oval Office. March 25, 1975.

President and Mrs. Ford, Vice Premier Deng Xiao Ping, and Deng’s interpreter have a cordial
chat during an informal meeting in Peking, China. December 3, 1975.

President and Mrs. Ford with Susan and Liberty at Camp David. August 7, 1976.

Mrs. Ford reads President Ford's concession speech to the press. November 3, 1976. (l-r) Steve, President Ford, Susan, Mike, Gayle

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