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Curriculum materials are based on our Gerald R. Ford exhibits. You will find a brief overview for each of our ten permanent exhibit galleries, classroom and gallery activities, and a variety of additional information including a biographical sketch of Gerald Ford, bibliography for students, primary source analysis worksheets, and more.

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The 1970s

A light-hearted, multimedia, re-creation of popular culture from the 1970s. Visitors are immersed in the sights, sounds, and issues of that tumultuous period. Posters advertise the timeless musicals and movies, go-go boots and bell-bottom pants highlight the fashion of the day, and a disco ball twirls from the ceiling, casting a glittery reminder of an era marked by fiery revolution in entertainment and politics. Read More

Constitution in Crisis

The events that unfolded to place Ford in the seat of the Presidency were heated with intense controversy and scandal. This gallery gleans insight into the scandal that crumbled Nixon's Presidency, leaving Ford responsible for healing the nation. The history of the Watergate scandal is captured through a 6-minute, multiscreen video, letters, plaques, the actual burglary tools used in the Washington break-in, and one of President Nixon's White House tape recorders. Read More

Who is Gerald R. Ford?

As visitors step into the re-creation of the Ford Paint and Varnish Company, Ford's youthful years come alive with sentimental memorabilia. Adorning the room is the President's birth announcement and christening dress, photographs, South High Schools marching band drum, trophies, and treasures from his wedding day. These biographical exhibits highlight Ford's character and integrity, plus a re-creation of the Senate Committee Room where Vice-President nominee Gerald R. Ford was introduced to most Americans for the first time. Visitors can ask Ford the same questions put to him by congressional interrogators. Read More

Gerald R. Ford Becomes President

Celebrate Gerald R. Ford's inauguration as President. Visitors to this gallery develops a better understanding of the Nixon-Ford transition of August 1974 as the exhibit is comprised of two video presentations and a part of the original White House switchboard--once taxed to the limit by public reaction to the controversial Nixon pardon. Also, carefully preserved and portrayed, is Mrs. Ford's powder blue inauguration dress and the bible President Ford took the Oath of Office on. Read More

At Work in the Oval Office

Rich with history, the Oval Office is a symbol of American democracy and power. For Gerald Ford it was very much a working office. Through a sophisticated sound and light display, Museum visitors experience a typical day in the presidency--from dawn to dusk. Visitors can read a thorough description of each artifact decorating this room of prestige. Read More

Leadership in Diplomacy

The end of the Vietnam War marked a significant event in Ford's service as President. His leadership in ending America's involvement in the war is depicted in this gallery. Complete with an authentic Vietnam-era Huey helicopter, a giant electronic world map, and a video featuring a few, brief moments of the War, this gallery enables visitors to experience U.S. foreign policy as it is made and executed. Read More

Life in the White House

Experience a tour through the White House with an interactive device that offers a unique holographic view of the White House, with video histories of rooms throughout the President's house. Plus, elegant gifts from foreign heads of state and videos revealing White House State dinners, and a glimpse into the life of Betty Ford as a mother and cancer survivor. Read More

America at 200

Congratulate America on her 200th birthday! Remembering this day of joy is an expanded display of Bicentennial gifts presented in honor of America's strong, accomplished life. The display includes a French printing press from 1785 and video recollections of America's birthday--July 4, 1976. Read More

The 1976 Campaign

Visitors go back in time to experience the challenge by former California Governor Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter during the 1976 campaign for the Presidency. Everywhere visitors look artifacts from the campaign are displayed. Creating a competitive atmosphere, visitors experience the serious angle of campaigning as they stand on the floor of the Republican Convention, enjoy a few laughs as they read presidential cartoons, and view authentic bumper stickers and buttons. Read More

After the White House

This final gallery extends thanks to President and Mrs. Ford for their contributions to contemporary issues, and traces their continued service. Within this exhibit, a video illuminates Mrs. Ford's devotion to women's issues, especially cancer, and a model ATM is featured as a representation of President Ford's efforts at advancing the convenience of banking.



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