This white gold necklace has a detachable pendant that can also be worn as a pin.  The bicentennial logo and is made of rubies, diamonds, and sapphires. Embellishing the chain are thirteen stars and diamonds representing the original thirteen states set in platinum. In all there are 165 specially cut diamonds, 50 prime quality rare Burmese rubies and 25 Burmese blue sapphires.

Note: Pierre Touraine, a well-known jeweler at the time, made the “Bicentennial Jewel” in 1976. He and his wife, along with Congressman John Rhodes, wished to present the Bicentennial Jewel to President Gerald R. Ford in person, but were unable to do so until January 10, 1977. The jewel was displayed in the Oval Office for thirty days.  Then it was transferred to the National Archives until suitable display could be arranged in Michigan, where the Ford Museum would be established in 1981. The necklace has never been worn.