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Chaperone Requirements
Pre-visit Packet

Chaperone Requirements

Thank you for agreeing to serve as a chaperone for a student visit to the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum. You will play an important role in the success of the visit, and we appreciate your willingness to work with the teacher to help students have an enjoyable and educational experience.

Chaperones must remain with their students at all times while at the Museum.

Chaperones are responsible for working with the teacher to keep students organized and focused on their visit. We also ask that chaperones help students abide by the Museum’s rules, outlined below. The Museum staff expects teachers and chaperones to maintain control and discipline of their groups at all times. Museum staff and security are available for assistance, if necessary.


· Work with the teacher and students to ensure a quality Museum experience.
· Keep students organized and focused on their visit. The teacher may request that you assist with assignments or gallery activities.
· Help your group find accurate information. If a student asks a question you are unsure of, never be afraid to say “I don’t know.” A good response when you don’t know the answer … “That is a good question. Let’s see if we can find the answer here in the exhibit.” If you can’t locate information, staff is always willing to help.
· Remain with your group at all times, and help students abide by Museum rules.
· Maintain control and discipline of your group at all times. Request assistance from the teacher or Museum staff, if necessary.

Museum Etiquette and Rules:

As you know, museums have a variety of rules designed both for the safe-keeping of artifacts and documents on display, and to ensure a safe, enjoyable visit for all guests. We appreciate your help in seeing that the students in your group follow these basic rules during your visit. Our goal is to do everything possible to see that your students, and our other guests, enjoy their Museum experience.

· Please have the students in your group remain with you at all times while at the Museum.
· Please make sure your students do not bring food or beverages into the Museum.
· Please remind students that they need to use care and not touch or lean on the displays. In this way, they can help us take good care of the artifacts and documents on display.
· While we love to see enthusiastic students at the Museum, please remind your students that they must use indoor voices and refrain from running. Students are representing their teachers and schools while in the community.

Please take as many photographs as you would like - - without using a flash. There may be restrictions on photography in our special changing exhibits. Check with Museum staff for details.

Museum Store:

The Museum has a gift shop on site. Many items in the Museum Store are priced for children on field trips.

Restrooms, Drinking Fountains, and Coat Room:

Restrooms, drinking fountains, and the coat room are all conveniently located near the Museum Store. There are additional restrooms on the second floor, across from the Cabinet Room.