Gerald Ford dedicated his life to public service … as a lieutenant commander in the Navy, as Congressman from Michigan, as the first vice president selected under the terms of the 25th Amendment, and ultimately, as President of the United States.

His belief that the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum is “a classroom of American democracy,? expressed in April 1997, is not only brought to life in the Museum’s exhibits, programs, and tours, but in this web site as well, enabling us to have an impact on a far greater number of “school kids and scholars.? We invite you and your students to explore Gerald Ford’s illustrious career, 20th century American and world History, as well as government and citizenship, in the pages of this web site.

In our Educator’s section you will find access to curriculum- relevant primary source materials, lessons, and background to use in teaching these varied topics. Whether you are planning a classroom visit to the Museum or working with your students in your classroom, we hope you find our web site useful and enriching.

Welcome to the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library and Museum online Education Center.

Barbara McGregor
Education Specialist