A green, satin chiffon gown with embroidery and sequins designed by Frankie Welch for First Lady Betty Ford. The full-length gown features embroidered chrysanthemums and sequins decorating the top layer and a zipper up the front. Betty donated the original gown to the Smithsonian. However, Welch created this duplicate.
May 15, 1975 – Shah of Iran
June 1, 1975 – Salzburg State Dinner
October 3, 1975 – Reciprocal Emperor’ Dinner at Japanese Embassy
June 2, 1976 – King Juan Carlos and Queen Sophia of Spain
June 16, 1976 – Original gown turned over to the Smithsonian
Link: http://www.fordlibrarymuseum.gov/library/exhibits/dinners/dinners1975.asp#Shah