The 30-30 Cal. Marlin rifle is engraved with scenes from American history commemorating America’s Bicentennial.  The engravings include scrollwork and dogwood blossoms over most of the steel components. 

Adorning the wooden stock are images of the liberty bell, a “Moving West” covered wagon, the Spirit of St. Louis, and the lunar landing.  The sights, trigger, butt-cap, banding, an engraved portrait of Abraham Lincoln, and an engraving of raising the flag at Iwo Jima are all gold plated. 

The butt of the gun is engraved with “Gerald / Ford / The 38th / United / States / President." The rifle is housed in a wooden case also engraved by Mr. Henderson.  It features engraved scrollwork on the front and scrollwork and dogwood blossoms on the top and sides.  Brass tips cover the corners and it closes with a brass clasp. 

“The Bicentennial Rifle” is inscribed on a plaque on top.  The interior is cushioned and lined with red velvet.  A small, plastic plaque on the interior reads “United States of America / 1776-1976.”