NAME FILES, 1974-76

Permanent Operating Offices


This collection consists primarily of correspondence with the general public by First Lady Betty Ford, her children, and her staff. The material concerns views on public issues, expressions of support or criticism, holiday greetings, invitations, schedule requests, and plans, assistance requests and offers, and other matters.

170.8 linear feet (ca. 341,600 pages)

Gerald R. Ford (77-NLF-113)

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Individual staff office files document the activities of the First Lady’s staff. These include the files of: Russell Armentrout, Maria Downs, Elizabeth O’Neill, Susan Porter, Frances Pullen, and Sheila Weidenfeld. The Library also holds the personal papers of Betty Ford, Maria Downs, Peter Sorum, and Sheila Weidenfeld (unprocessed).

The White House Social Office maintained several other central filing systems. See collections beginning with “White House Social Office”.

Prepared by J.P. Schmidt, December 2012
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(Note: The container list shows only names for which there currently are separate folders, hundreds of additional names appear in the collection. Researchers should feel free to request searches under any names in which they are interested.)

Box 42 - Name Files

  • Bruce, Evangeline (Mrs. David K.E.)

Box 70 - Name Files

  • Cooper, Lorraine and John Sherman

Box 97 - Name Files

  • Edelin, Donna

Box 98 - Name Files

  • Eisenhower, Julie Nixon

Box 155 - Name Files

  • Harriman, Pamela

Box 197 - Name Files

  • Kennedy, Rose Fitzgerald

Box 296 - Name Files

  • Peterson, Elly M.

Box 314 - Name Files

  • Rendeiro, Christian F.

Box 397 - Name Files

  • Von Trapp, Maria