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Legislation Case Files, 1974-76






       Case files on both public and private bills passed by Congress and sent to President for signature or veto.  The case files contain recommendations from the agencies interested in the legislation, the Office of Management and Budget, the Domestic Council, and the White House staff along with summaries of the bills and draft signing or veto statements.




28 linear feet (ca. 56,000 pages)



Gerald R. Ford (accession numbers 77-112 and 78-25)



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Gerald Ford has donated to the United States of America his copyrights in all of his unpublished writings in National Archives collections.  The copyrights to materials written by other individuals or organizations are presumed to remain with them.  Works prepared by U.S. Government employees as part of their official duties are in the public domain.


Prepared by Paul Conway, August 1981

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             The legislation case files document the central clearance procedure on legislation sent to the President for signature or veto.  Thomas M. Jones, Chief of Records, maintained these files in the Records Office, one of the permanent operating offices that provided routine administrative support for the White House.  Robert D. Linder, White House Chief Executive Clerk since 1971, directed the permanent operating offices.  One of Linder's responsibilities was to begin the clearance procedure that provided the President with recommendations on enrolled legislation and to assure that the record of his decisions was preserved.


Most enrolled bills and joint resolutions requiring the President's action passed through a standard clearance procedure in the White House.  The Executive Clerk first requested the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to obtain comments and recommendations from concerned federal agencies.  The OMB forwarded these written comments to the White House along with a summary of the main features of the legislation, related congressional documents, and a recommended decision.  This was the "bill report" upon which other comments were based.  The White House Staff Secretary circulated the bill report to appropriate White House offices for their comments, especially the staff of the Domestic Council or the National Security Council.  The Staff Secretary also requested the Editorial Office to draft press statements for possible release.  Finally , he submitted the complete package to the President, including the official parchment copies of the legislation.  After James Canon became Executive Director of the Domestic Council in February 1975, he provided the President with a cover memorandum for each measure, further summarizing its key features and the recommended decisions.


The President had three possible choices with any legislation passed during a regular session of Congress.  He either signed the measure, allowed it to become law without his signature after ten days, or vetoed it by returning the legislation to Capitol Hill.  Measures vetoed during the regular session could still become law if a two‑thirds majority of the House and the Senate voted to override the President's decision.  If he took no action on a measure passed at the end of a session of Congress, it did not become law, instead, it was "pocket vetoed",with no possibility of Congressional override.


The legislation case files in the Ford Library contain material on President Ford's decisions on every public and private enrolled bill or joint resolution passed by the Congress and sent to him for action, including those he vetoed or pocket vetoed.  A typical file includes: a text of the measure; House and Senate reports; the OMB bill report and federal agency recommendations; press releases; and a covering memorandum from the Domestic Council Executive Director.  President Ford's decision is often indicated by his initials on OMB or Domestic Council memoranda.  Many files, especially vetoed measures, contain draft statements and press releases and additional documentation of the White House clearance procedure.  Case files for a few of the most controversial pieces of legislation, such as the Tax Reduction Act of 1975 and the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1974, are incomplete because they did not follow the standard clearance procedure.  The files are arranged in chronological order by date of action by the President and thereunder in the following order: Senate bills, Senate joint resolutions, House bills, House joint resolutions.



Related Materials (August 1981):

Related materials include: various Domestic Council staff files; the White Central Files Subject File, especially the Legislation (LG) and Speeches (SP) categories; and in the files of White House staff involved in the clearance procedure.  Other files, particularly those from the Congressional Relations Office, document White House liaison with the Congress, the background on specific legislation, and other aspects of President Ford's legislative strategy that preceded his decisions on enrolled legislation.


The National Archives received the original parchment copy of all legislation approved by President Ford.  They are currently preserved in Record Group 11, General Records of the United States.  The Congress received all original veto messages, along with the rejected legislation.



Note - Annual reports of various federal agencies were also kept by the White House Records Office.  They have been transferred to the Ford Library book collection, but a list of them is filed at the front of box 1.




Public Bills and Joint Resolutions Signed


1974                       278

1975                       201

1976                       379


Total                        858



Private Bills Signed


1974                       35

1975                       27

1976                       115


Total                        177



Public Bills Vetoed


1974                       24   (4 Overridden by Congress)

1975                       17   (4 Overridden by Congress)

1976                       20   (4 Overridden by Congress)


Total                        62   (12 Overridden by Congress)




Private Bills Vetoed


1974                       3

1975                       0

1976                       2


Total                        5   (None overridden by Congress)


Series Descriptions


1‑70         Legislation Case Files, 1974-77.  (28.0 linear feet)

Case files on both public and private bills passed by Congress and sent to President Ford for his signature or veto.  The case files contain recommendations from the agencies interested in the legislation, the Office of Management and Budget, the Domestic Council, and the White House staff along with summaries of the bills, draft signing or veto statements, and published congressional reports.

Arranged chronologically by date of action by the President and thereunder in the following order:  Senate bills, Senate joint resolutions, House bills, and House joint resolutions.


Container List


Box 1   Legislation Case Files

Publications Transferred to Book Collection

Intelligence Oversight Board ‑ Status

Pocket Veto

‑ General

12/25/70 S3418 Family Practice of Medicine

1/3/74 HR10511 Amend the Urban Mass Transportation Act of 1964

10/29/74 HR14255 Amendments to the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Randolph ‑ Sheppard Act of 1936

8/10/74 HR13264 Perishable Agricultural Commodities

8/10/74 HR10309 Safety Standards for Boilers and Pressure Vessels

8/12/74 HR5094 Upgrading of Deputy United States Marshals (Vetoed)

8/13/74 HR14012 Legislative Branch Appropriations 1975

8/14/74 S2665 US Contribution to the International Development Association

8/14/74 S3477 DC School Children's Bus Fare Subsidy


Box 2   Legislation Case Files

8/14/74 SJR229 Export‑Import Bank Extension

8/14/74 HR11873 Animal Health Research (Vetoed)

8/14/74 HR15074 District of Columbia Campaign Finance Reform

8/14/74 HJR1104 Export Administration Act Extension

8/17/74 S2296 Forest and Rangeland Renewable Resources Planning Act of 1974

8/17/74 S3669 Omnibus Atomic Energy Bill

8/17/74 HR2537 Relief of Lidia Myslinska Bokosky

8/17/74 HR4590 Relief of Melisa Catambay Gutierrez and Milagros Catambay Gutierrez

8/17/74 HR5667 Relief of Linda Julie Dickson

8/20/74 HR7682 Conferring Posthumous US Citizenship Upon Lance Corporal Frederico Silva

8/21/74 HR69 Education Amendments of 1974 (1)‑(3)


Box 3   Legislation Case Files

8/21/74 HR69 Education Amendments of 1974 (4)‑(6)

8/21/74 HR12832 District of Columbia Law Revision Committee

8/21/74 HR15544 Treasury Postal Service and General Government Appropriations Act 1975

8/22/74 S3066 Housing and Community Development Act of 1974

8/22/74 HJR1105 Women's Equality Day


Box 4   Legislation Case Files

8/23/74/74 S3331 Small Business Amendments

8/23/74 S3782 Extension of Health Professions Student Loan and Scholarship Programs

8/23/74 SJR66 Monument to First Infantry Division Vietnam Dead

8/24/74 S3919 Council on Wage and Price Stability Act

8/24/74 HR7218 District of Columbia Insurance Laws

8/24/74 HR11108 Extension of DC Medical and Dental Manpower Act of 1970

8/27/74 S2957 Overseas Private Investment Corporation Amendments Act of 1974

8/28/74 S3190 Board for International Broadcasting Appropriations Authorizations

8/28/74 HR15155 Public Works for Water and Power Development and Atomic Energy Commission Appropriation Act 1975

8/28/74 HR15405 Department of Transportation and Related Agencies Appropriations Act 1975

8/29/74 HR10044 Customs and Immigration Facilities

8/29/74 HR14402 Extend Air Force Officer Grade Authorization

8/29/74 HR15791 Home Rule Act Amendments

8/29/74 HR15936 Special Pay for Certain Medical Officers of the Uniformed Services


Box 5   Legislation Case Files

8/30/74 S2510 Office of Federal Procurement Policy

8/30/74 SJR220 Reappointment of Dr. William A M Barden

8/30/74 SJR221 Reappointment of Dr Carlyl P Haskins

8/30/74 SJR222 Appointment of Dr Murray Gell‑Mann

8/30/74 HR3620 Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge

8/30/74 HR15205 Natural Gas Pipeline Safety Act Amendments of 1974

8/31/74 HR15581 District of Columbia Appropriations Act 1975

8/31/74 HR16027 Department of the Interior and Related Agencies Appropriations Act 1975

9/2/74 HR2 Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (1)‑(5)


Box 6   Legislation Case Files

9/2/74 HR2 Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (6)‑(7)

9/3/74 S1871 Youth Conservation Corps Sponsors

9/3/74 S3703 District of Columbia Criminal Justice Code Amendment

9/3/74 HR6485 Tobacco Marketing Quotas

9/3/74 HR11864 Solar Heating and Cooling Demonstration Act

9/3/74 HR14920 Geothermal Energy Research, Development and Demonstration

9/3/74 HR15842 DC Police Firemen and Teacher Pay


Box 7   Legislation Case Files

9/4/74 HR13999 NSF Appropriation Authorization 1975

9/6/74 HR15572 Department of Housing and Urban Development Space Science Veterans and certain other Independent Executive Agencies Appropriations Act 1975

9/7/74 S821 Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act of 1974

9/8/74 HR13871 Federal Employees Compensation Act Amendments

9/17/74 HR15172 Passport Fees

9/14/74 HJR1070 Johnny Horizon '76 Clean Up America Month

9/19/74 S3052 Commission on Revision of the Federal Court Appellate System

9/19/74 HR13267 Agricultural Assistance Guam

9/19/74 HR15406 Military Compensation

9/21/74 HR9456 Alcohol and Drug Abuse Education Act Amendments of 1974

9/27/74 HR14883 Public Works and Economic Development Act Amendments

9/27/74 HJR910 National Hunting and Fishing Day


Box 8   Legislation Case Files

9/30/74 S3270 Defense Production Act Amendments of 1974

9/30/74 SJR244 Export‑Import Bank Extension

9/30/74 HR10626 Conveyance of Mineral Rights Florida (vetoed)

10/1/74 S210 Boston National Historic Site

10/1/74 S3301 Pennsylvania Avenue Development Corporation Act Amendments

10/1/74 HR6395 Okefenokee Wilderness Georgia

10/1/74 HR12000 Egg Research and Consumer Information Act

10/1/74 HR13595 Coast Guard Appropriation Authorization

10/4/74 HR5507 William Jennings Bryan ‑ Statue Donation

10/5/74 S3320 Weather Modification

10/5/74 HR11559 Submerged Lands ‑ Guam Virginia Islands and American Samoa

10/5/74 HR15404 Departments of State, Justice, and Commerce, the Judiciary, and Related Agencies Appropriations Bill 1975

10/5/74 HR16102 Daylight Savings Time

10/8/74 HR16243 Department of Defense Appropriations Act 1975

10/11/74 S1276 For the Relief of Joe H. Morgan

10/11/74 S2337 For the Relief of Dulce Pelar Castin

10/11/74 S2382 For the Relief of Coridad R. Balonan

10/11/74 SJR192 For the Relief of Ivy May Glockner

10/11/74 HR10088 Big Cypress National Preserve Florida

10/11/74 HR11510 Energy Reorganization Act of 1974


Box 9   Legislation Case Files

10/11/74 HR11546 Big Thicket National Preserve

10/11/74 HR16032 Composition of Penny and Eisenhower College Grants

10/12/74 HR15301 Railroad Retirement Act of 1974 (vetoed)

10/12/74 HR15322 Price‑Anderson Act Amendments (vetoed)

10/14/74 HJR898 National Legal Secretaries' Court Observance Week

10/14/74 HJR1131 Continuing Appropriations for FY 1974 (vetoed)

10/15/74 S3044 Federal Election Campaign Act

10/15/74 HR4861 Expansion of Piscataway Park Maryland

10/17/74 S2001 Redesignating Alamogordo Dam and Reservoir

10/17/74 SJR123 Portrait and Bust of Former Chief Justice Earl Warren

10/17/74 HR6202 For the Relief of Thomas C. Johnson

10/17/74 HR6477 For the Relief of Lucille de Saint Andre

10/17/74 HR12471 Freedom of Information Act Amendments (vetoed)

10/17/74 HJR1163 Continuing Appropriations for FY 1975 and other purposes (vetoed)

10/17/74 HJR1167 Continuing Appropriations for FY 1975


Box 10 Legislation Case Files

10/18/74 S283 Trust Lands for Bridgeport Indian Colony California

10/18/74 S634 Kootenai Indian Trust Land Idaho

10/18/74 S3362 Federal Columbia River Transmission System Act

10/18/74 S3979 Emergency Home Purchase Assistance Act of 1974

10/18/74 SJR251 Export‑Import Bank Act Extension

10/18/74 HR3532 Relief of Donald L Tyndall and others

10/18/74 HR5641 Land Conveyance New Mexico State University

10/18/74 HR7135 Federal Military and Civilian Personnel Claims

10/18/74 HR7954 Release of Reversionary and Mineral Interests New York State

10/18/74 HR9054 Quitclaim South Carolina Land

10/18/74 HR11537 Conservation on Military and Other Federal Lands

10/20/74 S1794 Disbursing Officers, Certifying Officers and Employees of the Government Printing Office

10/20/74 S2220 Repeal of "Cooley Trade" Laws

10/20/74 HR3903 Land Conveyance Michigan

10/20/74 HR9075 Disposition of Congressional Office Equipment

10/20/74 HR13261 Hungarian Claims

10/22/74 HR11541 Transfers of Wildlife Refuge Rights-of-Way (vetoed)

10/23/74 HR13113 Commodity Futures Trading Commission Act of 1974

10/24/74 S605 Expand Harpers Ferry National Historical Park West Virginia and Maryland

10/24/74 S2348 An Act to Amend the Canal Zone Code

10/24/74 S2362 Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad Compact

10/24/74 HR14597 United States Membership Dues for the International Criminal Police Organization


Box 11 Legislation Case Files

10/24/74 HR15148 Southeast Asia Military Decorations

10/24/74 HR16857 Lease and Transfer of Tobacco Allotments of Quotas, North Carolina

10/26/74 S628 Civil Service Survivor Annuities

10/26/74 S1411 Sisseton‑Wahpeton Sioux Indian Lands North and South Dakota

10/26/74 S1412 Sisseton‑Wahpeton Sioux Indian Lands North and South Dakota

10/26/74 S2840 Foreign Investment Study Act of 1974

10/26/74 S3234 Solar Energy Research Development and Demonstration

10/26/74 S3355 Amend the Controlled Substances Act

10/26/74 S3473 State Department/USIA Authorization Act FY 1975

10/26/74 S3698 International Nuclear Agreements

10/26/74 SJR236 Indemnification for the Metropolitan Museum of Art

10/26/74 SJR250 Regional Rail Reorganization Act Amendments

10/26/74 HR6642 Temporary Suspension of Duty on Bicycle Parts and Accessories

10/26/74 HR11251 Duty‑Free Treatment for Methanol

10/26/74 HR11452 Temporary Suspension of Duty on Crude Feathers and Down

10/26/74 HR11830 Temporary Duty‑Free Treatment of Synthetic Rutile Imports

10/26/74 HR12035 Duty Suspension on Certain Carboxymethyl Cellulose Salts

10/26/74 HR13157 National Park System Omnibus Bill

10/26/74 HR13561 Intercoastal Shipping Act Amendments

10/26/74 HR13631 Temporary Suspension of Duty on Certain Horses

10/26/74 HR14217 National Park System ‑ Appropriation Ceiling Increases and Other Changes

10/26/74 HR15540 Authorization for Appropriations to Regulate Ocean Dumping

10/26/74 HR15643 District of Columbia Public Post‑Secondary Education Reorganization

10/26/74 HR17027 To Amend the National Visitor Center Facilities Act of 1968


Box 12 Legislation Case Files

10/27/74 S355 Motor Vehicle and Schoolbus Safety Amendments of 1974

10/27/74 S3007 Authorizations of Appropriations for the Indian Claims Commission with "Sioux Amendment"

10/27/74 HR15736 Reclamation Development Act of 1974

10/28/74 HR11221 Depository Institutions and Consumer Financial Protection

10/28/74 HR15427 Amtrak Improvement Act of 1974

10/29/74 S1769 Fire Prevention and Control Act

10/29/74 S3792 Export Administration Amendments of 1974

10/29/74 S3838 Debt Obligations and Usury Ceilings


Box 13 Legislation Case Files

10/29/74 HR6624 Relief of Alvin V. Burt Junior and Two Others (vetoed)

10/29/74 HR7768 Relief of Nolan Sharp (vetoed)

10/29/74 HR7780 Extension of Duty Suspension on Certain Silk Yarns

10/29/74 HR12281 Extension of Copper Duty Suspension

10/29/74 HR13342 Farm Labor Contractor Registration Act Amendments of 1974 (vetoed)

10/29/74 HR14225 Amendments to the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Randolph‑Sheppard Act of 1936 (vetoed)

11/26/74 S386 National Transportation Assistance Act of 1974

11/26/74 HR6191 Duty Suspension on Certain Forms of Zinc (vetoed)


Box 14 Legislation Case Files

11/26/74 HR12628 Veterans Education Bill (vetoed)

11/29/74 S3204 Elimination of Sex Discrimination in the Naval Sea Cadet Corps

11/30/74 S1479 Amend the Communications Act of 1934

11/30/74 S2457 Alien Operator Licenses

12/3/74 HR17434 Transfers of Wildlife Refuge Rights-of-Way

12/5/74 S1064 Judicial Disqualification

12/5/74 S2299 Joint Funding Simplification Act of 1974

12/5/74 HR16757 Extension of Emergency Petroleum Allocation Act

12/6/74 S3802 Nuclear Energy Reports

12/6/74 SJR248 Compensation for Nuclear Powered Warship Accidents

12/7/74 S3202 Farm Labor Contractor Registration Act Amendments of 1974

12/7/74 HR342 DC Miscellaneous Omnibus Bill

12/7/74 HR15580 Departments of Labor and HEW and Related Agencies Appropriations

12/7/74 HR17503 Rehabilitation Act and Randolph‑Sheppard Act Amendments


Box 15 Legislation Case Files

12/13/74 S3308 Icebreaking Operations

12/13/74 S3546 Time Extension Bridge Between Illinois and Missouri

12/14/74 S1561 Rename Mansfield Lake Project Indiana

12/14/74 HJR444 Use of Lands in Sequoia National Park by a Power Project

12/16/74 S433 Safe Drinking Water Act

12/17/74 S3537 Willow Creek Oregon Water Resources Project (vetoed)

12/18/74 S1353 Vessel Tonnage Deductions for Waste Materials

12/18/74 S3906 Non‑Pilots as Commanders of Air Force Flying Units

12/19/74 S4016 Nixon Papers and Tapes

12/21/74 S782 Antitrust Procedures and Penalties Act

12/21/74 S4040 Veterans and Survivors Pension Adjustment Act 1974

12/21/74 HR17505 Budget Authority Rescissions

12/22/74 S2193 Increase US Participation in the Asian Development Bank

12/22/74 S2363 Disabled Veterans' and Servicemen's Automotive Adaptive Equipment Amendments of 1974

12/22/74 S3164 Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act of 1974

12/22/74 HR6274 Check Forgery Insurance Fund Extension

12/22/74 HR6925 Land Exchange New Mexico

12/22/74 HR7072 Advance Payment of Subscription Charges

12/22/74 HR7730 San Carlos Mineral Strip Purchases

12/22/74 HR8352 Cascade Head Scenic ‑ Research Area Oregon

12/22/74 HR8824 Land Conveyance to Mrs. Harriet LaPointe Vanderventer

12/22/74 HR10337 Navajo ‑ Hopi Land Settlement


Box 16 Legislation Case Files

12/22/74 HR15818 To Redesignate the National Historical Publications Commission

12/22/74 HR17026 Speakers of the House of Representatives

12/23/74 HR11929 Financing of TVA Pollution Control Expenses (vetoed)

12/23/74 HR14214 Health Revenue Sharing and Health Services Act of 1974 (vetoed)

12/26/74 S2343 Land Conveyance Idaho

12/26/74 SJR234 Transfer of Archives to State of Alaska

12/26/74 SJR263 Depository Insurance and Minting of Coins

12/26/74 HR1355 Railway Equipment to Hawaii

12/26/74 HR5056 Crediting Aviation Midshipman Service

12/26/74 HR8864 Little League Baseball (Click on link to view documents)

12/26/74 HR10834 Golden Gate National Recreation Area

12/26/74 HR11013 Farallon Wilderness and Point Keyes National Seashore

12/26/74 HR14349 Additional Army Deputy Chief of Staff

12/26/74 HR15067 Retroactive Pay Adjustments for Certain Federal Employees

12/26/74 HR16006 Government Shipment of Motor Vehicles and Certain Travel and Transportation Allowances

12/27/74 S3397 Relief of Jose Ismarnardo Reyes‑Morelos

12/27/74 S3578 Relief of Anita Tomasi

12/27/74 S4013 Membership in the American Legion

12/27/74 SJR260 Convening of the First Session of the Ninety‑fourth Congress

12/27/74 HR7077 Cuyahoga Valley National Recreation Area Ohio

12/27/74 HR16136 Military construction Authorization Act 1975

12/27/74 HR16424 Commission on Federal Paperwork

12/27/74 HR16900 First Supplemental Appropriations Act 1975


Box 17 Legislation Case Files

12/30/74 S425 Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act of 1974 (vetoed)

12/30/74 S939 Land Exchange Authority Idaho

12/30/74 S3191 Involuntary Discharge of Certain Army Officer

12/30/74 S3394 Foreign Assistance Act of 1974

12/30/74 SJR224 March of Dimes Birth Defects Prevention Month

12/30/74 HR7978 Trust Lands for Hualapai Tribe Arizona

12/30/74 HR8193 Energy Transportation Security Act of 1974 (vetoed)

12/31/74 S184 Land Conveyance Alaska

12/31/74 S194 Land Conveyance Alaska

12/31/74 S1283 Federal Nonnuclear Energy Research and Development Act of  1974

12/31/74 S1357 Relief of Mary Red Head

12/31/74 S2125 New Mexico Land Interest

12/31/74 S2594 Relief of Jan Sejna

12/31/74 S2838 Relief of Michael D Manemann

12/31/74 S3341 Travel Expenses Amendments Act of 1974 (vetoed)


Box 18 Legislation Case Files

12/31/74 S3418 Privacy Act of 1974

12/31/74 S3489 Teton National Forest Land Exchange Wyoming

12/31/74 S3518 Quiet Title to Certain Land in Nevada

12/31/74 S3574 Land Conveyance Yuma County Arizona

12/31/74 S3615 Arapaho National Forest Land Transfer

12/31/74 S3976 Copyright Legislation

12/31/74 SJR40 White House Conference on Libraries and Other Educational Amendments

12/31/74 HR3538 Relief of Selmer Amundson

12/31/74 HR14401 Military Band Recordings

12/31/74 HR15912 Veterans Housing Act

12/31/74 HR16596 Emergency Jobs and Unemployment Assistance Act of 1974

12/31/74 HR16609 AEC Supplemental Appropriations Authorization Bill

12/31/74 HR16901 Department of Agriculture ‑ Environmental and Consumer Protection Appropriation Act of 1975

12/31/74 HR17597 Emergency Unemployment Compensation Act of 1974

12/31/74 HJR1178 Continuing Appropriations for FY 1975

1/2/75 S521 Trust Land Cheyenne‑Arapaho Tribe Oklahoma

1/2/75 S544 State Lotteries

1/2/75 S663 Judicial Review of Decisions of Interstate Commerce Commission

1/2/75 S1418 Herbert Hoover Education Building

1/2/75 S2149 Benefits to Members of the Coast Guard Reserve


Box 19 Legislation Case Files

1/2/75 S2446 Relief of Charles William Thomas Deceased

1/2/75 S2807 Frank M Scarlett Federal Building

1/2/75 S2888 Trust Land Inter‑Tribal Council Miami Oklahoma

1/2/75 S3289 Land Exchange Washington

1/2/75 S3358 Trust Land Absentee Shawnee Tribe Oklahoma

1/2/75 S3359 Trust Land Pottawatomie Indians Oklahoma

1/2/75 S4073 Extension of Federal Water Pollution Control Act

1/2/75 SJR133 Indian Policy Review Commission

1/2/75 SJR262 Capital Grounds Construction

1/2/75 HR1715 Relief of Paul C Amedeo

1/2/75 HR1820 Land to Arkansas

1/2/75 HR2208 Relief of Faymond W Suchy

1/2/75 HR3203 Relief of Nepty Massao Jones

1/2/75 HR3339 Relief of Delmira DeBow

1/2/75 HR5264 Excess Federal Property in Samoa Guam and the Pacific Trust Territories

1/2/75 HR7599 Trademark Act Amendments

1/2/75 HR7684 Relief of Nicola Lomuscio

1/2/75 HR7767 Relief of Samuel Cabildo Jose

1/2/75 HR8214 Tax Relief for Prisoners of War and Those Missing in Action

1/2/75 HR8322 Relief of William L Cameron, Jr.

1/2/75 HR8591 Appointment of Certain Officers to the Active Lists of the Navy and Marine Corps

1/2/75 HR8958 Disposal of Excess Federal Property on Indian Reservations

1/2/75 HR8981 Trademark Act Amendments

1/2/75 HR9182 Relief of Fernando Labrador del Rosario

1/2/75 HR9199 Patent Law Amendments

1/2/75 HR9588 Relief of the City of Aransas Pass Texas and its Urban Renewal Agency

1/2/75 HR9654 Relief of Aldo Massara

1/2/75 HR10212 Harry S Truman Memorial Veterans Hospital

1/2/75 HR10827 Relief of Kiyonao Okami

1/2/75 HR11847 Relief of Missouri Fire Districts

1/2/75 HR12044 Hensley Lake California

1/2/75 HR12113 General Accounting Office Act of 1974

1/2/75 HR12427 Amend Merchant Marine Act

1/2/75 HR13022 Minimum Grade Standards for Grapes and Plums


Box 20 Legislation Case Files

1/2/75 HR13869 Relief of Carl C Strauss and Mary Ann Strauss

1/2/75 HR14461 Relief of Judith Sterling

1/2/75 HR14600 Panama Canal Company Borrowing Authority

1/2/75 HR14718 Modification of Reporting Requirements

1/2/75 HR15173 Extend the National Wiretap Commission

1/2/75 HR15229 Tort Claims Involving Canal Zone Government in Republic of Panama

1/2/75 HR16045 Extension of Solid Waste Disposal Act

1/2/75 HR16215 Amendment to the Coastal Zone Management Act of 1972

1/2/75 HR17010 Department of Justice Working Capital Fund

1/2/75 HR17450 DC People's Counsel

1/2/75 HR17558 Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation Administrator

1/2/75 HR17628 Holifield National Laboratory

1/2/75 HR17655 Commemorative Medals

1/3/75 S251 Relief of Frank P Mutto

1/3/75 S754 Speedy Trial Act of 1974

1/3/75 S1296 Grand Canyon National Park Enlargement

1/3/75 S3022 Wild and Scenic Rivers Act Amendments

1/3/75 S3433 Eastern Wilderness

1/3/75 S3481 International Air Transportation Fair Competitive Practices Act of 1974

1/3/75 HR421 Duty‑free Treatment of Upholstery Regulators

1/3/75 HR5773 Canaveral National Seashore Florida

1/3/75 HR10701 Deepwater Port Act


Box 21 Legislation Case Files

1/3/75 HR10710 Trade Act of 1974

1/3/75 HR11144 Naval Sea Cadets and Young Marines of the Marine Corps League

1/3/75 HR11273 Federal Noxious Weed Act of 1974

1/3/75 HR11796 CanadaFranceHawaii Telescope Project

1/3/75 HR11802 Name change Granger Dam and Lake

1/3/75 HR12884 Omnibus Wilderness Designations

1/3/75 HR15223 Transportation Safety Act of 1974

1/3/75 HR15322 Name change OC Fisher Dam and Lake

1/3/75 HR16925 Amend Laws of the District of Columbia

1/3/75 HR17468 Military Construction Appropriation Act

1/3/75 HJR1180 Urgent Supplemental Appropriations Act 1975

1/4/75 S356 Product Warranties and Federal Trade Commission Act Amendments

1/4/75 S1017 Indian Self‑Determination and Educational Assistance Act

1/4/75 S1083 Amend Law Relating to Explosives

1/4/75 S2854 National Arthritis Act of 1974


Box 22 Legislation Case Files

1/4/75 S2994 National Health Planning and Resources Development Act

1/4/75 S3548 Harry S Truman Memorial Scholarship Act

1/4/75 S3934 Federal Aid Highway Amendments of 1974

1/4/75 S3943 Agriculture Conservation Program (vetoed)

1/4/75 S4206 Milk Price Support (vetoed)

1/4/75 HR2933 Import Restrictions on Filberts (vetoed)

1/4/75 HR11897 Gerald R Ford Federal Building (vetoed)

1/4/75 HR13296 Maritime Authorization (vetoed)

1/4/75 HR14449 Extension and Modifications of the Economic Opportunity Act

1/4/75 HR14689 Lowell (Mass.) Historic Canal District Commission


Box 23 Legislation Case Files

1/4/75 HR15977 Export‑Import Bank Amendments of 1974

1/4/75 HR17045 Social Services Amendments

1/4/75 HR17085 Nurse Training Act of 1974 (vetoed)

1/8/75 HR510 Land Conveyance Georgia

1/8/75 HR12860 Reimbursement of Memorial Service Expenses

1/24/75 HJR1 Extending Deadlines for Budget and Economic Reports

2/18/75 S58 Compensation and Other Emoluments attached to the Office of the Attorney General

2/19/75 HR1589 Suspension of New Food Stamp Regulation

2/19/75 HR2634 Temporary Increase in Public Debt Limit

2/28/75 S281 Regional Rail Reorganization Act Amendments of 1975

2/28/75 HJR210 Further Urgent Supplemental Appropriations Act 1975

3/4/75 HR1767 Suspension of Oil Import Tariff Authority (vetoed)

3/14/75 HJR219 Continuing Appropriations for FY 1975

3/20/75 HJR258 "Earth Day"

3/21/75 SJR48 Amend the Defense Production Act

3/23/75 S332 Maritime Authorization FY 1975

3/26/75 HR4592 Foreign Assistance and Related Program Appropriation Act of 1975


Box 24 Legislation Case Files

3/29/75 HR2166 Tax Reduction Act of 1975

4/8/75 HR2783 National Insurance Development Act of 1975

4/8/75 HR3260 and HR4075 Budget Authority Rescissions

4/16/75 HJR335 Amend the Commodity Futures Trading Commission Act

4/24/75 HJR375 Veterans Administration Supplemental Appropriation Act 1975

4/25/75 S994 Nuclear Regulatory Commission Supplemental Appropriation Authorization

4/24/75 HJR375 Veterans Administration Supplemental Appropriation Act 1975

5/1/75 HR4296 Emergency Agriculture Act of 1975 (vetoed)

5/2/75 S1310 Special Food Service Program for Children

5/9/75 HJR242 National Historic Preservation Week

5/19/75 S172 Travel Expense Amendments Act of 1975

5/20/75 HR25 Surface Mining Control Reclamation Act (vetoed) (1)‑(3)


Box 25 Legislation Case Files

5/20/75 HR25 Surface Mining Control Reclamation Act (vetoed) (4)‑(5)

5/23/75 HR6755 Indochina Migration and Refugee Assistance Act of 1975

5/23/75 HR6894 Making Appropriations for Special Assistance to Refugees from Cambodia and Vietnam

5/26/75 HR4975 Amtrak Improvement Act of 1975

5/27/75 HR4269 Increase Allowances for Congressional Delegates from Guam and the Virgin Islands

5/28/75 S326 Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands

5/28/75 HR4481 Emergency Employment Appropriation Act 1975 (vetoed)

5/28/75 HR5357 US Travel Service (vetoed)

5/28/75 HR7136 Special Supplemental Food Program for Women Infants and Children

6/4/75 S249 Securities Act Amendments of 1975


Box 26 Legislation Case Files

6/4/75 HR3786 Federal Share of Highway Projects

6/9/75 S1842 Relief of Doctor Arturo Bomolan Dela Rosa

6/10/75 HR4109 Grand Canyon National Park ‑ Wilderness Study

6/12/75 HR5899 Second Supplemental Appropriations Act 1975

6/13/75 SJR92 To Honor America

6/16/75 S1236 Emergency Livestock Credit

6/16/75 HJR492 Urgent Supplemental Appropriations for Summer Youth Employment and Recreation

6/19/75 S818 United Nations Middle East Peacekeeping Forces

6/19/75 HR3109 Annual Authorization of Appropriations Saline Water Program

6/19/75 HR4700 NASA Appropriations Authorization

6/20/75 S441 Availability of Forest Pest Control Funds

6/24/75 HR4485 Emergency Housing Act of 1975 (vetoed)

6/27/75 HJR499 Continuing Appropriations for FY76

6/28/75 SJR94 Temporary Extension of the Defense Production Act and National Commission of Productivity and Work Quality

6/28/75 HR4221 Higher Education "Emergency Technical Provisions Act"

6/28/75 HR6698 Assistance to Repatriated Americans Food Stamp Eligibility for Supplemental Security Income Beneficiaries

6/30/75 HR6900 Emergency Compensation and Special Unemployment Assistance Extension Act of 1975

6/30/75 HR7709 Duty Suspension on Certain Istle Temporary; Postponement of New Child Support Provisions in Social Security Act

6/30/75 HR8030 Temporary Increase in Public Debt Limit


Box 27 Legislation Case Files

7/1/75 HR8109 Protection of Medicaid Eligibility Exemption of Puerto Rico Guam and the Virgin Islands from Certain Medicaid Requirements

7/2/75 HR37 Standard Reference Data Act Appropriation Authorization

7/2/75 HR5398 Emergency Housing Act of 1975

7/2/75 HR6387 90‑day Extension of Federal Insecticide Authority

7/3/75 HR6054 Authorization of Appropriations for the Office of Environmental Quality

7/4/75 SJR98 Twenty‑Four Hour Display of the US Flag at Valley Forge State Park

7/7/75 HR1388 Relief of Guadalupe Villegas Cantu

7/7/75 HR1556 Relief of Hendrika Koenders Lyne

7/7/75 HR2109 Relief of Captain George Moore

7/7/75 HR3382 Relief of Raymond Monroe

7/7/75 HR5217 Coast Guard Authorization

7/7/75 HR1387 Relief of Raul Alvarez Rodriquez

7/8/75 HR1397 Relief of Jacinta Rogue Armstrong‑Perez

7/8/75 HR1408 Relief of Joseph Hoffman

7/8/75 HR1421 Relief of Stephanie Kahn and Barbara Heyman

7/8/75 HR1510 Relief of Steve P Reese

7/8/75 HR1649 Relief of Howard D Harden

7/8/75 HR2119 Relief of Maria Gilda Haro

7/8/75 HR2946 Relief of Mrs. Dorothy Hinck

7/8/75 HR3526 Relief of Randall L Talbot

7/9/75 S2003 US Travel Service Authorization

7/19/75 S1462 Federal Railroad Safety Authorization Act of 1975

7/19/75 HR7405 Payroll Deductions for Deposit to Accounts of House and Senate Employees

7/19/75 SJR100 Secretary of the Senate to Pay Compensation for Phan Thi Yen

7/21/75 HR4035 Petroleum Pricing Review Act (vetoed)

7/24/75 HR5709 Offshore Shrimp Fisheries Act Amendments of 1975

7/25/75 S435 Wheat Marketing Year Change

7/25/75 SJR102 Permit Federally Chartered Savings and Loan Associations to Act as Custodians for Individual Retirement Accounts

7/25/75 HR5710 15‑Month Extension of Marine Protection Research and Sanctuaries Act

7/25/75 HR5901 Education Division and Related Agencies Appropriation Act for 1976 (vetoed)


Box 28 Legislation Case Files

7/25/75 HR6950 Legislative Branch Appropriation Act for 1976

7/26/75 S66 Health Services National Health Services Corps and Nurse Training (vetoed)

7/31/75 SJR41 Reappointment of Thomas J Watson, Jr.

7/31/75 SJR42 Reappointment of John Nicholas Brown

7/31/75 HR6799 Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure Amendments Act

8/5/75 S555 Emergency Loan Program

8/5/75 SJR23 Citizenship for General Robert E. Lee

8/5/75 HR5447 Authorization for the National Advisory Committee on Oceans and Atmosphere

8/5/75 HR5522 Atlantic Tunas Convention Act of 1975

8/5/75 HR7767 Veterans Disability Compensation and Survivors Benefits Act of 1975

8/5/75 HJR560 To Extend the National Commission on Supplies and Shortages

8/6/75 HR6219 Amendments to the Voting Rights of 1965

8/8/75 HR5327 Smithsonian Site on the Mall


Box 29 Legislation Case Files

8/8/75 HR7728 Temporary Duty Suspension on Certain Catalysts of Platinum and Carbon

8/8/75 HR7731 Temporary Duty Suspension on Certain Open‑top Hopper Cars

8/9/75 S409 Council on Wage and Price Stability Act Amendments of 1975

8/9/75 S1531 Tom Steed Reservoir Oklahoma

8/9/75 S1716 Nuclear Regulatory Commission Appropriation Authorization

8/9/75 S2073 Indian Policy Commission Amendments

8/9/75 HR83 Tax Treatment of Distributions to Klamath Indians and Tax Treatment of Tax‑exempt Organizations

8/9/75 HR1553 Relief of Victor Henrique Carlos Gibson

8/9/75 HR2559 Postal Service Occupational Safety and Health Pay Adjustments for Government Officials

8/9/75 HR3130 Preparation of Environmental Impact Statements

8/9/75 HR4241 John C Kluczynski Federal Building

8/9/75 HR4723 National Science Foundation Appropriations Authorization

8/9/75 HR5405 Emergency Carriage of Passengers on Cargo Vessels

8/9/75 HR5884 Council on International Economic Policy Appropriations Authorization

8/9/75 HR7710 Tariff Treatment of Certain Watches Child Support Amendments

8/9/75 HR7716 Temporary Duty Suspensions on Certain Forms of Zinc Copper and Other Metals

8/9/75 HR8564 Extension of Aviation War Risk Insurance

8/9/75 HR8597 Treasury Postal Service and General Government Appropriations Act FY1976


Box 30 Legislation Case Files

8/9/75 HR8714 Increases in Railroad Unemployment and Sickness Benefits

8/9/75 HR9091 Loans to the Virgin Islands for Unemployment Compensation Amendments to the Railroad Retirement Tax Act

9/9/75 S1849 Extension of Emergency Petroleum Allocation Act (vetoed)

9/11/75 SJR125 National Saint Elizabeth Seton Day

9/18/75 S331 Veterans Day on November 11 (1)(Click on link to view documents)

9/18/75 S331 Veterans Day on November 11 (2)(Click on link to view documents)

9/18/75 SJR34 National Hunting and Fishing Day

9/19/75 S907 Smithsonian Support Facilities

9/29/75 HR9524 Extension of Emergency Petroleum Allocation Act

9/30/75 HR9497 Increase Tobacco Price Support (vetoed)

10/1/75 HJR672 Temporary Extension of the Defense Production Act and the National Commission on Productivity and Work Quality

10/2/75 S2270 Increased Authorization for Certain River Basin Plans

10/3/75 HR543 Loans for Certain Water Resource Development Projects

10/3/75 HR1401 Relief of Robert M Johnston

10/3/75 HR4222 National School Lunch and Child Nutrition Act Amendments of 1975 (vetoed)

10/4/75 HR4005 Development Disabilities Amendments of 1975

10/6/75 S2230 Board for International Broadcasting Appropriation Authorization FY1976 and Military Assistance for Turkey

10/7/75 S1247 Military Construction Authorization Act FY 1976


Box 31 Legislation Case Files

10/7/75 HR6674 Department of Defense Appropriation Authorization Act 1976

10/8/75 HR1757 Relief of Plotemia Mabanag Bareng and Bastiana Lilian Mabanag Bareng

10/8/75 HR7715 Temporary Duty Suspension on Certain Dyeing and Tanning Materials

10/10/75 S2375 Extend Appropriation Authorization Federal Insecticide Fungicide and Rodenticide Act

10/13/75 HR9600 Budget Authority Rescission

10/13/75 HJR683 United States Participation in a Sinai Early‑warning System

10/16/75 S1549 To Amend the Federal Rules of Evidence and for Other Purposes

10/16/75 HR5952 Amends Water Resources Planning Act of 1965

10/17/75 S557 Land Transfer Pueblo of Laguna New Mexico

10/17/75 S1327 Submarginal Land Trust for Indians

10/17/75 HR5708 Medals Commemorating Bicentennials of the US Army, Navy, & Marine Corps

10/17/75 HR8070 HUD Independent Agencies Appropriation Act for 1976

10/20/75 S824 JapanUnited States Friendship Act


Box 32 Legislation Case Files

10/21/75 HR6151 The John F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

10/21/75 HR7706 Suspension of Duty on Natural Graphite; Amendments to HEW's Social Services Program

10/21/75 HR8121 Departments of State Justice and Commerce, the Judiciary and Related Agencies Appropriations Act 1976

10/21/75 HR8561 Agriculture and Related Agencies Appropriations Act for 1976

10/22/75 HR8240 Veterans' Administration Physician and Dentist Pay Comparability Act of 1975

11/4/75 HR4799 Rural Electrification Act Amendments

11/12/75 S584 National Guard Technician Retirement Benefits

11/12/75 SJR134 Extending Authority for Direct Purchase by Federal Reserve Banks of United States Obligations

11/13/75 S896 Volunteers in the Parks Program

11/13/75 S1542 Maritime Appropriations Act of 1975

11/13/75 S1649 Gifts for the National Arboretum

11/14/75 S24 Patent Cooperation Treaty

11/14/75 S2667 Extend the Emergency Petroleum Allocation Act of 1973

11/14/75 HR6334 Peace Corps Authorization for FY 1976

11/14/75 HR10585 Temporary Increase in Public Debt Limit

11/24/75 HR8365 DOT and Related Agencies Appropriation Act 1976

11/28/75 S2195 National Productivity and Quality of Working Life Act of 1975

11/28/75 HR2343 George W. Andrews Forestry Sciences Laboratory


Box 33 Legislation Case Files

11/28/75 HR3922 Older Americans Amendments of 1975

11/28/75 HR8841 Extend and Amend the Federal Insecticide Fungicide and Rodenticide Act

11/28/75 HR9472 Tennessee Valley Authority Bond Increase

11/28/75 HR10029 Military Construction Appropriation Act FY 1976

11/29/75 S6 Education for All Handicapped Children Act of 1975

11/29/75 S1517 Foreign Relations Authorization Act FY 1976

11/29/75 HR12 Executive Protective Service (vetoed)

12/9/75 HR6692 General Appropriations Authorization for July 1‑September 30 1976

12/9/75 HR10481 New York City Seasonal Financing Act of 1975

12/12/75 S267 Flat Tops Wilderness Colorado

12/12/75 S1245 Alaska Highway Amendment

12/12/75 HR6971 Consumer Goods Pricing Act of 1975

12/12/75 HR9915 Amendments to the Federal Rules of Procedure and the Rules of Criminal Procedure

12/12/75 HR10027 Forest Service Cooperative Agreements


Box 34 Legislation Case Files

12/15/75 S250 General Federation of Women's Clubs

12/15/75 HR5197 Authorize Foreign and Employment on the Seafreeze Atlantic

12/16/75 S233 Relief of North Central Educational Television Inc

12/16/75 S364 Timber Sale Contracts

12/16/75 S1537 Defense Production Act Amendments of 1975

12/16/75 HR568 Adoption of an Alien Child by an Unmarried US Citizen

12/16/75 HR6669 Authorization for Reclamation Feasibility Studies

12/16/75 HR11027 Amending the Effective Date of the Defense Production Act Amendments of 1975

12/17/75 HR5559 Revenue Adjustment Act (vetoed)

12/18/75 HR10647 First Supplemental Appropriations Act for 1976

12/19/75 HR8069 Department of Labor and Health Education and Welfare Appropriation Act 1976 (vetoed)

12/20/75 S55 Relief of Dino Mendoza Pascua

12/20/75 S605 Relief of Heung Soon Kim

12/20/75 S1653 Relief of Sun Yang Kim and Sun Mi Kim

12/20/75 S1800 Arts and Artifacts Indemnity Act

12/20/75 HJR733 Extension of Continuing Appropriations for FY76

12/20/75 HR2724 Father Marquette National Memorial Michigan


Box 35 Legislation Case Files

12/20/75 HR9005 International Development and Food Assistance Act of 1975

12/20/75 HR9883 Lyndon Baines Johnson Memorial Grove on the Potomac

12/22/75 S622 Energy Policy and Conservation Act

12/23/75 S313 Land Exchange Guadalupe Mountains National Park Texas

12/23/75 S447 Relief of Jesus Cortez Pineda

12/23/75 S848 Mobile Home Loan Ceilings and Other Housing Amendments

12/23/75 S1922 Touchet Division Walla Walla Project Oregon & Washington

12/23/75 S2757 National Wiretap Commission

12/23/75 HR1535 Annuity Increases for Lighthouse Widows

12/23/75 HR1753 Census Enumeration Plans

12/23/75 HR2110 Relief of Joyce Ann Farrior and Sarah E. Farrior

12/23/75 HR4865 Use of Franked Mail

12/23/75 HR6642 Allotments from Civil Service Annuities

12/23/75 HR6851 Annuity Increase for Former Lighthouse Service Employees


Box 36 Legislation Case Files

12/23/75 HR7976 Restoration of Certain Annual Leave to Federal Employees

12/23/75 HR8151 Brigadier General Charles E Yeager Medal

12/23/75 HR8674 Metric Conversion Act of 1975

12/23/75 HR8773 Department of Interior and Related Agencies Appropriation Act 1976

12/23/75 HR9924 National Women's Conference

12/23/75 HR9968 Revenue Adjustment Act of 1975

12/23/75 HR10355 Veterans and Survivors Pension Interim Adjustment Act of 1975

12/23/75 HR10555 Relief of Mrika Mrnacaja

12/26/75 HR8122 Public Works Appropriation Act

12/27/75 HR6874 Small Reclamation Projects

12/31/75 S322 Hells Canyon National Recreation Area Oregon and Idaho

12/31/75 S1281 Depository Institutions


Box 37 Legislation Case Files

12/31/75 S2350 National Security Council Membership for the Secretary of the Treasury (vetoed)

12/31/75 SJR157 Amendment to the Flood Disaster Protection Act of 1975

12/31/75 HR3474 Energy Research and Development Administration Authorization

12/31/75 HR4016 Sac and Fox Indians Judgement Funds Distribution Act

12/31/75 HR4073 Regional Development Act of 1975

12/31/75 HR4287 Law Clerks for the DC Court of Appeals

12/31/75 HR4573 Time Limits for Civil Service Retirement Annuities

12/31/75 HR5541 Small Business Emergency Relief Act

12/31/75 HR6461 Public Broadcasting Financing Act of 1975

12/31/75 HR7862 Revision of Farm Credit Eligibility Standards

12/31/75 HR8304 National Reading Improvement Act Amendments

12/31/75 HR8631 Price‑Anderson Act Amendments

12/31/75 HR10035 Judicial Conference of the District of Columbia

12/31/75 HR10284 Medicare Amendments

12/31/75 HR10792 Relief of Jana Hlavaty

12/31/75 HR11016 Renegotiation Act Extension

12/31/75 HR11172 Federal Maritime Commissioner

12/31/75 HR11184 Executive Protective Service


Box 38 Legislation Case Files

12/31/75 HJR749 Dates for Convening of 94th Congress 2nd Session and for Transmission of the 1977 Budget and 1976 Economic Report

1/2/76 S95 Overseas Voting Rights Act of 1975

1/2/76 S1469 Amend Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971

1/2/76 S2327 Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act Amendments of 1975

1/2/76 HR5900 Common Situs Picketing Bill (vetoed)

1/2/76 HR6673 American Folklife Preservation Act

1/2/76 HR10722 Social Security Act Appeals and Administrative Matters

1/30/76 SJR121 Milk Price Support (vetoed)

2/4/76 HR11510 Emergency Blackbird Control in Kentucky and Tennessee

2/4/76 HJR406 Presentation by the United States of a Statue to Israel

2/5/76 S1657 National Portrait Gallery Act Amendment


Box 39 Legislation Case Files

2/5/76 S2718 Railroad Revitalization and Regulatory Reform Act of 1976

2/6/76 S1847 101st Airborne Division Memorial

2/9/76 HR9861 Department of Defense Appropriation Act 1976

2/6/76 HR508 Authority for Certain Defense Employees to Administer Oaths

2/13/76 HR1399 Relief of Maria Del Carmen Alvardo Martinez

2/13/76 HR1758 Relief of Terrence Jarome Caguiat

2/13 HR4046 Relief of Valerie Ann Phillips nee Chambers

2/13/76 HR4113 Relief of Mitsue Karimata Stone

2/13/76 HR4939 Relief of Manuel Bonotan


Box 40 Legislation Case Files

2/13/76 HR5247 Public Works Employment Act of 1975 (vetoed)

2/13/76 HR5750 Relief of Chu Wol Kim

2/13/76 HR8451 Relief of Jung Shik Yang

2/13/76 HR8555 Relief of Angel Padar Cabal

2/13/76 HR8907 Relief of Yong Won Lee

2/16/76 HR8529 Rice Production Act of 1975

2/16/76 SJR167 Amendments to the Railroad Revitalization and Regulatory Reform Act of 1976

2/17/76 HR5608 Wetlands Loan Extension

2/27/76 S270 Removal of Restrictions on Airport Property in Elkhart, Kansas

2/27/76 S2672 Extending the State Taxation of Depositories Act

2/27/76 SJR154 White House Conference on Handicapped Individuals

2/27/76 HR5512 National Wildlife Refuge System Administration Act Amendments

2/27/76 HR6184 Compensation of Referees in Bankruptcy

2/27/76 HR6949 Wilma Rudolph Film

2/27/76 HR11645 Providing Authorization for the Library of Congress Madison Building

2/27/76 HJR784 Amending the Effective Date of Certain Defense Production Act

3/4/76 S2117 Grade of the Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps and Certain Disability Retirement Determinations

3/9/76 HJR811 Supplemental Legislative Branch Appropriations 1976

3/11/76 SJR59 International Petroleum Exposition

3/11/76 S151 Reclamation Authorization Act of 1975

3/15/76 S1617 Agricultural Pest Control

3/15/76 HR5727 Parole Commission and Reorganization Act

3/15/76 HR7824 Agricultural Census

3/15/76 HR11045 Rehabilitation Act Extension of 1976


Box 41 Legislation Case Files

3/15/76 HR11893 Temporary Increase in Public Debt Ceiling

3/17/76 HR4979 Chickasaw National Recreation Area Oklahoma

3/17/76 HR8508 Removal of Restrictions on Airport Property in Camden Arkansas

3/19/76 S2017 Amendments to the Drug Abuse Office and Treatment Act of 1972

3/19/76 HR11700 Tax Status of 5 New York City Employee Pension Funds

3/19/76 HR6516 Equal Credit Opportunity Act Amendments of 1976

3/23/76 HR8835 Consumer Leasing Act of 1976

3/23/76 HR12193 National Study Commission Authorization

3/24/76 HR1313 Removal of Restrictions on Airport Property Rolla Missouri

3/24/76 HR2575 Removal of Restrictions on Airport Property Algona Iowa

3/24/76 HR3440 Removal of Restrictions on Airport Property Grand Junction Colorado

3/24/76 HR9617 Removal of Restrictions on Airport Property Alva Oklahoma

3/24/76 HJR549 Northern Mariana Islands‑Commonwealth Status

3/25/76 S1545 Peanut Allotment Transfers

3/25/76 SJR184 Regional Rail Reorganization Act Amendments

3/25/76 HR4034 Jerry L Pettis Memorial Veterans Hospital

3/25/76 HR11665 Rescission of Budget Authority

3/29/76 S6111 Relief of Southeastern University of the District of Columbia


Box 42 Legislation Case Files

3/29/76 HR9570 Disposal of Carbonyl Chloride by the Defense Department

3/30/76 HJR801 Supplemental Railroad Appropriations for 1976

3/31/76 HR12490 Tax Treatment of ConRail Transfer

3/31/76 HJR857 Further Extension of Continuing Appropriations

4/1/76 HR3427 Charles Carroll Medals

4/1/76 HR8507 Per Diem Allowance for Members of the American Battle Monuments Commission

4/1/76 HR12122 Appropriation Authorization for the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands

4/5/76 HR49 Naval Petroleum Reserves Production Act of 1976

4/5/76 HR6346 Rural Development Act Research and Development Activities

4/6/76 HR9803 Child Day Care Services under Title XX of the Social Security Act (vetoed)

4/8/76 HR10624 Bankruptcy Act Amendments

4/11/76 S3060 National Study Commission on Records and Documents of Federal Officials

4/11/76 HR1466 To Convey Certain Federally Owned Land to the Twenty‑nine Palms Park and Recreation District

4/12/76 HR8617 Federal Employees Political Activities Act of 1976 (vetoed)

4/13/76 S2920 Thomas Jefferson Building

4/13/76 HR200 Fishery Conservation and Management Act of 1976


Box 43 Legislation Case Files

4/13/76 HR4941 Relief of Oscar H Barnett

4/13/76 HJR670 Thomas Jefferson Day

4/15/76 HR12725 Tax‑free Rollover for Terminated Retirement Plans

4/15/76 HJR890 Emergency Supplemental Appropriations 1976

4/16/76 S719 Renewal of Sons of the American Legion Patent

4/16/76 S720 Renewal of American Legion Patent

4/16/76 S721 Renewal of American Legion Auxilliary Patent

4/16/76 S804 Relief of Zoraida E Lastimosa

4/16/76 S832 Relief of Kristen Marisal Kneebone

4/16/76 S2308 Bristol Cliffs Wilderness Area Vermont

4/16/76 S3108 Energy Research and Development Administration Authorization

4/16/76 SJR101 National Family Week

4/21/76 S3056 Guatemala Relief and Rehabilitation Act of 1976

4/21/76 SJR35 National Employ the Older Worker Week

4/21/76 S2444 Fiscal Year Transition Act

4/21/76 S2445 Fiscal Year Adjustment Act

4/21/76 HR1465 Division of Asset Certain California Indians

4/21/76 HR1598 United States Information Agency Authorization Act FY 1976

4/21/76 HJR491 Allen J Ellander Fellowship

4/22/76 S1941 Animal Welfare Act

4/22/76 HR7988 Health Research and Health Services Amendments of 1976

4/26/76 HR8235 Highway Construction and Safety Amendments


Box 44 Legislation Case Files

5/5/76 HR8235 Highway Construction and Safety Amendments (as corrected)

5/7/76 S2662 International Security Assistance and Arms Export Control Act (vetoed)

5/7/76 HR12226 Peace Corps Authority for FY 1977

5/11/76 S644 Consumer Product Safety Commission Improvements Act of 1976

5/11/76 S3065 Federal Election Campaign Act Amendments of 1976

5/11/76 HR10230 National Science and Technology Policy Organization and Priorities Act of 1976

5/12/76 HR11876 Amendments to the Water Resources Planning Act as Amended


Box 45 Legislation Case Files

5/13/76 HR2782 Oil and Gas Lease Reinstatement

5/14/76 S2115 Reserve Call‑up Authority

5/21/76 S3031 Relief of Bernardo de Galvez

5/21/76 HR12018 Helen Keller National Center for Deaf‑Blind Youths and Adults

5/22/76 S2619 Interest Adjustment on Library of Congress Trust Funds

5/22/76 S2620 Interest Adjustment on Library of Congress Trust Funds

5/22/76 S3107 Nuclear Regulatory Commission Appropriation Authorization

5/22/76 HR2776 Relief of Candido Badua

5/22/76 HR4038 Relief of Jennifer Ann Blum

5/22/76 HR5227 Relief of Frank Mark Russell

5/22/76 HR8863 Relief of Randy E Crismundo

5/27/76 HR8957 Civil Rights Commission Authorization Act of 1976

5/27/76 HR12216 Domestic Volunteer Service Act Amendments of 1976

5/28/76 S510 Medical Device Amendments of 1976

5/28/76 HR7656 Beef Research and Information Act

5/29/76 S1494 Relief of Paul W Williams

5/29/76 S2129 The Indian Crimes Act of 1976

5/29/76 S3399 Conveyance of Land to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts


Box 46 Legislation Case Files

5/29/76 HR2279 Relief of Mrs Louise G Whalen

5/29/76 HR8089 Per Diam Expenses of Members of the Uniformed Services

5/29/76 HR11619 Authorize Appropriations for the Council on Environmental Quality

5/29/76 HR12527 1976 Federal Trade Commission Authorization

5/31/76 HR5272 Appropriation Authorization Noise Control Act of 1972

5/31/76 HR9721 Increased US Participation in the Inter‑American Development Bank and Initial US Participation in the African Development Bank

6/1/76 HR1372 Second Supplemental Appropriations Act for 1976

6/3/76 S2679 Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe

6/4/76 S2498 Amendments to Small Business and Small Business Investment Acts

6/4/76 HR8789 Establishment of a Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority Police Force

6/4/76 HR12132 Extension of District of Columbia Medical and Dental Manpower Act of 1970

6/4/76 HR12453 National Aeronautics and Space Administration Authorization Act 1977


Box 47 Legislation Case Files

6/5/76 HR9630 Educational Broadcasting Facilities and Telecommunications Demonstration Act Extension of 1976

6/10/76 S223 Relief of Angela Garza and her son Manuel Aguilar

6/11/76 S52 Relief of Six Members of the Quijano Family

6/15/76 S1699 Relief of Mrs Hope Namgyal

6/15/76 HR11438 Court Leave for Federal Employees

6/16/76 HJR92 Statistics for Americans of Spanish Origin or Descent

6/21/76 S532 Wool Act Payments

6/21/76 S2760 Amendments to the Indochina Migration and Refugees Assistance Act of 1975

6/21/76 S3187 Extend Appropriation Authorization for National Commission on New Technological Uses of Copyrighted Works

6/21/76 SJR168 Reappointment James Webb to Board of Regents of Smithsonian Institution

6/22/76 HR11559 Appropriation Authorization for the Saline Water Conversion Program for FY 1977

6/23/76 S1466 National Consumer Health Information and Health Promotion Act of 1976

6/25/76 S18 Control of the African Honeybee

6/25/76 S3161 Erection of Certain Flagpoles on Capitol Grounds

6/25/76 SJR201 Dredging for Operation Sail

6/29/76 HR10268 Release of Names and Addresses by the Veterans Administration

6/30/76 S98 Klondike Goldrush National Historical Park Alaska

6/30/76 S2529 Veterans Housing Amendments Act of 1976

6/30/76 S3122 Appropriations Authorizations Endangered Species Act of 1973

6/30/76 S3147 Appropriations Authorization Marine Protection Research and Sanctuaries Act

6/30/76 S3475 Display of Historical Documents in Capitol

6/30/76 S3625 Extension of the Federal Energy Administration Act of 1974

6/30/76 SJR203 Higher Education Emergency Technical Provisions Act of 1976


Box 48 Legislation Case Files

6/30/76 HR10051 Extension of 1976 Tax Withholding Rates and for Other Purposes

6/30/76 HR12203 Foreign Assistance and Related Programs Appropriation Act 1976

6/30/76 HR13680 International Security Assistance and Arms Export Control Act of 1976

6/30/76 HR13965 District of Columbia Appropriation Act 1976

6/30/76 HR14114 Temporary Increase in Public Debt Limit

6/30/76 HJR726 National Bicentennial Highway Safety Year

7/1/76 S2847 Translator Broadcast Station Operations

7/1/76 S2945 National Museum of Smithsonian Institution

7/2/76 HR12384 Military Construction Authorization Act FY 1977 (vetoed)

7/3/76 S391 Federal Coal Leasing Act of 1975 (vetoed)

7/4/76 HR5621 Establish Valley Forge National Park Pennsylvania


Box 49 Legislation Case Files

7/5/76 S2853 Emergency Food Stamp Vendor Accountability Act of 1976

7/5/76 SJR196 Honoring James Smithson

7/6/76 S3201 Public Works Employment Act of 1976 (vetoed)

7/6/76 HR5630 Federal Boat Safety Act Authorization

6/7/76 HR11439 Health Insurance Coverage for Certain Civil Service Survivor Annuities

7/6/76 HR12188 Community Services Act Technical Amendments of 1976

7/6/76 HR13380 Appropriation Authorization for Fisheries Development Program

7/7/76 SJR Display and Use of the Flag of the US

7/7/76 HR12567 Authorizing Appropriations for the Federal Fire Prevention and Control Act of 1974 (vetoed)

7/8/76 HR8471 Use of Alcoholic Beverages in the Panama Canal Zone

7/8/76 HR9291 National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act Amendments

7/8/76 HR11804 Federal Railroad Safety Authorization Act of 1976

7/8/76 HR12545 River Basin Monetary Authorization Act of 1976

7/8/76 HR13899 Delaying Effective Date of Certain Rules of Criminal and Judicial Procedure

7/12/76 S229 Endangered Species Act Amendments

7/12/76 S268 Eagles West Wilderness Colorado


Box 50 Legislation Case Files

7/12/76 S3168 Foreign Relations Authorization Act FY 1977

7/12/76 HR5666 Relief of Hys‑Yun Won

7/12/76 HR7792 Alpine Lakes Area Management Act of 1976

7/12/76 HR9771 Airport and Airway Development Act Amendment of 1976

7/12/76 HR10451 Nuclear Career Incentive Act of 1975

7/12/76 HR10572 Amending the Definition of "City" for Tax Purposes

7/12/76 HR13069 Loans to the Unemployment Fund of the Virgin Islands

7/12/76 HR14236 Public Works for Water and Power Development and Energy Research, Appropriation Act of 1977

7/12/76 HR14237 Agriculture and Related Agencies Appropriations Act 1977

7/13/76 S811 Horse Protection Act Amendments of 1976

7/14/76 S1518 Motor Vehicle Information and Cost Savings Act Amendments of 1976


Box 51 Legislation Case Files

7/14/76 HR1404 Relief of Lucille Jones

7/14/76 HR4829 Relief of Leah Maureen Anderson

7/14/76 HR10930 Cotton Research and Promotion Program

7/14/76 HR12438 Department of Defense Appropriation Authorization Act 1977

7/14/76 HR14239 Departments of State Justice and Commerce the Judiciary and Related Agencies Appropriation Act of 1977

7/14/76 HR14261 Treasury Postal Service and General Government Appropriation Act 1977

7/14/76 HR14484 Extension of Certain Temporary Provisions under the Supplemental Security Income and Child Support Programs

7/16/76 HR13501 Medicare Extension Amendments

7/16/76 HR14235 Military Construction Appropriation Act FY 1977

7/26/76 S586 Coastal Zone Management Act Amendments of 1976


Box 52 Legislation Case Files

7/26/76 S3184 Comprehensive Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism Prevention Treatment and Rehabilitation Act Amendments of 1976

7/31/76 HR11504 Negotiated Shipbuilding Contracting Act of 1976

7/31/76 HR13308 Aviation War Risk Insurance Extension

7/31/76 HR14231 Department of Interior and Related Agencies Appropriation Act 1977

8/3/76 S2447 Exemption of Members of Congress from State Income Taxes (vetoed)

8/3/76 HR3295 Housing Authorities Act of 1976

8/4/76 S2054 Communications Act Amendments

8/6/76 HR1558 Relief of Dr Gernot Winkler

8/6/76 HR2943 Relief of the Estate of James J Caldwell

8/6/76 HR7685 Relief of Mildred N Crumley

8/9/76 HR1762 Relief of Mrs Lessie Edwards

8/9/76 HR14233 Department of Housing and Urban Development Independent Agencies Appropriation Act 1977

8/10/76 HR14514 Cashout of Food Stamps for Supplemental Security Income Beneficiaries in California

8/12/76 S537 Three‑judge Courts

8/12/76 S3589 Norris Cotton Building

8/12/76 S3735 National Swine Flu Immunization Program of 1976 (Click on link to view documents)

8/12/76 HR5360 Detention Payments for Civilians Interned in Southeast Asia

8/13/76 S1526 Boundary Waters Canoe Area Minnesota

8/13/76 HR12944 Six Month Extension of the Federal Insecticide Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (vetoed)


Box 53 Legislation Case Files

8/14/76 S1689 Amendments to the Pennsylvania Avenue Development Corporation Act of 1976

8/14/76 HR1394 Relief of Suk Chin and Hae Suk Chin

8/14/76 HR1395 Relief of Mee Kyung Cho and Hee Kyung Cho

8/14/76 HR1396 Relief of Sang Kook Chung and Hwa Soon Chung

8/14/76 HR1397 Relief of Ae Sook Song and Mi Yun Lee

8/14/76 HR1425 Relief of Juliet Elizabeth Tozzi

8/14/76 HR1507 Relief of Marisa Marzano

8/14/76 HR1645 Relief of Kevin Patrick Saunders

8/14/76 HR2118 Relief of Cheryl V Camacho

8/14/76 HR2278 Relief of Mrs Mary Saxton (Mary Nuku)

8/14/76 HR2399 Relief of Leonard Alfred Brownrigg

8/14/76 HR2411 Relief of Alinor Anvari Adams

8/14/76 HR2495 Relief of Malgorzata Kuzniarek Czapowski

8/14/76 HR2502 Relief of Peter Olav Mesikepp

8/14/76 HR2565 Relief of Luisa Marillac Hughes Marco Antonio Hughes Maria del Cisne Hughes Maria Augusta Hughes and Ivan Hughes

8/14/76 HR2940 Relief of Maria Sylvia Marcias Elliott

8/14/76 HR2941 Relief of Susan Rosemary Harwood

8/14/76 HR3372 Relief of Tze Tsun Li

8/14/76 HR4053 Relief of Roderic Patrick Stafford

8/14/76 HR5052 Relief of Yolanda E Vez

8/14/76 HR5500 Relief of Refael Strochlitz Wurzel

8/14/76 HR5648 Relief of Violetta Cebreros

8/14/76 HR6093 Relief of Maria D'Arpino

8/14/76 HR6392 Relief of Koviljka C Clendenen

8/14/76 HR6687 Relief of Doo Hoon Park

8/14/76 HR7404 Relief of Christine Donnelly

8/14/76 HR7494 Relief of Luigi Santaniello

8/14/76 HR7882 Relief of Miss Leonor Young

8/14/76 HR7908 Relief of Edward Drag

8/14/76 HR8557 Relief of Carmen Thomas

8/14/76 HR8695 Relief of Eugene Homsy Phillips

8/14/76 HR10076 Relief of Mrs Kazwko Sallion

8/14/76 HR11076 Relief of Ok Ja Choi

8/14/76 HR12169 Energy Conservation and Production Act

8/14/76 HR13121 District of Columbia Code


Box 54 Legislation Case Files

8/14/76 HR14234 Department of Transportation and Related Agencies Appropriation Act 1977

8/14/76 HJR738 Tule Elk Preservation California

8/19/76 S2642 Ninety‑Six National Historic Site South Carolina

8/19/76 HR1402 Relief of John W Hollis

8/19/76 HR5752 Relief of Lucie Stein

8/19/76 HR6156 Relief of Walma T Thompson

8/19/76 HR7896 Settlement of Certain International Claims

8/19/76 HR9414 Relief of TV Facts Rochester NY

8/19/76 HR9965 Relief of the Boulder Daily Camera Boulder Colorado

8/19/76 HR10374 Membership on National Archives Trust Fund Board

8/19/76 HR13359 Financial Assistance for the Virgin Islands

9/3/76 S3435 Privacy Protection Study Commission

9/3/76 HR3052 Extension of 1976 Tax Withholding Rates and Tax Treatment of Options to Buy or Sell Securities

9/3/76 HR3650 Reemployed Annuitants

9/4/76 HR10370 Canaveral National Seashore Florida

9/4/76 HR11009 District of Columbia Financial Systems Audit

9/4/76 HR13679 Guam Power Authority Guarantee

9/7/76 S3542 Teton Dam Disaster Assistance

9/7/76 HR12261 District of Columbia Criminal Laws

9/7/76 HR12455 Child Day Care and Social Services Amendments

9/9/76 HR9153 New Hampshire Vermont Interstate Sewage Waste Disposal


Box 55 Legislation Case Files

9/10/76 S2145 Indochina Refugee Children Assistance Act of 1975

9/10/76 S3779 Relief of Mrs David C Davis

9/10/76 HR11481 Maritime Appropriation Authorization Act of FY 1977

9/10/76 HR11670 1977 Coast Guard Appropriations

9/11/76 HR13372 Wild and Scenic Rivers Act Amendment

9/11/76 HR15371 Protection of the Spouses of Major Presidential and Vice Presidential Nominees

9/13/76 S5 Government in the Sunshine Act

9/13/76 S2862 Authorizing Appropriations for the Federal Fire Prevention and Control Act of 1974

9/13/76 HR8410 Livestock Packer Bonding

9/13/76 HR8800 Electronic and Hybrid Vehicle Research Development and Demonstration Act of 1976 (vetoed)

9/14/76 HR3884 National Emergencies Act

9/17/76 S217 Repeal of Certain Condemnation Authority Concerning Indian Lands

9/17/76 HR5071 Extension of Present Tax Withholding Rates and Maintenance of Common Trust Fund by Affiliated Banks

9/17/76 HR6622 Repair of the Del City Aqueduct Oklahoma


Box 56 Legislation Case Files

9/21/76 HR3669 Interest Adjustment on National Gallery of Art Loan Fund

9/21/76 HR10394 Federal Payment to State Veterans' Homes

9/22/76 HR14262 Department of Defense Appropriation Act 1977

9/23/76 HR9811 William S Middleton Memorial Hospital

9/24/76 HR5465 Special Retirement Benefits for non‑Indian Employees of the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Indian Health Service (vetoed)

9/24/76 HR8603 Postal Reorganization Act Amendments of 1976

9/24/76 HR13655 Automotive Transport Research and Development Act of 1976 (vetoed)

9/28/76 S327 Land and Water Conservation Fund Amendments

9/28/76 S2004 Land Conveyance Oklahoma

9/28/76 S2184 Olympic Winter Games Authorization Act of 1976

9/28/76 S2286 Land Conveyance New Mexico

9/28/76 S2371 Regulation of Mining within the National Park System


Box 57 Legislation Case Files

9/28/76 S3283 The Reclamation Authorization Act of 1976

9/28/76 HR3348 VA Exchange of Medical Information Program

9/28/76 HR14973 International Tijuana River Flood Control Project

9/28/76 HR15139 Habeas Corpus Rules

9/29/76 HR366 Public Safety Officers' Benefits Act of 1976

9/29/76 HR14232 Departments of Labor and Health Education and Welfare and Related Agencies Appropriation Act 1977 (vetoed)

9/30/76 S522 Indian Health Care Improvement Act

9/30/76 S2511 Land Conveyance Idaho

9/30/76 HR8532 Hart‑Scott‑Rodino Antitrust Improvements Act of 1976 (1)


Box 58 Legislation Case Files

9/30/76 HR8532 Hart‑Scott‑Rodino Antitrust Amendments Act of 1976 (2)‑(5)

9/30/76 HR13325 Supplemental authorizations for the US Railway Association

9/30/76 HR14298 Veterans and Survivors Pension Adjustment Act of 1976

9/30/76 HR14846 Military Construction Authorization Act FY 1977

9/30/76 HJR1096 Supplemental Appropriations for the Department of Defense and for Other Purposes for TQ and FY/76 1977

10/1/76 S1404 Relief of Mrs Kyong Chu Stout

10/1/76 S1477 Relief of Beatrice Serrano‑Toledo

10/1/76 S1787 Relief of Maria Lisa F Manalo and Rogena R Manalo

10/1/76 S2090 Authorizing Benefits Under the Retired Serviceman's Family Protection Plan to Survivors of Certain Deceased Reservists

10/1/76 S2220 Reinstate an Oil and Gas Lease New Mexico

10/1/76 S2481 Relief of Oscar Rene Hernandez Rustrian

10/1/76 S2668 Relief of Arturo Monreno Hernandez

10/1/76 S2770 Relief of Anthony Augustus Daley and Beverly Evelyn Daley

10/1/76 S2830 Relief of Gary A Broyles

10/1/76 S2956 Relief of Teresa Maria Solman

10/1/76 S3052 Training for Dependents of Certain USDA Employees

10/1/76 S3095 Gold Labeling Act of 1976


Box 59 Legislation Case Files

10/1/76 HR589 Relief of Santa Ynez Water Conservation District

10/1/76 HR11149 National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution

10/1/76 HR12987 Emergency Jobs Program Extension Act of 1976

10/1/76 HR14238 Legislative Branch Appropriation Act 1977

10/1/76 HR14260 Foreign Assistance and Related Programs Appropriation Act 1977

10/1/76 HR15068 Emergency Lease and Transfer of Tobacco Allotments

10/1/76 HR15193 District of Columbia Appropriation Act 1977

10/1/76 HR15194 Public Works Employment Appropriations Act

10/2/76 S2322 Relief of Lee Mee Sun

10/2/76 HR11321 Temporary Duty Suspension on Certain Elbow Prostheses

10/2/76 HR11722 Deprivation of Employment on Account of Political Contribution

10/2/76 HR11997 Bank Holding Company Tax Act of 1976

10/2/76 HR13549 Provide Additional Income for the US Soldiers' and Airmen's Home

10/4/76 S3651 Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act Amendments

10/4/76 HR7832 Relief of Mrs. Janette Flores Byrne

10/4/76 HR10434 Relief of Dr Carlos Montenegro‑Gorbitz and their son Carlos Gorbitz‑Olguin

10/4/76 HR10612 Tax Reform Act of 1976 (1)‑(2)


Box 60 Legislation Case Files

10/4/76 HR10612 Tax Reform Act of 1976 (3)‑(8)

10/5/76 S866 Relief of Patrick Andre Tasselin

10/5/76 S3734 To Approve the Sale of Certain Naval Vessels

10/5/76 HR4583 Relief of Rosina C Beltran

10/5/76 HR5503 Relief of Danina Mamuad

10/5/76 HR7624 Relief of Jacinto Vazguez Camacho

10/7/76 S3430 Improving the Administration of the National Park System

10/8/76 S2981 Appropriation Authorization for the Indian Claims Commission for FY 1977

10/8/76 S3146 Relief of Leo J Conway

10/8/76 S3380 Relief of Mary Vance Trent

10/8/76 S3485 Relief of Orlando Garzon

10/8/76 S3843 Philip A Hart Visitors' Center

10/8/76 HR3954 Defense Medical Personnel Malpractice Liability Protection Act

10/8/76 HR9019 Health Maintenance Organization Amendments of 1976

10/8/76 HR10339 Farmer‑to‑Consumer Direct Marketing Act of 1976

10/8/76 HR10793 Relief of Afat Yassine and her Children Najla Walid Mona and Maher

10/8/76 HR11890 Relief of Benard Julian Phillips


Box 61 Legislation Case Files

10/8/76 HR12831 Relief of Mo Chong‑Pu

10/8/76 HR12838 Arts Humanities and Cultural Affairs Act of 1976

10/8/76 HR13035 Sea Grant Programs Improvement Act of 1976

10/8/76 HR13374 Minnesota River Valley National Wildlife Refuge

10/8/76 HR15552 Prevention and Punishment of Crimes Against Internationally Protected Persons

10/9/76 HR5446 International Navigational Rules Act of 1976 (vetoed)

10/11/76 S14 Cost‑of Living Adjustment for Retired Territorial Judges

10/11/76 S1971 Terry Schrunk Plaza

10/11/76 S2618 Relief of Chea Hyo Suk

10/11/76 S2839 International Investment Survey Act of 1976

10/11/76 S2942 Relief of Kenrick Withington Brookes

10/11/76 S2991 Hazardous Materials Transportation Act Amendments of 1976

10/11/76 S3050 Coast Guard Overseas Leasing Authority

10/11/76 S3149 Toxic Substances Control Act Authority

10/11/76 S3757 Relief of Walter Louis Moritz Lacqueur and his wife Barbara August Helen Koch Lacqueur

10/11/76 HR7108 Environmental Research Development and Demonstration Authorization Act of 1976

10/11/76 HR8119 Relief of Fernando Alves Macos

10/11/76 HR11199 Relief of Hollis Anthony Millet

10/11/76 HR11407 Admission of Foreign Nationals to the Coast Guard Academy

10/11/76 HR12118 National Transportation Safety Board Authorization


Box 62 Legislation Case Files

10/11/76 HR12168 Natural Gas Pipeline Safety Act Amendments of 1976

10/11/76 HR12566 National Science Foundation Authorization Act 1977

10/11/76 HJR519 Providing for the Promotion of George Washington

10/11/76 HJR1008 National Volunteer Fireman Week

10/11/76 HJR1105 Continuing Appropriations for FY 1977

10/12/76 S1414 Commercial Fisheries Research and Development Act Amendments

10/12/76 S1506 Wild and Scenic River Designations

10/12/76 S2228 Public Works and Economic Development Act Amendments of 1976

10/12/76 S2657 Education Amendments of 1976

10/12/76 S3035 Relief of Alice W Olson Lisa Olson Hayward Eric Olson and Nils Olson

10/12/76 S3790 Relief of Camilla A Hester (vetoed)

10/12/76 SJR181 Freedom Bell

10/12/76 HR5546 Health Professions Educational Assistance Act of 1976 (1)


Box 63 Legislation Case Files

10/12/76 HR5546 Health Professions Educational Assistance Act of 1976 (2)‑(3)

10/13/76 S3383 National Weather Modification Policy Act of 1976

10/13/76 HR4654 Relief of Day's Sportswear Incorporated (vetoed)

10/13/76 HR13367 State and Local Fiscal Assistance Amendments of 1976

10/13/76 HR15246 Service Contract Amendments of 1976

10/14/76 S3441 Preservation of Congressional Cemetery

10/14/76 SJR126 Extension of the Interstate Compact to Conserve Oil and Gas

10/14/76 SJR209 Native American Awareness Week

10/14/76 HR71 Medical Care for Certain Members of Allied Wartime Forces

10/14/76 HR8027 Relief of Commander Stanley W Birch Jr

10/14/76 HR9543 Relief of Eupert Anthony Grant

10/14/76 HR11809 Relief of Ljudevit Previc

10/14/76 HR12707 Relief of Barry Ray Leftwich Dibling

10/14/76 HR12927 Phil M Landrum Federal Building and Post Office

10/14/76 HR14503 Michael J Kirwan Post Office

10/14/76 HR14773 To Amend the Military Survivor Benefit Plan

10/14/76 HR14886 Presidential Transition Act Amendments

10/14/76 HR15546 Ray J Madden Post Office

10/14/76 HJR967 Murals in the House of Representatives

10/14/76 HJR1119 Convening the First Session of the Ninety‑fifth Congress

10/15/76 S726 Land Conveyance Idaho


Box 64 Legislation Case Files

10/15/76 S969 Veteran's Education and Employment Assistance Act of 1976

10/15/76 S999 J Allen Frear Building

10/15/76 S1365 Land Conveyance Alaska

10/15/76 S2212 Crime Control Act of 1976

10/15/76 S3556 Relief of Marciano Santiago and his wife Eleanor L Santiago

10/15/76 S3682 Relief of Dr Oscar J Briseno

10/15/76 S3683 Relief of Juan Bautista Lopez Ruiz

10/15/76 HR2177 Duty Exemption for Certain Aircraft Components

10/15/76 HR2759 George Washington Square

10/15/76 HR4206 Senator Dennis Chavez Federal Building

10/15/76 HR7929 Deduction of Interest on Certain Corporate Indebtedness

10/15/76 HR11303 Herman T Schneebeli Federal Building

10/15/76 HR11347 Conveyance of Federal Interests in Utah Property; HEW Offices of Inspector General

10/15/76 HR13147 Relief of Dae Ho Park and Maria Park

10/15/76 HR14470 Relief of Paul Eduardo Ringle

10/15/76 HR14956 Joe L Evins Post Office and Federal Building

10/15/76 HR14977 Robert J Stephens Jr Federal Building

10/15/76 HR15059 Emergency Livestock Credit Extension

10/15/76 HR15136 Supplemental Military Construction Authorization for Facilities in Guam

10/15/76 HR15582 Elizabeth Kee Federal Building

10/15/76 HJR1118 Black Lung Hearing Officers

10/17/76 S400 National Park System Study Areas

10/17/76 S2112 National Trails System Study Area

10/17/76 S2798 Land Conveyance Alaska

10/17/76 S2923 Revision of Salary Ceiling for United States Magistrates

10/17/76 S3667 Relief of Song Chan Ki

10/17/76 HR1073 Marine War Risk Insurance Extension

10/17/76 HR1142 Tax Code Amendments

10/17/76 HR1244 Presidential Protection Assistance Act of 1976


Box 65 Legislation Case Files

10/17/76 HR1607 Newspaper Advertisements of State‑operated Lotteries

10/17/76 HR3377 Relief of Helen Wolski Michael Wolski and Steven Wolski

10/17/76 HR3605 Reduce Beer Tax for Small Brewers

10/17/76 HR10101 Aircraft Museums Tax

10/17/76 HR10826 Prohibiting the Unlawful Use of a Rented Motor Vehicle in the District of Columbia

10/17/76 HR11337 Mid‑data Census

10/17/76 HR13218 Sale of the SS"United States" for Use as a Floating Hotel

10/17/76 HR13326 Exempting the Steamboat "Delta Queen" from Certain Vessel Inspection Laws

10/17/76 HR13585 Federal Boat Safety Act Amendments

10/17/76 HR13615 CIA Retirement Act Amendments

10/17/76 HR13964 Relief of Jeanette Green and Mary Jane Baker Nolan

10/17/76 HR14227 Land Conveyance Arizona

10/17/76 HR14451 Federal Property and Administrative Service Act Amendments

10/17/76 HR15276 Federal Pay Comparability for the Park Police Force

10/17/76 HR15445 Whale Conservation and Protection Study Act

10/17/76 HR15813 To Amend the Act Establishing the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe

10/18/76 S865 Use of Public Buildings

10/18/76 S1659 Judgement Funds for Grand River Band of Ottawa Indians

10/18/76 S2398 Eugene O'Neill National Historic Site California

10/18/76 S2533 R E "Bob" Woodruff Lake Alabama

10/18/76 S3063 Ozark‑Jeta Taylor Lock and Dam Arkansas

10/18/76 S3557 Funding Authorization for the Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation with Spain

10/18/76 S3621 Amendment to the International Claims Settlement Act of 1949

10/18/76 HR5682 Tinicum National Environmental Center

10/18/76 HR8002 Point Reyes National Seashore Wilderness Designation California


Box 66 Legislation Case Files

10/18/76 HR10073 Rabbit Meat Inspection (vetoed)

10/18/76 HR11455 Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore

10/18/76 HR11891 Congaree Swamp National Monument

10/18/76 HR12939 Amendments to Coast Guard Personnel Laws

10/18/76 HR12961 Repeal of State Consent to Certain Medicaid Suits

10/18/76 HR14041 Railroad Retirement Amendments

10/18/76 HR15531 Unsworn Declarations

10/18/76 HJR1107 Precedents of the House of Representatives

10/19/76 S12 Judicial Survivors' Annuities Reform Act

10/18/76 S22 Copyright Law Revision

10/19/76 S64 Lincoln National Memorial

10/19/76 S1026 Omnibus Wilderness Designations


Box 67 Legislation Case Files

10/19/76 S2081 Agricultural Resources Conservation Act of 1976 (vetoed)

10/19/76 S2278 Civil Rights Attorney's Fees Awards Act of 1976

10/19/76 S2910 Arthritis Diabetes and Digestive Disease Amendments of 1976

10/19/76 S3131 Amtrak and ConRail Amendments

10/19/76 S3894 Federal Water Pollution Control Act Amendments

10/19/76 HR10133 Department of Agriculture Positions

10/19/76 HR12033 Duty Suspension on Manganese Ore

10/19/76 HR13955 Amendments to the Bretton Woods Agreements Act

10/19/76 HR15571 Social Security Contributions by Non‑profit Organizations

10/20/76 HR1144 Tax Code Amendments and Study of Tax Incentives for Recycling

10/20/76 HR7228 Tax Code Amendments

10/20/76 HR9719 Payments in Lieu of Taxes

10/20/76 HR10210 Unemployment Compensation Amendments of 1976 (1)


Box 68             Legislation Case Files

10/20/76 HR10210 Unemployment Compensation Amendments of 1976 (2)

10/21/76 HR12270 Rural Electrification Act Amendments

10/20/76 HR13160 Omnibus Wilderness Designations

10/20/76 HR14535 Immigration and Nationality Act Amendments of 1976

10/21/76 S507 National Land Policy and Management Act of 1976

10/21/76 S800 Judicial Review of Administrative Actions

10/21/76 S1283 Jurisdiction of US Magistrates

10/21/76 S2150 Resource Conservation and Recovery Act

10/21/76 S2548 Emergency Medical Services Amendments of 1976


Box 69             Legislation Case Files

10/21/76 S2735 Veterans Omnibus Health Care Act of 1976

10/21/76 HR9460 Virgin Islands and Guam Constitutions

10/21/76 HR10192 Appointments to the Coast Guard Academy

10/21/76 HR11315 Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act of 1976

10/21/76 HR12572 United States Grain Standards Act of 1976

10/21/76 HR13500 Food Stamp and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Amendments (1)‑(2)

10/21/76 HR13713 National Park System Omnibus Bill


Box 70             Legislation Case Files

10/21/76 HR13828 Federal Records Management Amendments of 1976

10/21/76 HR15563 Federal Water Project Recreation Act Amendment

10/22/76 S3091 National Forest Management Act of 1976

10/22/76 S3521 Alaska Natural Gas Transportation Act of 1976

10/22/76 S3823 Water Resources Development Act of 1976

10/23/76 S1437 Federal Grant and Cooperative Agreement Act of 1976 (vetoed)

10/23/76 S3553 Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act of 1976 (vetoed)