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The WHCF Name File served two purposes.  It was used to file routine materials which were not classified by subject and it was also used as a cross reference or finding aid to material filed in the Subject File, indexing not only correspondents but also names mentioned in documents.  Material is filed alphabetically by name of the individual, company, or organization.  Where names (e.g., Federal agencies or officials) have been assigned a Subject File file code, cross references were not made to this file.  Note:  The container list shows only names for which there currently are separate folders,   thousands of additional names appear in the collection.  Researchers should feel free to request searches under any names in which they are interested.



1420 linear feet (ca. 2,840,000 pages)



       Gerald R. Ford (accession number 77-107)



Open.  Some items are temporarily restricted under terms of the donor's deed of gift, a copy of which is available on request, or under National Archives and Records Administration general restrictions (36 CFR 1256).



President Ford has donated to the United States of America his copyrights in all of his unpublished writings in National Archives collections.  The copyrights to materials written by other individuals or organizations are presumed to remain with them.  Works prepared by U.S. Government employees as part of their official duties are in the public domain.


Prepared by William McNitt, January 1993

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Container List


Note:  This container list was created in October 2003.  It lists only those names open to research at that time.  New names are being opened all the time, but this list is only updated occasionally.  Please contact the Library for updated information or to request the opening of the folders on additional names.


Box 1       Name File - A

Aasen, Albert A.


Box 3       Name File - A

Abdnor, James


Box 4       Name File - A

Abel, I.W.


Box 6       Name File - A

Abourezk, James

Abrami, F.B.


Box 8       Name File - A

Abzug, Bella


Box 9       Name File - A

Achilles, Theodore C.

Achtyes, Edward


Box 11     Name File - A

Action Committee for a European Unity


Box 12     Name File - A

Adams, Andrew S.


Box 13     Name File - A

Adams, Andrew S.


Box 14     Name File - A

Adams, Andrew S.


Box 15     Name File - A

Adams, Ansel

Adams, Brock


Box 16     Name File - A

Adams, Edward (Sgt.)


Box 21     Name File - A

Addabbo, Joseph


Box 22     Name File - A

Adelsberg, T.P.


Box 23     Name File - A

Adelson, Eugene

Ad hoc ...


Box 25     Name File - A

Advertising Council


Box 26     Name File - A

Agency for Consumer Advocacy


Box 27     Name File - A

Aghassian, A. George

Agor, Weston H.


Box 28     Name File - A



Box 30     Name File - A

Aiken, George D.

Aikens, Alexander E.

Aikens, Joan D.


Box 31     Name File - A

Ailes, Stephen

Air Force Association


Box 34     Name File - A

Albert, Carl


Box 35     Name File - A

Albert, Carl


Box 36     Name File - A

Albi, Mario


Box 37     Name File - A

Albright, William L.


Box 39     Name File - A

Aldunate, Armando J.


Box 40     Name File - A

Aleshin, Nicholas


Box 41     Name File - A

Alexander, Dale


Box 42     Name File - A

Alexander, Lamar


Box 43     Name File - A

Alexander, William


Box 44     Name File - A

Alfalfa Club


Box 45     Name File - A

Ali, Muhammad


Box 46     Name File - A

Allan, James

Allan, Virginia


Box 50     Name File - A

Allen, James B.


Box 51     Name File - A

Allen, Marty


Box 59     Name File - A

Alternatives to Abortion International


Box 61     Name File - A

Amalrik, Andrei


Box 62     Name File - A

Ambler, Ernest

Ambro, Jerome


Box 63     Name File - A

American Airlines

American Association of Retired Persons

American Association of University Women

American Athletic Union

American Automobile Association

American Bankers Association

American Bar Association

American Bible Society


Box 64     Name File - A

American Broadcasting Company (ABC)

American Business Press

American Business Women's Association

American Cancer Society

American Civil Liberties Union

American College Association

American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

American Conservative Union


Box 65     Name File - A

American Export Lines

American Farm Bureau Federation


American Field Service


Box 66     Name File - A

American GI Forum

American Heart Association

American Hellenic Association of Chicago

American Hellenic Congress

American Hellenic Institute

American Indian Movement

American Indian Policy Review Commission

American Institute of Architects

American Israel Public Affairs Committee


Box 67     Name File - A

American Legion


Box 68     Name File - A

American Legion

American Lung Association

American Medical Association


Box 69     Name File - A

American President Line, Ltd.

American Rally for Trade


Box 70     Name File - A

American Society of Travel Agents

American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T)

American Train Dispatchers Association

American Veterans (AMVETS)


Box 71     Name File - A

American Veterans (AMVETS)

Americans of Italian Descent

Ames, Fred P.


Box 73     Name File - A




Box 74     Name File - A

Ancker-Johnson, Betsy


Box 75     Name File - A

Andersen, Harold W.

Andersen, Niels T.


Box 78     Name File - A

Anderson, George W. (Admiral)


Box 79     Name File - A

Anderson, Glenn


Box 80     Name File - A

Anderson, James B.


Box 81     Name File - A

Anderson, John B.


Box 82     Name File - A

Anderson, Marion


Box 86     Name File - A

Anderson, Wendell R.


Box 88     Name File - A

Andrews, Ike


Box 89     Name File - A

Andrews, Mark


Box 90     Name File - A

Andrus, Cecil D.


Box 91     Name File - A

Angelou, Maya


Box 93     Name File - A

Annunzio, Frank


Box 94     Name File - A

Anthony, Robert A.


Box 100   Name File - A

Archer, William R.


Box 101   Name File - A

Areeda, Phillip


Box 102   Name File - A

Arends, Les


Box 103   Name File - A

Arguelles, Julia E. Pita


Box 105   Name File - A

Armstrong, Anne


Box 107   Name File - A

Armstrong, William


Box 111   Name File - A

Aronson, Harold L.


Box 114   Name File - A

Asciola, Paul

Ashbrook, John


Box 115   Name File - A

Ashcraft, Juanita


Box 116   Name File - A

Ashley, Thomas L.


Box 117   Name File - A

Askew, Reubin O.


Box 118   Name File - A

Aspin, Les

Associated Press


Box 119   Name File - A

Association for the Study of Afro-American Life and History

Association of American Railroads


Box 120   Name File - A

Atiyeh, Victor

Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Co.


Box 122   Name File - A

Atlanta Constitution

Atlantic Council


Box 124   Name File - A

Au Coin, Les


Box 126   Name File - A

Austad, Mark Evans


Box 127   Name File - A

Austin, Timothy J.


Box 129   Name File - A

Avergis, George

Avon Products, Inc.


Box 131   Name File - A

Aydelott, Gale B.


Box 136   Name File - B

Bacon, Andre E.


Box 137   Name File - B

Badillo, Herman


Box 138   Name File - B

Bafalis, L.A.


Box 139   Name File - B

Bagley, William T.


Box 142   Name File - B

Bailey, Melvin Lee

Bailey, Nathan

Bailey, Pearl


Box 147   Name File - B

Baker, Howard


Box 148   Name File - B

Baker, Howard

Baker, James A.


Box 149   Name File - B

Baker, John L.

Baker, LaMar


Box 150   Name File - B

Baker, Roscoe A. (Mr. and Mrs.)


Box 151   Name File - B

Baker, William O.


Box 154   Name File - B

Baldwin, Donald


Box 156   Name File - B

Ball, George


Box 159   Name File - B

Baltimore Sun


Box 163   Name File - B

Banks, Waldo R.

Banks, William V.


Box 164   Name File - B

Banowsky, William S.

Barabba, Vincent


Box 165   Name File - B

Barath, Ray


Box 167   Name File - B

Barcelo, Carlos Romero


Box 176   Name File - B

Barnett, Frank


Box 177   Name File - B

Barnum, John W.


Box 178   Name File - B

Baroni, Geno


Box 181   Name File - B

Barrett, William A.


Box 185   Name File - B

Bartlett, Dewey


Box 186   Name File - B

Bartlett, Joe


Box 188   Name File - B

Barzani, Mustafa


Box 190   Name File - B

Bass, William M. ("Bill")

Bassett, Grace


Box 196   Name File - B

Bauer, William J.


Box 197   Name File - B

Baum, William Cardinal

Bauman, Robert E.


Box 200   Name File - B

Bay Area Council on Soviet Jewry

Bayh, Birch


Box 203   Name File - B

Beall, J. Glenn


Box 204   Name File - B

Beall, J. Glenn

Beame, Abraham


Box 205   Name File - B

Beard, Robin


Box 207   Name File - B

Beatty, David J.


Box 212   Name File - B

Becker, Benton


Box 213   Name File - B

Becker, Ralph E.


Box 215   Name File - B

Bedell, Berkley

Bedell, Catherine May


Box 222   Name File - B

Bell, Alphonzo


Box 226   Name File - B

Bellcourt, Rosalie

Bellin, Christina P.


Box 227   Name File - B

Bellmon, Henry


Box 231   Name File - B

Benerd, Gladys


Box 232   Name File - B

Benitez, Jaime


Box 233   Name File - B

Bennett, Charles


Box 234   Name File - B

Bennett, Charles

Bennett, Ivan


Box 236   Name File - B

Bennett, Robert F.


Box 237   Name File - B

Bennett, Wallace


Box 239   Name File - B

Bentley, Helen D.


Box 240   Name File - B

Bentsen, Lloyd M.


Box 242   Name File - B

Berg, George L.


Box 245   Name File - B

Bergland, Bob


Box 247   Name File - B

Berkman, Craig L.


Box 249   Name File - B

Berman, Ronald S.


Box 250   Name File - B

Bernardin, Joseph L.


Box 252   Name File - B

Bernstein, Carl


Box 255   Name File - B

Bertha, R. William


Box 258   Name File - B

Bethune, Mary McLeod


Box 260   Name File - B

Beverley, Marshall J.


Box 261   Name File - B

Bevill, Tom

Bewley, George W.

Beyer, Gregg A.


Box 262   Name File - B

Biaggi, Mario

Biaggini, Benjamin F.


Box 263   Name File - B

Bible, Alan


Box 265   Name File - B

Biden, Joseph

Biemiller, Andrew


Box 266   Name File - B

Biester, Edward

Big Brothers of America


Box 268   Name File - B

Bilderberg Group


Box 270   Name File - B

Bingham, Jonathan B.


Box 275   Name File - B

Bissell, Richard E.


Box 278   Name File - B

Black, Eli

Black, Eugene R.


Box 279   Name File - B

Black, Shirley Temple


Box 280   Name File - B

Blackburn, Ben B.


Box 284   Name File - B

Blair, James H.


Box 287   Name File - B

Blanchard, James J.


Box 290   Name File - B

Blatnik, John A.


Box 293   Name File - B

Bliss, Ray C.


Box 300   Name File - B

B'nai B'rith


Box 305   Name File - B

Bogas, Angelo


Box 306   Name File - B

Boggs, Corinne (Mrs. Hale/Lindy)


Box 308   Name File - B

Boland, Edward


Box 311   Name File - B

Bolling, Richard

Bolton, Frances P.


Box 313   Name File - B

Bond, Christopher S.


Box 315   Name File - B

Bonker, Don

Bonner, Bob (Newark, NJ)


Box 316   Name File - B

Bono, Sonny


Box 318   Name File - B

Boorstin, Daniel J.

Booth, Arch N.


Box 320   Name File - B

Bordallo, Ricardo J.


Box 321   Name File - B

Boren, David L.


Box 322   Name File - B

Bork, Robert


Box 324   Name File - B

Boschwitz, Rudy

Boskey, Bennett


Box 325   Name File - B

Boston Globe


Box 326   Name File - B

Botha, Roelof (Ambassador)


Box 331   Name File - B

Bowden, J. Earle

Bowdler, William G. (Ambassador)

Bowen, David


Box 332   Name File - B

Bowen, Otis R.


Box 338   Name File - B

Boy Scouts


Box  339  Name File - B

Boy Scouts


Box 340   Name File - B

Boy Scouts


Box 341   Name File - B

Boy Scouts


Box 342   Name File - B

Boyd, Alan S.


Box 347   Name File - B

Boys Clubs


Box 349   Name File - B

Brademas, John


Box 352   Name File - B

Bradley, Thomas (Mayor of Los Angeles)


Box 362   Name File - B

Brasco, Frank


Box 365   Name File - B

Bray, William


Box 366   Name File - B

Breaux, John (1)-(2)


Box 367   Name File - B

Breckinridge, John

Breen, Anne


Box 370   Name File - B

Brennan, Peter J.


Box 375   Name File - B

Bricker, William R.


Box 379   Name File - B

Brigstock, Duane T.


Box 380   Name File - B

Brinegar, Claude S.


Box 381   Name File - B

Brinkley, Jack


Box 385   Name File - B

Brock, George C. (Mrs.) - Los Angeles, CA


Box 386   Name File - B

Brock, William E. III


Box 387   Name File - B

Brodhead, William M.


Box 390   Name File - B

Bronfman, Edgar M.

Brooke, Edward W.


Box 391   Name File - B

Brooke, Edward W.


Box 393   Name File - B

Brooks, Jack


Box 394   Name File - B

Brooks, Mary T.


Box 395   Name File - B

Broomfield, William


Box 396   Name File - B

Broomfield, William


Box 397   Name File - B

Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers

Brotherhood of Maintence of Way Employees

Brotherhood of Railroad Signalmen

Brotherhood of Railway, Airline, and Steamship Clerks

Brotherhood of Railway Carmen of the United States and Canada

Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters

Brotzman, Donald


Box 401   Name File - B

Brown, Charles W.

Brown, Clarence J.


Box 403   Name File - B

Brown, Edmund G., Jr.


Box 404   Name File - B

Brown, Garry


Box 405   Name File - B

Brown, Garry

Brown, George E.

Brown, George S. (General)

Brown, Harold O.J.


Box 406   Name File - B

Brown, Irving


Box 407   Name File - B

Brown, James E. (Tremonton, Utah)


Box 408   Name File - B

Brown, Judie


Box 410   Name File - B

Brown, Marilyn V.


Box 414   Name File - B

Brown, S.A.


Box 415   Name File - B

Brown, Theodore E.


Box 416   Name File - B

Brown University


Box 417   Name File - B

Brown and Williamson Tobacco Company

Brownell, Herbert


Box 419   Name File - B

Broyhill, James

Broyhill, Joel


Box 420   Name File - B

Bruce, David K.E.


Box 421   Name File - B

Bruck, Stephen D.


Box 428   Name File - B

Bryant, Thomas Chester (Houston, TX)

Bryant, Ted (Portland, OR)


Box 429   Name File - B

Brzezinski, Zbigniew


Box 430   Name File - B

Buchanan, Patrick J.


Box 433   Name File - B

Buckland, Annette


Box 434   Name File - B

Buckley, James

Buckley, William F., Jr.


Box 438   Name File - B

Bugliarello, George

Bukovsky, Vladimir


Box 439   Name File - B

Bullock, Eddy S.


Box 440   Name File - B

Bumpers, Dale


Box 441   Name File - B

Bundy, McGeorge

Bundy, William P.

Bunker, Ellsworth


Box  443  Name File - B

Burch, Dean


Box 444   Name File - B

Burdick, Quentin


Box 445   Name File - B

Burgener, Clair


Box 446   Name File - B

Burger, Warren E.

Burgess, Carter L.


Box 449   Name File - B

Burke, C. Thomas

Burke, J. Herbert


Box 450   Name File - B

Burke, James


Box 451   Name File - B

Burke, Yvonne


Box 453   Name File - B

Burley and Dark Leaf Tobacco Export Association, Inc.

Burlington Northern

Burlison, Bill


Box 454   Name File - B

Burns, Arthur F.


Box 461   Name File - B

Burton, John L.


Box 462   Name File - B

Burton, Philip

Busbee, George


Box 464   Name File - B

Bush, George


Box 465   Name File - B

Business - Industry Political Action Committee

Business Roundtable

Business and Professional Women's Club


Box 470   Name File - B

Butterfield, Alexander


Box 471   Name File - B

Button, Robert E.

Butz, Earl


Box 474   Name File - B

Byrd, Harry F., Jr.


Box 475   Name File - B

Byrd, Harry F., Jr.

Byrd, Robert


Box 476   Name File - B

Byrne, Brendan

Byrne, Patricia

Byrne, Patricia M.


Box 477   Name File - B

Byron, Goodloe M.


Box 478   Name File - C

Cabot, Louis W.


Box 480   Name File - C

Caglayangil, Ihsan Sabri


Box 481   Name File - C

Cain, Orville L.


Box 483   Name File - C

Calder, Alexander


Box 485   Name File - C

Calhoun, John C.


Box 486   Name File - C

California Young Republicans


Box 488   Name File - C

Callaway, Howard


Box 489   Name File - C

Calley, William L.

Callihan, Patrick J.


Box 491   Name File - C

Calvin, Bernice


Box 500   Name File - C

Campus Crusade for Christ


Box 502   Name File - C

Cannon, Howard


Box 503   Name File - C

Cano, Carlos Fernandez


Box 508   Name File - C

Carberry, John J. Cardinal


Box 510   Name File - C

CARE, Inc.

Carey, Hugh


Box 511   Name File - C



Box 516   Name File - C

Carlucci, Frank


Box 518   Name File - C

Carney, Charles


Box 522   Name File - C

Carr, M. Robert


Box 523   Name File - C

Carr, Vicki


Box 525   Name File - C

Carroll, Julian M.


Box 529   Name File - C

Carter, Jimmy


Box 531   Name File - C

Carter, Robert S.

Carter, Tim Lee


Box 534   Name File - C

Cary, W. Sterling


Box 535   Name File - C

Case, Clifford P.


Box 537   Name File - C

Casey, Robert

Casey, William J.

Cashen, Henry C.


Box 538   Name File - C

Casoni, Fred


Box 541   Name File - C

Castiglione, Joseph


Box 544   Name File - C

Catholic University of America


Box 545   Name File - C

Catto, Henry E.


Box 548   Name File - C

Cederberg, Elford A.


Box 549   Name File - C

Cellini, William

Cenker, Lewis


Box 550   Name File - C

Central Railroad Company


Box 554   Name File - C

Chaikin, Sol C.


Box 555   Name File - C

Chamber of Commerce


Box 556   Name File - C

Chamber of Commerce


Box 557   Name File - C

Chamberlain, Charles


Box 559   Name File - C

Chambers, Frances (Mrs. William H.)


Box 562   Name File - C

Chapin, Roy D., Jr.


Box 563   Name File - C

Chapman, Dudley H.


Box 565   Name File - C

Chappell, Bill


Box 568   Name File - C

Chase Manhattan Bank


Box 570   Name File - C

Chavez, Colegio Cesar (College in Mount Angel, OR


Box 572   Name File - C

Chennault, Anna

Cherne, Leo


Box 573   Name File - C

Cherry, William A.


Box 574   Name File - C

Chessie System Railroad


Box 576   Name File - C

Chicago and North Western Railway

Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad

Chicago State University

Chicago Tribune


Box 578   Name File - C

Chiles, Lawton


Box 579   Name File - C

Ching, Marguerite (Mrs. Herbert)


Box 580   Name File - C

Chisholm, Shirley


Box 581   Name File - C

Choate, Wade


Box 582   Name File - C

Chowder and Marching and S.O.S. Club


Box 585   Name File - C

Christian and Missionary Alliance


Box 586   Name File - C

Christian Science Monitor

Chrsitianity Today


Box 588   Name File - C

Chrysler Corporation


Box 589   Name File - C

Church, Frank


Box 591   Name File - C

Cianci, Vincent ("Buddy")


Box 593   Name File - C



Box 594   Name File - C

Citizen's Action Committee

Citizen's Alliance for Mediterranean Freedom

Citizen's Committee to Fight Inflation


Box 598   Name File - C

Clark, Dick


Box 599   Name File - C

Clark, Eloise

Clark, Frank M.


Box 600   Name File - C

Clark, Howard L.


Box 603   Name File - C

Clark, Robert M.


Box 608   Name File - C

Clawson, Del


Box 609   Name File - C

Clay, William


Box 610   Name File - C

Clearwaters, Keith I.


Box 612   Name File - C

Clements, William P.


Box 613   Name File - C

Cleveland, James C.


Box 614   Name File - C

Clifford, Clark M.

Clift, A. Denis


Box 616   Name File - C

Cline, Ray S.

Clinton, Bill


Box 617   Name File - C

Close Up Program Foundation


Box 620   Name File - C

Coady, Paul J.



Box 623   Name File - C

Cochran, Thad


Box 631   Name File - C

Cohen, William

Cohill, Maurice B.


Box 633   Name File - C

Colburn, Wayne B.

Coldwell, Philip E.


Box 636   Name File - C

Cole, Richard F.

Cole, Sterling


Box 638   Name File - C

Coleman, Mary S.


Box 639   Name File - C

Coleman, William T.


Box 642   Name File - C

Collins, Cardiss

Collins, Chuck


Box 643   Name File - C

Collins, James


Box 644   Name File - C

Collins, Richard C.


Box 646   Name File - C

Colom, Audrey Rowe

Colon, George N.

Colorado River Basin

Colorado River Tribal Council

Colorado River Water Conservation District

Colorado River Water Users Association


Box 647   Name File - C

Colson, Charles W.

Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS)


Box 648   Name File - C

Columbia University


Box 650   Name File - C

Commission on Critical Choice for Americans

Committee for Economic Development

Committee for the Survival of a Free Congress

Committee on Political Education

Common Cause

Communications Workers of America


Box 651   Name File - C

Compitello, Johanna


Box 652   Name File - C

Conable, Barber


Box 653   Name File - C

Concannon, George R.

Concerned Citizens

Conchala, Joseph


Box 654   Name File - C

Conference on International Economic Cooperation


Box 655   Name File - C

Congress of American Hellenic Organizations


Box 656   Name File - C

Conlan, John


Box 657   Name File - C

Connally, John B.


Box 660   Name File - C

Connor, Judith


Box 662   Name File - C


Consolidated Edison Company of New York City


Box 664   Name File - C

Conte, Silvio

Continental Grain Company


Box 665   Name File - C

Conyers, John


Box 666   Name File - C

Cook, Edward (Cook Industries)


Box 667   Name File - C

Cook Industries


Box 668   Name File - C

Cook, Marlow


Box 670   Name File - C

Cooke, Terrence Cardinal


Box 672   Name File - C

Cooper, Chester


Box 674   Name File - C

Cooper, John Sherman

Cooper, Lorraine (Mrs. John Sherman)


Box 675   Name File - C

Cooper, Theodore


Box 676   Name File - C

Coors, Joseph


Box 680   Name File - C

Cordes, Richard B.


Box 681   Name File - C

Corman, James


Box 682   Name File - C

Cornell University


Box 690   Name File - C

Cotter, William

Cotton, Norris


Box 691   Name File - C

Coughlin, Lawrence


Box 692   Name File - C

Council of Better Business Bureaus, Inc.

Council on Foreign Relations

Council of State Governments


Box 699   Name File - C

Cox, John (Winnetka, CA)


Box 700   Name File - C

Coy, Charles R. (Richmond, KY)

Coy, Wayne


Box 706   Name File - C

Crane, Kent B.

Crane, Philip


Box 707   Name File - C

Cranston, Alan


Box 712   Name File - C

Crescenzo, Warren L.


Box 714   Name File - C

Crews, William


Box 716   Name File - C

Crocker, Thomas R.


Box 727   Name File - C

Crutchfield, Charles H.


Box 730   Name File - C

Cullinane, Milagros


Box 731   Name File - C

Culver, John

Cumberland School of Law


Box 734   Name File - C

Cunningham, Evelyn


Box 735   Name File - C

Curb, Mike


Box 736   Name File - C

Curran, Gary L.


Box 739   Name File - C

Curtis, Carl T.


Box 742   Name File - C

Cutland, Marguerite

Cutler, Walter


Box 744   Name File - D

DaCosta, Robert D.


Box 749   Name File - D

Dallas Morning News

Dallas Times Herald


Box 750   Name File - D

Daly, Edward J.


Box 752   Name File - D

D'Amours, Norman E.


Box 754   Name File - D

Daniel, Dan

Daniel, Robert


Box 755   Name File - D

Daniel, W.C.

Daniels, Dominick


Box 757   Name File - D

Danielson, George


Box 758   Name File - D

D'Aquino, Mrs. Iva Toguri (Tokyo Rose)


Box 761   Name File - D

Daschbach, Richard J.

Datt, John C.


Box 762   Name File - D

Daughters of American Revolution


Box 768   Name File - D

Davie, Richard (Ron), John, Mary, Molly, and Romona

Davies, T.


Box 773   Name File - D

Davis, Glenn


Box 775   Name File - D

Davis, James E.

Davis, Jeanne W.

Davis, John


Box 777   Name File - D

Davis, M. Hendrix (Houston, TX)


Box 778   Name File - D

Davis, Mendel

Davis, Nathaniel


Box 783   Name File - D

Dawkins, Maurice


Box 788   Name File - D

Dean, John Gunther


Box 790   Name File - D

Deas, Julius (Mrs.)


Box 791   Name File - D

De Baca, Fernando E.C.


Box 801   Name File - D

de la Garza, Eligio (Kika)

Delaney, James


Box 804   Name File - D

Dellenback, John


Box 805   Name File - D

Dellums, Ronald

DeLop, Helma


Box 806   Name File - D

Delta Kappa Epsilon

Delta Steamship Lines


Box 809   Name File - D

Demirel, Suleyman


Box 810   Name File - D



Box 812   Name File - D

Denholm, Frank


Box 813   Name File - D

Dennis, David


Box 815   Name File - D

Denny, Robert

Densen-Gerber, Judianne

Dent, Frederick B.

Dent, Harry S.


Box 816   Name File - D

Dent, John


Box 820   Name File - D

Derwinski, Edward


Box 822   Name File - D

d'Estaing, Valery Giscard


Box 823   Name File - D

Detroit Free Press

Detroit News

Detroit Toledo Shore Line Railroad


Box 826   Name File - D

Devine, Samuel


Box 827   Name File - D

DeVos, Richard


Box 838   Name File - D

Diggs, Charles

Diimig (or Dumig), Marie


Box 840   Name File - D

Dillon, Betty Crites

Dillon, C. Douglas


Box 841   Name File - D

DiMaggio, Dominic

DiMaggio, Joseph P.


Box 842   Name File - D

Dingell, John D.


Box 843   Name File - D

Dirksen, Everett M.


Box 844   Name File - D

Disabled American Veterans


Box 845   Name File - D

Distributive Education Clubs of America


Box 846   Name File - D

Dively, Michael A.


Box 855   Name File - D

Dole, Robert


Box 857   Name File - D

Domenici, Peter


Box 858   Name File - D

Dominick, Peter


Box 861   Name File - D

Donnellan, Thomas C.


Box 862   Name File - D

Donovan, Hedley


Box 865   Name File - D

Dorn, William Jennings Bryan


Box 871   Name File - D

Douglas, William O.


Box 872   Name File - D

Dow Chemical Company


Box 874   Name File - D

Downey, Thomas J.


Box 875   Name File - D

Downing, Thomas

Downs, Maria


Box 882   Name File - D

Drinan, Robert


Box 883   Name File - D

Driscoll, James D.


Box 885   Name File - D

Duberstein, Kenneth M.


Box 891   Name File - D

Dukakis, Michael S.

Duke University


Box 892   Name File - D

Dulski, Thaddeus


Box 893   Name File - D

DuMas, George


Box 895   Name File - D

Duncan, James K.

Duncan, John


Box 898   Name File - D

Dunlop, John T.


Box 900   Name File - D

Dunn, Robert J.

Dunn, Winfield


Box 902   Name File - D

duPont, Pierre S.


Box 906   Name File - D

Dutia, Suren G.


Box 911   Name File - E

Eads, George C.

Eagle Forum


Box 912   Name File - E

Eagleton, Thomas


Box 913   Name File - E

Early, Joseph P.


Box 915   Name File - E

Eastern Star, Order of the


Box 916   Name File - E

Eastland, James


Box 917   Name File - E

Easum, Donald B. (Ambassador)

Eaton, Cyrus


Box 920   Name File - E

Ecevit, Bulent

Eckerd, Jack M.


Box 921   Name File - E

Eckhardt, Bob


Box 923   Name File - E

Edgar, Robert W.


Box 925   Name File - E

Edmonds, Helen G.


Box 927   Name File - E

Edwards, Don


Box 928   Name File - E

Edwards, Jack

Edwards, James B.


Box 931   Name File - E

Edwards, William B.


Box 932   Name File - E

Egbert, Robert L.

Eger, John M.


Box 935   Name File - E

Eilberg, Joshua


Box 939   Name File - E

Elder, Lee


Box 941   Name File - E

Elk Hills Naval Petroleum Reserve


Box 942   Name File - E



Box 948   Name File - E

Ellsworth, Robert F.


Box 950   Name File - E

El-Ramady, I. Gamal


Box 953   Name File - E

Emery, David F.


Box 956   Name File - E

Engel, Randy


Box 953   Name File - E

English, Glenn


Box 958   Name File - E

English, Glenn


Box 962   Name File - E

ERA America


Box 964   Name File - E

Erie Lackawanna Railroad

Erlenborn, John


Box 966   Name File - E

Ervin, Sam J.


Box 967   Name File - E

Esch, Marvin

Esenbel, Melih


Box 968   Name File - E

Eshelman, C.L.

Eshleman, Edwin


Box 970   Name File - E

Estep, James


Box 974   Name File - E

Evans, Daniel (Governor of Washington)


Box 975   Name File - E

Evans, Frank E.


Box 976   Name File - E

Evans, John D. (Charleston, WV)


Box 977   Name File - E

Evans, Melvin


Box 979   Name File - E

Everhardus, Herman


Box 980   Name File - E

Evins, Joe L.


Box 981   Name File - E

Exchange Clubs


Box 982   Name File - E

Exon, J. James (Governor of Nebraska)


Box 986   Name File - F

Fairbanks, Richard M.


Box 989   Name File - F

Falwell, Jerry

Fannin, Paul


Box 990   Name File - F

Fannin, Paul


Box 991   Name File - F

Farkas, Ruth


Box 994   Name File - F

Farrand, Christopher


Box 996   Name File - F

Fascell, Dante


Box 1001 Name File - F

Federal Bar Association


Box 1006 Name File - F

Fellowship of Christian Athletes


Box 1008 Name File - F

Fennell, Evelyn A. (Mrs. George M.)

Fenny, J. Peter

Fenwick, Millicent


Box 1010 Name File - F

Ferguson, John R.


Box 1011 Name File - F

Fernandez, Benjamin


Box 1013 Name File - F

Ferre, Luis A.


Box 1022 Name File - F

Finch, Robert H.

Findley, Paul


Box 1023 Name File - F

Findley, Paul


Box 1024 Name File - F

Fink, Robert


Box 1025 Name File - F

Finley, Murry


Box 1028 Name File - F

First Baptist Church


Box 1030 Name File - F

Fischer, Roger Raymond


Box 1031 Name File - F

Fish, Hamilton


Box 1032 Name File - F

Fisher, Andrew S. (E. Providence, RI)


Box 1034 Name File - F

Fisher, Max M.

Fisher, O.C.


Box 1035 Name File - F

Fishwick, John P.


Box 1039 Name File - F

Fitzsimmons, Frank E.


Box 1044 Name File - F

Fletcher, Albert B., Jr.


Box 1045 Name File - F

Fletcher, Arthur


Box 1047 Name File - F

Flood, Daniel


Box 1048 Name File - F

Flores, John A. (Fresno, CA)


Box 1049 Name File - F

Florida East Coast Railway Co.

Florida Republican, etc.

Florio, James J.


Box 1050 Name File - F

Flowers, Walter


Box 1051 Name File - F



Box 1052 Name File - F

Flying Tiger Line, Inc. (Flying Tigers)


Box 1053 Name File - F

Flynt, John

Focus Hope


Box 1054 Name File - F

Fogarty, Joseph F., Jr.

Fogarty, Joseph R.


Box 1055 Name File - F

Foley, Thomas


Box 1056 Name File - F

Foltz, John C.


Box 1057 Name File - F

Fong, Hiram


Box 1060 Name File - F

Ford Foundation

Ford, Henry II


Box 1061 Name File - F

Ford, Johnny (Mayor of Tuskegee, AL)

Ford Motor Company


Box 1062 Name File - F

Ford, Wendell H.

Ford, William


Box 1063 Name File - F

Foreign Policy Association

Foreman, Ed

Foreman, George


Box 1064 Name File - F

Forgotson, Elbert S.


Box 1066 Name File - F

Forsythe, Edwin


Box 1070 Name File - F

Foster, John S., Jr.


Box 1071 Name File - F

Foster, Richard

Foster, Robert


Box 1072 Name File - F

Fountain, L.H.

Four-H Clubs


Box 1073 Name File - F

Fowler, Henry M.


Box 1074 Name File - F

Fox, A. Shane (KTRH Radio - Houston)


Box 1079 Name File - F

Francis, Richard (Dick)


Box 1082 Name File - F

Franklin, Barbara (1)-(2)


Box 1083 Name File - F

Franklin, William M.


Box 1085 Name File - F

Fraser, Donald

Fraser, Malcolm


Box 1086 Name File - F

Fraternal Order of Police


Box 1087 Name File - F

Frazier, R. Frank


Box 1089 Name File - F

Freeburg, Russell W.


Box 1093 Name File - F

Frelinghuysen, Peter


Box 1094 Name File - F

French, Jay


Box 1095 Name File - F

Frenzel, Bill


Box 1096 Name File - F

Frey, Lou


Box 1097 Name File - F

Fri, Robert W.

Fribourg, Michel (Continental Grain Co.)


Box 1098 Name File - F

Friedan, Betty


Box 1100 Name File - F

Friedman, Robert


Box 1102 Name File - F

Frisby, Owen

Frischknecht, Lee


Box 1103 Name File - F

Frizzell, Dale Kent

Froehlich, Harold


Box 1106 Name File - F

Frye, Alton


Box 1108 Name File - F

Fulbright, J.W.


Box 1110 Name File - F

Fuller, John W.


Box 1111 Name File - F

Fulton, Richard


Box 1112 Name File - F

Funicello, Annette

Fuqua, Don


Box 1114 Name File - F

Future Business Leaders of America

Future Farmers of America

Future Homemakers of America


Box 1116 Name File - G

Gables, Hall M.


Box 1118 Name File - G

Gagliardi, Marie (Philadelphia, PA)


Box 1121 Name File - G

Galindo, Francisco Bertrand


Box 1123 Name File - G

Gallaudet College


Box 1125 Name File - G

Galvin, Robert W.


Box 1128 Name File - G

Gannon, William A.

Gano, Ray

Garagiola, Joe


Box 1131 Name File - G

Garde, Daniel F.


Box 1133 Name File - G

Gardner, John W.


Box 1134 Name File - G

Gardner, Stephen S.


Box 1135 Name File - G

Garment, Leonard

Garn, E.J. ("Jake")


Box 1137 Name File - G

Garonzik, Jarrell


Box 1145 Name File - G

Gause, Thomas E.


Box 1146 Name File - G

Gay, John (California)


Box 1147 Name File - G

Gaydos, Joseph


Box 1152 Name File - G

Gelly, G.B.


Box 1153 Name File - G

General Electric Co.

General Mills Inc.

General Motors


Box 1157 Name File - G

George, Wally

Georgine, Robert


Box 1159 Name File - G

Gergen, David

Gerhardt, Louis


Box 1160 Name File - G

Gerloff, Martin (St. Louis, MO)


Box 1161 Name File - G

Gerstacker, Carl A.

Gerstenberg, R.C. (Richard)


Box 1163 Name File - G

Gettys, Tom

Getty, J. Paul


Box 1164 Name File - G

Giaimo, Robert N.


Box 1165 Name File - G

Gibbons, Sam M.


Box 1166 Name File - G

Gibbons, Thomas H.


Box 1168 Name File - G

Gibson, Kenneth A.


Box 1169 Name File - G

Gideons International


Box 1170 Name File - G

Gignoux, Edward T.


Box 1171 Name File - G

Gilbert, Ellouise (Lansing, MI)


Box 1173 Name File - G

Gildea, Ray Y.


Box 1178 Name File - G

Gilman, Benjamin A.


Box 1180 Name File - G

Gilroy, J.F. (Sands Point, NY)


Box 1181 Name File - G

Gingrich, Newt

Ginn, Bo

Ginn, Rosemary L.


Box 1183 Name File - G

Girl Scouts of America


Box 1184 Name File - G

Girl Scouts of America

Giroud, Francoise


Box 1190 Name File - G

Gleason, Thomas D.

Gleason, Thomas W.


Box 1191 Name File - G

Glenn, John H.


Box 1196 Name File - G

Godley, G. McMurtrie

Godwin, Mills E.


Box 1198 Name File - G

Goetz, Helen


Box 1201 Name File - G

Goldberg, Morton D.

Goldberg, Solomon


Box 1207 Name File - G

Goldwater, Barry, Sr.

Goldwater, Barry, Jr.


Box 1209 Name File - G

Gomez, Ricardo Bautista


Box 1211 Name File - G

Gonzalez, Henry B.


Box 1210 Name File - G

Gonzales, Manuel


Box 1213 Name File - G

Goodell, Charles E.


Box 1214 Name File - G

Goodling, George A.

Goodling, William F.


Box 1215 Name File - G

Goodman, Mrs. William (Jessie)


Box 1216 Name File - G

Goodpaster, Andrew J.


Box 1217 Name File - G

Goodwin, Alfred T.


Box 1219 Name File - G

Gordon, Britton L. and Mary


Box 1221 Name File - G

Gordon, Susan (Shana)


Box 1222 Name File - G

Gore, Granville I.


Box 1230 Name File - G

Grabo, Eric


Box 1231 Name File - G

Gradison, Willis D. (Bill)


Box 1233 Name File - G

Graham, Billy

Graham, Daniel


Box 1234 Name File - G

Graham, Katherine


Box 1235 Name File - G

Gramm, Philip


Box 1236 Name File - G

Grand Trunk Western Railroad


Box 1237 Name File - G



Box 1238 Name File - G

Grant, Dennis D. (1)-(4)


Box 1240 Name File - G

Grassley, Charles E.

Grasso, Ella


Box 1241 Name File - G

Gravel, Mike


Box 1243 Name File - G

Gray, Mrs. Daniel (Jo Anne)


Box 1244 Name File - G

Gray, Gordon


Box 1246 Name File - G

Gray, William Paul (Future Farmers of America)


Box 1247 Name File - G

Grcich, John C.


Box 1248 Name File - G

Greek, A-K

Greek, L-Z

Greek Orthodox Church in North and South America


Box 1250 Name File - G

Green, Edith


Box 1253 Name File - G

Green, William J.


Box 1255 Name File - G

Greene, John


Box 1256 Name File - G

Greener, William


Box 1258 Name File - G

Greenspan, Alan


Box 1260 Name File - G

Gregory, Dick


Box 1261 Name File - G

Gregory, Harold A.

Gregory, James B.


Box 1263 Name File - G

Grey, Joel


Box 1264 Name File - G

Gridiron Club


Box 1266 Name File - G

Griffin, Robert P. (1)-(2)


Box 1267 Name File - G

Griffin, Robert P. (3)-(12)


Box 1269 Name File - G

Griffiths, Martha W.


Box 1274 Name File - G

Gross, H.R.


Box 1277 Name File - G

Grover, James R.


Box 1278 Name File - G

Grubb, H. Dale


Box 1281 Name File - G

Gubser, Charles S.

Gude, Gilbert


Box 1283 Name File - G

Guide, Jeff


Box 1285 Name File - G

Gulley, Warren L. "Bill"


Box 1286 Name File - G

Gunn, Hartford N.


Box 1288 Name File - G

Gurney, Edward


Box 1291 Name File - G

Guyer, Tennyson


Box 1292 Name File - H

Haan, Kilsoo


Box 1295 Name File - H

Habib, Philip C.

Habinka, Alice


Box 1296 Name File - H

Haddad, Adele


Box 1299 Name File - H

Hagedorn, Tom


Box 1302 Name File - H

Haig, Alexander


Box 1304 Name File - H

Haldeman, H.R.


Box 1306 Name File - H

Haley, James A.


Box 1307 Name File - H

Halick, John


Box 1311 Name File - H

Hall, Paul


Box 1312 Name File - H

Hall, Tim Lee


Box 1314 Name File - H

Hallmark Cards


Box 1319 Name File - H

Hamilton, James A.

Hamilton, Lee H.


Box 1321 Name File - H

Hamm, D. Jasper "Chipper"


Box 1322 Name File - H

Hammer, Preston C.


Box 1329 Name File - H

Hanks, Nancy

Hanley, James M.


Box 1330 Name File - H

Hannah, Richard T.

Hannah, John


Box 1331 Name File - H

Hanrahan, Robert P.


Box 1332 Name File - H

Hansen, Clifford


Box 1333 Name File - H

Hansen, George

Hansen, Julia Butler


Box 1334 Name File - H

Hansen, Orval


Box 1337 Name File - H

Harbour, Patricia Moore


Box 1342 Name File - H

Hargrave, Hazel F.


Box 1343 Name File - H

Harkin, Tom


Box 1344 Name File - H

Harlow, Bryce N.


Box 1345 Name File - H

Harman, Philip


Box 1350 Name File - H

Harriman, W. Averell


Box 1351 Name File - H

Harrington, Michael


Box 1354 Name File - H

Harris, Jay Dee


Box 1355 Name File - H

Harris, Patricia R.


Box 1358 Name File - H

Harrison, George


Box 1360 Name File - H

Harsha, William


Box 1361 Name File - H

Hart, Bill

Hart, Jane


Box 1362 Name File - H

Hart, Parker T.


Box 1364 Name File - H

Hartke, Vance (1)-(3)


Box 1366 Name File - H

Hartmann, Robert T.


Box 1367 Name File - H

Harty, Marian


Box 1368 Name File - H

Harvey, James


Box 1370 Name File - H

Hasek, Eliska


Box 1371 Name File - H

Haskell, Floyd

Hassan II, King


Box 1372 Name File - H

Hastings, James


Box 1374 Name File - H

Hatfield, Mark O.


Box 1375 Name File - H

Hathaway, Stanley


Box 1376 Name File - H

Hathaway, Stanley


Box 1377 Name File - H

Hathaway, Stanley


Box 1378 Name File - H

Hathaway, Stanley


Box 1379 Name File - H

Hathaway, Stanley


Box 1380 Name File - H

Hathaway, William


Box 1381 Name File - H

Hatton, Joyce V.

Hauge, Gabriel


Box 1382 Name File - H

Hauk, A. Andrew

Hauser, Tom


Box 1383 Name File - H

Havens, Lee R.


Box 1384 Name File - H

Hawkins, Augustus F.


Box 1387 Name File - H

Hayakawa, S.I. ("Sam")


Box 1390 Name File - H

Hayes, Samuel P.


Box 1392 Name File - H

Hays, Brad


Box 1393 Name File - H

Hays, Wayne L.


Box 1395 Name File - H

Head, Robert V.


Box 1396 Name File - H

Healy, Patrick


Box 1397 Name File - H

Hearst Corporation

Hearst, Randolph A.

Hearst, William R.

Heath, Edward


Box 1399 Name File - H

Hechler, Ken


Box 1400 Name File - H

Heckler, Margaret M.


Box 1402 Name File - H

Heffley, Earle


Box 1407 Name File - H

Heinz, H. John III


Box 1410 Name File - H

Helm, Alice K.


Box 1411 Name File - H

Helms, Jesse (1)-(5)

Helms, Richard


Box 1412 Name File - H

Helstoski, Henry


Box 1414 Name File - H

Henderson, David


Box 1417 Name File - H

Hendrix, Clifford E.


Box 1418 Name File - H

Heneghan, John M.


Box 1422 Name File - H

Henry, W.B. "Bud"

Henschel, Beverly


Box 1424 Name File - H

Hentschel, Paul


Box 1425 Name File - H

Hebert, F. Edward


Box 1427 Name File - H

Herman, Richard


Box 1428 Name File - H

Hernandez - Colon, Rafael


Box 1430 Name File - H

Hersh, Seymour


Box 1432 Name File - H

Hertzberg, Arthur

Hesburgh, Theodore


Box 1437 Name File - H

Heyns, Roger W. (Washington, DC)


Box 1438 Name File - H

Hickel, Walter S.

Hickerson, Glenn L.


Box 1440 Name File - H

Hicks, Floyd V.


Box 1443 Name File - H

Higham, Robert


Box 1446 Name File - H

Hill, Draper


Box 1449 Name File - H

Hill, Richard D. (Boston, MA)


Box 1452 Name File - H

Hilliard, Robert L.


Box 1453 Name File - H

Hills, Carla


Box 1455 Name File - H

Hinchey, Joseph F.

Hinchman, Walter

Hincken, Amelia


Box 1458 Name File - H

Hinton, Deane


Box 1459 Name File - H

Hirohito, Emperor


Box 1464 Name File - H

Hobby, Oveta Culp


Box 1465 Name File - H

Hodel, Donald


Box 1471 Name File - H

Hoffman, Milton


Box 1472 Name File - H

Hoffmann, Martin R.


Box 1474 Name File - H

Hogue, Philip A.


Box 1475 Name File - H

Hoguet, Peter W.


Box 1477 Name File - H

Holden, Creighton D.

Holderman, James B.


Box 1478 Name File - H

Holifield, Chet


Box 1479 Name File - H

Holland, Robert C.


Box 1481 Name File - H

Hollings, Ernest (1)-(2)


Box 1483 Name File - H

Holm, Jeanne


Box 1486 Name File - H

Holmquist, Richard C.

Holshouser, James


Box 1488 Name File - H

Holt, Marjorie


Box 1489 Name File - H

Holtzman, Elizabeth


Box 1493 Name File - H

Hook, Lester J. (Mrs. Inga Rundvold Hook)


Box 1494 Name File - H

Hooks, Benjamin L.


Box 1496 Name File - H

Hope, Bob

Hope, Anthony (Mr. & Mrs.)


Box 1499 Name File - H

Horiuchi, Wayne K.


Box 1500 Name File - H

Hormats, Robert


Box 1501 Name File - H

Hornecker, Betty Lou


Box 1502 Name File - H

Horowitz, Jocob


Box 1504 Name File - H

Horton, Frank


Box 1506 Name File - H

Hosmer, Craig


Box 1507 Name File - H

Hotchkis, John


Box 1509 Name File - H

Houser, George

Houser, Thomas J. (1)-(2)


Box 1512 Name File - H

Howard, James J.


Box 1515 Name File - H

Howe, Jon


Box 1521 Name File - H

Huber, Robert J.


Box 1522 Name File - H

Huddleston, Walter

Hudnut, William H.


Box 1527 Name File - H

Hufstedler, Shirley

Hugh O'Brian Youth Foundation


Box 1528 Name File - H

Hughes, Harold


Box 1531 Name File - H

Hughes, William J.

Hulett, Stanley W.


Box 1534 Name File - H

Humphrey, Hubert (1)-(5)


Box 1536 Name File - H

Hungate, William L.


Box 1537 Name File - H

Hunt, E. Howard

Hunt, E. Howard (Odesa, TX)

Hunt, John E.


Box 1541 Name File - H

Huntsman, Jon M.


Box 1544 Name File - H

Hussein (King of Jordan)


Box 1545 Name File - H

Hutar, Pat


Box 1549 Name File - H

Hyde, Floyd


Box 1550 Name File - H

Hyde, Henry


Box 1551 Name File - H

Hyslop, Ralph Douglas


Box 1553 Name File - I

Ichord, Richard


Box 1554 Name File - I

Illinois Republican(s), etc.


Box 1555 Name File - I


Immanuel Church on the Hill, Alexandria


Box 1557 Name File - I

Inflation Impact Statements

Ingersoll, Robert S.


Box 1559 Name File - I

Inouye, Daniel (1)-(2)


Box 1561 Name File - I

International Association of Chiefs of Police

International Association of Firefighters

International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, Iron Ship Builders, Blacksmiths, Forgers, and Helpers

International Brotherhood of Firemen and Oilers

International Chamber of Commerce

International Energy Agency


Box 1562 Name File - I

International Wilderness Leadership Foundation


Box 1566 Name File - I

Isaacs, Marie T.


Box 1568 Name File - I

"Issues and Answers"

Italian Sons and Daughters of America


Box 1569 Name File - I

Izaak Walton League


Box 1573 Name File - J

Jackson, Henry


Box 1574 Name File - J

Jackson, Irwin (Springfield, IL)

Jackson, Jesse


Box 1575 Name File - J

Jackson, Philip C.


Box 1578 Name File - J

Jacobs, Andrew


Box 1586 Name File - J

James, W. H.

Jameson, Frank G. and Eva Gabor Jameson


Box 1587 Name File - J

Janka, Les

Janklow, William J.


Box 1589 Name File - J


Japanese-American Citizens League

Jarboe, Bette


Box 1592 Name File - J

Jarman, John

Javits, Jacob

Jaworski, Leon


Box 1601 Name File - J

Jensen, Iris (Sun City, AZ)


Box 1604 Name File - J

Jesters, Royal Order of


Box 1605 Name File - J

Jewish War Veterans


Box 1609 Name File - J

Johnson, Albert


Box 1611 Name File - J

Johnson, Charles (Detroit, MI)


Box 1612 Name File - J

Johnson, Charles W. (Cincinnati, OH)


Box 1613 Name File - J

Johnson, Dennis L.


Box 1617 Name File - J

Johnson, Harold T.


Box 1618 Name File - J

Johnson, James P.


Box 1619 Name File - J

Johnson, John O.

Johnson, John W.


Box 1620 Name File - J

Johnson, Lady Bird


Box 1622 Name File - J

Johnson, Marion S.


Box 1623 Name File - J

Johnson, Michael S.

Johnson, Nicholas


Box 1625 Name File - J

Johnson, Reuben


Box 1628 Name File - J

Johnson, W. Thomas (Dallas Times Herald)


Box 1630 Name File - J

Johnston, J. Bennett


Box 1635 Name File - J

Jones, Charles K.

Jones, Charlie (La Jolla, CA)


Box 1636 Name File - J

Jones, Ed


Box 1639 Name File - J

Jones, James R.


Box 1644 Name File - J

Jones, Robert E.


Box 1645 Name File - J

Jones, Stanley (Mr. & Mrs.) of Atlanta, GA


Box 1646 Name File - J

Jones, Walter B.


Box 1654 Name File - J

Judd, Walter H.

Judge, Darwin L.


Box 1656 Name File - J

Junior Achievement

Junior Chamber of Commerce (Jaycees)


Box 1657 Name File - J

Junior Chamber of Commerce (Jaycees)

Junior League(s), etc.


Box 1662 Name File - K

Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical Corporation

Kaiser, Edgar F.


Box 1663 Name File - K

Kaiser, Inez


Box 1667 Name File - K

Kampelman, Max


Box 1669 Name File - K

Kansas City Southern Industries, Inc.


Box 1674 Name File - K

Karr, David

Karth, Joseph E.


Box 1676 Name File - K

Kasten, Robert

Kastenmeier, Robert


Box 1677 Name File - K

Katlen, Peter


Box 1678 Name File - K

Katz, Harry J.


Box 1680 Name File - K

Kauper, Thomas


Box 1682 Name File - K

Kaye, Peter

Kazen, Abraham


Box 1684 Name File - K

Keating, William J.


Box 1689 Name File - K

Kehoe, John T.


Box 1690 Name File - K

Keith, Ronald


Box 1693 Name File - K

Kelley, Clarence


Box 1700 Name File - K

Kemp, Dan

Kemp, Jack


Box 1701 Name File - K

Kemper, James Scott, Jr.

Kemper, James Scott, Sr.

Kemper, James Scott, Sr. or Jr.

Kemper Insurance Companies

Kemper Open


Box 1702 Name File - K

Kendall, William T.


Box 1703 Name File - K

Kendrix, Moss H.

Kenefick, John C.

Kennan, George

Kennedy, Anthony M.


Box 1704 Name File - K

Kennedy, Cornelia

Kennedy, Edward M.


Box 1706 Name File - K

Kennedy, Ralph (1)-(11)


Box 1716 Name File - K

Ketchum, William M.

Kete, Phillip R. (National Council of CSA Locals)


Box 1717 Name File - K

Key Club International


Box 1718 Name File - K

Keyes, Robert J.

Keys, Martha


Box 1723 Name File - K

Killanin, Michael (Lord)


Box 1725 Name File - K

Kim, Cha Ha

Kim, Dong Jo

Kim, Yong Tae


Box 1726 Name File - K

Kimball, Thomas L.


Box 1727 Name File - K

Kimmel, J.S.


Box 1728 Name File - K

Kindness, Thomas N.


Box 1729 Name File - K

King, Carleton J.


Box 1732 Name File - K

King, Martin Luther, Jr. (Dr.)

King, Martin Luther, Jr. (Mrs.)

King, Martin Luther, Sr. (Rev.)


Box 1739 Name File - K

Kirkland, Lane


Box 1740 Name File - K

Kirkpatrick, Clayton


Box 1742 Name File - K

Kissinger, Henry A.


Box 1743 Name File - K

Kittle, Ralph W.


Box 1744 Name File - K

Kiwanis International


Box 1747 Name File - K

Klein, Julius (General)


Box 1749 Name File - K

Kleppe, Thomas S.


Box 1750 Name File - K

Kling, William


Box 1752 Name File - K

Kluczynski, John C.


Box 1755 Name File - K

Knebel, John A.

Knecht, William L.


Box 1758 Name File - K

Knights of Columbus


Box 1759 Name File - K

Knisely, Robert


Box 1760 Name File - K

Knowles, John


Box 1762 Name File - K

Kobelinski, Mitchell P.


Box 1763 Name File - K

Koch, Edward I. (1)-(3)


Box 1764 Name File - K

Kodama, Masoto


Box 1767 Name File - K

Kohler, Fay


Box 1774 Name File - K

Korologos, Tom C.


Box 1776 Name File - K

Koster, Herbert M.


Box 1778 Name File - K

Kott, Warren


Box 1779 Name File - K

Kovachevich, Elizabeth A.


Box 1786 Name File - K

Kreisky, Bruno


Box 1787 Name File - K

Kremincer, Beverly


Box 1789 Name File - K

Krizek, Eugene

Krizek, Ronald


Box 1790 Name File - K

Krol, John Cardinal


Box 1794 Name File - K

KSL (AM-FM TV), Salt Lake City, UT


Box 1799 Name File - K

Kulp, Earl M.


Box 1801 Name File - K

Kurland, Philip B.


Box 1802 Name File - K

Kurtz, Howard and Harriet

Kurtz, Victor


Box 1803 Name File - K

KUTV - Salt Lake City, UT


Box 1804 Name File - K

Kuykendall, Dan H.

Kyl, John


Box 1805 Name File - K

Kyros, Peter N.


Box 1806 Name File - L

Lacasa, Armando


Box 1808 Name File - L

La Corte, John M.

Lacour, Henry J.


Box 1809 Name File - L

LaFalce, John J.


Box 1810 Name File - L

LaFontant, H. Ernest and Jewel


Box 1811 Name File - L

Lagomarsino, Robert J.


Box 1812 Name File - L

Lagueux, Henri


Box 1813 Name File - L

Laird, Melvin (1)-(4)


Box 1815 Name File - L

Lalonde, Eugene A.


Box 1816 Name File - L

Lamm, Richard D.


Box 1821 Name File - L

Land, Edwin


Box 1822 Name File - L

Landgrebe, Earl F.


Box 1823 Name File - L

Landrum, Moses

Landrum, Phil


Box 1824 Name File - L

Lane, George V.


Box 1825 Name File - L

Lane, Lawrence W. "Bill"

Lane, Mark (Citizens Commission of Inquiry)


Box 1827 Name File - L

Langdon, Jervis, Jr.


Box 1833 Name File - L

LaRouche, Lyndon


Box 1840 Name File - L

Latin American Manufacturers Association

Latta, Delbert L.


Box 1841 Name File - L

Lattin, Paul A.

Lattu, Peter H.


Box 1843 Name File - L

Laun, Louis F.

Launius, Philip M.


Box 1844 Name File - L

Laurita, Joseph A., Jr.

Lausche, Frank


Box 1851 Name File - L

Laxalt, Paul


Box 1852 Name File - L

Layman, H. Maynard


Box 1855 Name File - L

League of United Latin American Citizens

League of Women Voters

Leahy, Patrick


Box 1856 Name File - L

Leary, James P.


Box 1862 Name File - L

Lee, Jai Hyon


Box 1863 Name File - L

Lee, M.B.


Box 1864 Name File - L

Lee, Robert E. (Commissioner, Federal Communications


Lee, Robert E. (General)


Box 1865 Name File - L

Lee, T. Kong


Box 1869 Name File - L

Leggett, Robert L.


Box 1868 Name File - L

Lehigh Valley Railroad Company


Box 1869 Name File - L

Lehman, William


Box 1870 Name File - L

Lehrman, L-P

Lehner, George (Columbus, OH)


Box 1875 Name File - L

Lent, Norman F.


Box 1881 Name File - L

Lesneski, Stanley

Lessey, Samuel K.


Box 1882 Name File - L

Letelier, Orlando

Letendre, Andre E.


Box 1884 Name File - L

Lever, Harold

Levi, Edward


Box 1886 Name File - L

Levine, Lawrence W.


Box 1889 Name File - L

Lewis, Andrew L. ("Drew"), Jr.


Box 1896 Name File - L

Leyden, John


Box 1897 Name File - L



Box 1898 Name File - L

Liddy, G. Gordon


Box 1899 Name File - L

Lieberman, Joseph I.


Box 1900 Name File - L

Light, Selma


Box 1905 Name File - L

Linden, Bella


Box 1906 Name File - L

Lindh, Patricia


Box 1909 Name File - L

Lines, Ona (Mrs.)


Box 1910 Name File - L

Linnick, Stuart

Linowes, David


Box 1911 Name File - L

Lions Club


Box 1915 Name File - L

Littell, Norman M.


Box 1916 Name File - L

Little League Baseball, etc.


Box 1917 Name File - L

Litton, Jerry


Box 1920 Name File - L

Lloyd, James F.


Box 1921 Name File - L

Locke, Barry M.


Box 1922 Name File - L

Lockheed Aircraft Corporation


Box 1923 Name File - L

Lodge, Henry Cabot


Box 1924 Name File - L

Loesch, Harrison

Loewenheim, Francis


Box 1928 Name File - L

Lombardi, Vincent T. and Marie


Box 1930 Name File - L

Long, Clarence D.

Long, Gillis W.


Box 1932 Name File - L

Long, Russell


Box 1933 Name File - L

Longley, James


Box 1935 Name File - L

Loomis, Henry


Box 1937 Name File - L

Lord, Clifford L.


Box 1938 Name File - L

Lorenz, John G.


Box 1939 Name File - L

Los Angeles Times


Box 1940 Name File - L

Lott, Trent


Box 1942 Name File - L

Louisiana State University


Box 1945 Name File - L

Lovett, Jan R.

Lovett, John B.

Lovett, Robert A.


Box 1950 Name File - L

Lubbers, Arend D.


Box 1952 Name File - L

Luce, Clare Booth


Box 1956 Name File - L

Lujan, Manuel, Jr.


Box 1958 Name File - L

Luna, Charles


Box 1961 Name File - L

Lutheran Church in America

Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod

Lutheran Council in America/Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service


Box 1963 Name File - L

Lykes Brothers Steamship Co., Inc.


Box 1965 Name File - L

Lynch, Marjorie

Lynch, Robert N.

Lyndon Baines Johnson Memorial Grave


Box 1966 Name File - L

Lynn, James T.


Box 1970 Name File - M

MacArthur, Douglas


Box 1971 Name File - M

MacDonald, Peter

Macdonald, Torbert


Box 1976 Name File - M

Mackey, John P.


Box 1979 Name File - M

Madden, Ray J.


Box 1980 Name File - M

Madigan, Edward R.


Box 1982 Name File - M

Maduro, Reynaldo


Box 1984 Name File - M

Magnuson, Warren G.


Box 1986 Name File - M

Mahon, George H.

Mahoney, Francis V.


Box 1897 Name File - M

Mahoney, J. David


Box 1988 Name File - M

Mailliard, William

Maine Central Railroad Company


Box 1991 Name File - M

Malek, Frederic V.


Box 1992 Name File - M

Mallary, Richard W.


Box 1993 Name File - M

Malone, James W.


Box 1999 Name File - M

Mankiewicz, Frank


Box 2000 Name File - M

Mann, James R.


Box 2003 Name File - M

Mansfield, Mike


Box 2005 Name File - M

Maraziti, Joseph J.


Box 2006 Name File - M

March of Dimes


Box 2007 Name File - M

Marcos, Ferdinand and Imelda


Box 2009 Name File - M

Margolis, James Marsh


Box 2010 Name File - M

Maria, Francis (Frank)


Box 2011 Name File - M

Marion, Christana


Box 2012 Name File - M

Market Opinion Research


Box 2017 Name File - M

Marriott, J. Willard

Marrs, Theodore


Box 2018 Name File - M

Marsh, John O.


Box 2019 Name File - M

Marshall, Andrew


Box 2021 Name File - M

Marshall, Thurgood


Box 2024 Name File - M

Martin, Dave


Box 2025 Name File - M

Martin, Graham A.


Box 2026 Name File - M

Martin, James G.


Box 2038 Name File - M

Masons (Freemasons)


Box 2039 Name File - M

Masons (Freemasons)


Box 2041 Name File - M

Mastrangelo, Richard E.


Box 2042 Name File - M

Matagorda Air Force Base


Box 2043 Name File - M

Mathews, David


Box 2044 Name File - M

Mathias, Charles

Mathias, Robert R.

Mathis, Dawson


Box 2046 Name File - M

Matson Navigation Co.

Matsunaga, Spark M.


Box 2048 Name File - M

Matthews, Ruth S.


Box 2050 Name File - M

Matzkin, Rose (Mrs. Max)


Box 2056 Name File - M



Box 2057 Name File - M

Mayer, Robert (San Mateo, CA)


Box 2058 Name File - M

Maymi, Carmen


Box 2059 Name File - M

Mayne, Wiley

Mays, Benjamin E.


Box 2060 Name File - M

Maytag, Marquita M.


Box 2061 Name File - M

Mazzoli, Romano


Box 2063 Name File - M

McAuliffe, Dennis P. (Major General)

McBain, Robert J.


Box 2066 Name File - M

McCall, Tom


Box 2073 Name File - M

McClellan, John


Box 2074 Name File - M

McClinton, Curtis R.

McClory, Robert


Box 2075 Name File - M

McCloskey, Paul N. "Pete"


Box 2076 Name File - M

McClure, James


Box 2077 Name File - M

McCollister, John Y.


Box 2078 Name File - M

McCone, John


Box 2080 Name File - M

McCormack, Mike

McCormack, Richard

McCormick, Brooks

McCormick, Mac


Box 2083 Name File - M

McCracken, Paul

McCrary, John Reagan "Tex"


Box 2086 Name File - M

McDade, Joseph M.


Box 2091 Name File - M

McDougal, Myres S.


Box 2094 Name File - M

McEwen, Robert C.

McFall, John J.


Box 2095 Name File - M

McFarland, William A.

McFarlane, George J.


Box 2097 Name File - M

McGee, Gale W.


Box 2100 Name File - M

McGoff, John (and son Thomas)

McGovern, George

McGowan, Carl


Box 2101 Name File - M

McGrath, Gerald

2103    Name File - M

McGuire, John J.


Box 2104 Name File - M

McHugh, James T.


Box 2106 Name File - M

McIntyre, Thomas J.


Box 2107 Name File - M

McKay, K. Gunn

McKay, Robert (Hialeah, FL)


Box 2112 Name File - M

McKinney, Stewart B.


Box 2113 Name File - M

McKusick, Vincent Lee


Box 2114 Name File - M

McLaughlin, John B. (Leominster, MA)


Box 2115 Name File - M

McLean, Dave (KRON-TV)


Box 2117 Name File - M

McMahan, Jacquelyn M.


Box 2118 Name File - M

McMahon, Charles


Box 2119 Name File - M

McMichael, Jane


Box 2121 Name File - M

McMullen, John J., Associates

McNamara, Robert S.


Box 2127 Name File - M

McSpadden, Clem R.


Box 2128 Name File - M

Mead, Margaret


Box 2129 Name File - M

Mead, Robert A.


Box 2130 Name File - M

Meadows, Michael P.


Box 2131 Name File - M

Means, Russell

Meany, George

Mecklenburg, Marjorie


Box 2133 Name File - M

Meeds, Lloyd


Box 2134 Name File - M

Meeker, David O.


Box 2135 Name File - M

Meet the Press


Box 2136 Name File - M

Megown, John W.


Box 2137 Name File - M

Meir, Golda

Meisen, Walter A.

Mejia, Edith


Box 2138 Name File - M

Melcher, John


Box 2142 Name File - M

Mendenhall, Janice


Box 2143 Name File - M

Menefee, Frank

Menk, Louis W.


Box 2146 Name File - M

Merhige, Robert R.


Box 2149 Name File - M

Merson, Jim


Box 2151 Name File - M

Metcalf, Lee


Box 2152 Name File - M

Metcalfe, Ralph H.


Box 2153 Name File - M

Metz, Allan

Metzenbaum, Howard M.


Box 2154 Name File - M

Mexican-American ...

Mexican-American Legal Defense and Educational Fund


Box 2158 Name File - M

Meyner, Helen S.

Mezvinsky, Edward

Miami Herald


Box 2160 Name File - M

Michel, Robert H.


Box 2161 Name File - M

Michelson, G.G.

2162    Name File - M

Michigan State University

Michulka, Joseph


Box 2163 Name File - M

Mid America Committee

Middendorf, William J.


Box 2166 Name File - M

Miki, Takeo

Mikva, Abner J.


Box 2168 Name File - M

Milford, Dale


Box 2169 Name File - M

Military Sealift Campaign

Millard, Everett R.


Box 2172 Name File - M

Miller, C. John

Miller, Carroll E. (Mrs. Mary K.)

Miller, Clarence E.


Box 2174 Name File - M

Miller, E. Spencer


Box 2175 Name File - M

Miller, F. Don

Miller, George


Box 2181 Name File - M

Miller, Michael


Box 2182 Name File - M

Miller, Paul (Gannett Newspapers)


Box 2186 Name File - M

Miller, William E.


Box 2187 Name File - M

Milliken, William G.


Box 2190 Name File - M

Mills, Wilbur D.


Box 2193 Name File - M

Miner, Thomas H.

Mineta, Norman

Minish, Joseph G.

Mink, Patsy


Box 2194 Name File - M

Minners, William F. (Kalamazoo, MI)


Box 2195 Name File - M

Minshall, William


Box 2197 Name File - M

Missouri Pacific Railroad Company


Box 2198 Name File - M

Mitchell, Clarence M., Jr.


Box 2199 Name File - M

Mitchell, Derek


Box 2200 Name File - M

Mitchell, James L. (Under Secretary of HUD)


Box 2201 Name File - M

Mitchell, Parren J.


Box 2205 Name File - M

Moakley, John Joseph

Mobil Oil

Mobutu, Sese Seko


Box 2206 Name File - M

Mondale, Walter


Box 2207 Name File - M

Moffett, Anthony Toby


Box 2210 Name File - M

Mollohan, Robert H.


Box 2211 Name File - M

Monahan, John (CA)

Monahan, William J. (Oxon Hill, MD)


Box 2212 Name File - M

Monette, V.H. ("Val")


Box 2213 Name File - M

Monnet, Jean


Box 2215 Name File - M

Montemuro, Frank


Box 2216 Name File - M

Montgomery, G.V.


Box 2218 Name File - M

Montoya, Joseph


Box 2227 Name File - M

Moore, Sara Jane


Box 2228 Name File - M

Moore, W. Henson


Box 2229 Name File - M

Moorhead, Carlos

Moorhead, William S.

Morales, Antonio G.


Box 2233 Name File - M

Morgan, Edward P.


Box 2235 Name File - M

Morgan, Robert


Box 2236 Name File - M

Morgan, Thomas E.


Box 2238 Name File - M

Moroz, Valentyn



2241         Name File - P

Philip Morris


Box 2247 Name File - M

Morton, Rogers


Box 2249 Name File - M

Mosher, Charles A.


Box 2250 Name File - M

Moskow, Michael


Box 2251 Name File - M

Moss, Frank

Moss, John E.


Box 2252 Name File - M

Mother Theresa

Motley, Arthur H.


Box 2253 Name File - M


Mott, Harold E.


Box 2257 Name File - M

Moynihan, Daniel P.


Box 2260 Name File - M

Mulder, Cornelius P.

Mulhauser, Karen


Box 2262 Name File - M

Muller, Robert (Grand Rapids, MI)


Box 2263 Name File - M

Mulnix, Nancy


Box 2265 Name File - M

Mumford, Dillard


Box 2267 Name File - M

Murchison, Clint W., Jr.


Box 2268 Name File - M

Murphy, Betty Southard


Box 2270 Name File - M

Murphy, John M.


Box 2271 Name File - M

Murphy, Morgan F.


Box 2272 Name File - M

Murphy, Robert

Murphy, Thomas A.


Box 2276 Name File - M

Murtha, John P.


Box 2277 Name File - M

Muskie, Edmund


Box 2278 Name File - M

Mutnick, Harold E.


Box 2280 Name File - M

Myers, Gary


Box 2284 Name File - N

Nagata, Grace


Box 2288 Name File - N

Napper, Berenice Norwood


Box 2291 Name File - N

National Abortion Rights Action League


National Association of Arab Americans

National Association of Broadcasters

National Association of Counties


Box 2292 Name File - N

National Association of Evangelicals

National Association of Home Builders

National Association of Independent Insurance Adjusters

National Association of Life Underwriters

National Association of Manufacturers

National Association of Realtors

National Association of Retired Federal Employees


Box 2293 Name File - N

National Association of Secondary School Principals

National Association of Student Councils


Box 2294 Name File - N

National Broadcasting Co. (NBC)

National Coal Association


Box 2295 Name File - N

National Conference of Christians and Jews

National Conference on Foreign Trade

National Congress of American Indians

National Consumers ...

National Council of Catholic Women

National Council of Churches of Christ

National Council on Jewish Women


Box 2296 Name File - N

National Defense Transportation Association

National Education Association

National Explorer Presidents Congress

National Farmers Organization

National Farmers Union

National Federation of Federal Employees


Box 2297 Name File - N

National Geographic Society

National Governors' Conference

National Guard Association


Box 2298 Name File - N

National League of Cities

National League of Families

National Multiple Sclerosis Society


Box 2299 Name File - N

National Organization for Women

National Planning Association

National Prayer Breakfast Committee

National Press Club

National Public Radio

National Railway Historical Society

National Religious Broadcasters

National Republican Organizations


Box 2300 Name File - N

National Retired Teachers Association

National Rifle Association

National Right to Life Committee

National Rural Electric Corp.


Box 2301 Name File - N

National Women's Conference

National Women's Party

National Women's Political Caucus

National Youth Pro-Life Coalition


Box 2302 Name File - N

Naval Photographic Center


Box 2303 Name File - N

Neal, Alfred


Box 2305 Name File - N

Nedzi, Lucien N.

Needler, Jerry L.


Box 2309 Name File - N

Nelsen, Ancher


Box 2311 Name File - N

Nelson, Gaylord


Box 2315 Name File - N

Nessen, Ronald H.


Box 2317 Name File - N

Neumann, Richard (Reseda, CA)

Neumeyer, William E.


Box 2320 Name File - N

New York Daily News

New York Republicans, etc.


Box 2321 Name File - N

New York Republican Committee - County and City

New York Republican Committee - State

New York Times


Box 2324 Name File - N

Newman, Constance


Box 2327 Name File - N

Newton, Wayne


Box 2329 Name File - N

Nichols, Bill


Box 2338 Name File - N

Nitze, Paul H.

Nix, Robert


Box 2339 Name File - N

Nixon, Richard


Box 2345 Name File - N

Norfolk and Western Railway Company

Norman, J.S. (Mickey)


Box 2348 Name File - N

North Carolina


Box 2353 Name File - N

Novak, Michael (Bayville, NY)

Novak, Robert (Washington, DC)

Nunn, Sam


Box 2359 Name File - O

Oaks, Dallin H.

Oaxaca, Fernando


Box 2361 Name File - O

Oberstar, James L.

Obey, David R.


Box 2365 Name File - O

Ockenga, Harold


Box 2368 Name File - O

O'Dell, Robert

O'Doherty, Kieran


Box 2369 Name File - O

Odyssey House/Institute


Box 2371 Name File - O

Ogilvie, Richard B.

Ogle, George


Box 2372 Name File - O

O'Hara, James G.


Box 2379 Name File - O

Oliver, Russell (Mr. and Mrs.) (Indianapolis, IN)

Oliver, William C. "Buck"

Olmer, Lionel


Box 2380 Name File - O

Olmsted, Mary S.


Box 2382 Name File - O

Olson, Frank (Dr.)


Box 2385 Name File - O

Onassis, Aristotle

Onassis, Jacqueline Kennedy


Box 2387 Name File - O

O'Neill, Paul (Deputy Director, OMB)

O'Neill, Thomas P.


Box 2388 Name File - O

Operation Babylift


Box 2389 Name File - O

Opportunities Industrial Centers


Box 2390 Name File - O

Optimist (Clubs) International


Box 2391 Name File - O

Organization for Rehabilitation Through Training

Organization of Chinese-Americans


Box 2395 Name File - O

Osanka, Franklin M.

Oswald, Robert L.


Box 2402 Name File - O

Ottinger, Richard


Box 2405 Name File - O

Overton, J. Allen


Box 2408 Name File - O

Owens, Wayne


Box 2411 Name File - P

Packard, David

Packwood, Robert


Box 2417 Name File - P

Paley, William S.


Box 2422 Name File - P

Panax Corp.


Box 2423 Name File - P

Pannell, T.W.


Box 2425 Name File - P

Pappas, T. (Mostly Thomas/Tom)


Box 2427 Name File - P

Parfitt, Harold R. (Major General)


Box 2428 Name File - P

Park, Chung Hee


Box 2429 Name File - P

Parker, Daniel

Parker, David A. (Major General)


Box 2430 Name File - P

Parker, David N.

Parker, Everett (Rev.)


Box 2433 Name File - P

Parker, Walter E.


Box 2434 Name File - P

Parks, Lyman


Box 2435 Name File - P

Parma, Leon W.


Box 2437 Name File - P

Parris, Stanford


Box 2438 Name File - P

Parsons, Carole


Box 2439 Name File - P

Partee, J. Charles


Box 2441 Name File - P

Passman, Otto E.


Box 2442 Name File - P

Pastore, John O.


Box 2443 Name File - P

Patman, Wright


Box 2445 Name File - P

Patten, Edward J.

Patterson, Edward

Patterson, Ellmore


Box 2449 Name File - P

Paul, Ron


Box 2451 Name File - P

Paulucci, Jeno F.


Box 2455 Name File - P

Peabody Coal Company


Box 2457 Name File - P

Pearson, James


Box 2461 Name File - P

Peel, Paul R. (Rev.)


Box 2462 Name File - P

Peet, Richard C.


Box 2463 Name File - P

Pell, Claiborne


Box 2465 Name File - P

Pena, Ada


Box 2466 Name File - P

Penn Central Railroad


Box 2470 Name File - P

People's Bicentennial Commission

People's Temple

Pepper, Claude


Box 2471 Name File - P

Percy, Charles H.


Box 2473 Name File - P

Perez, William J.

Perez-Huerta, Angel and Patience

Perez-Molina, Frederico


Box 2474 Name File - P

Perk, Ralph (Mayor, Cleveland, OH)

Perkins, Carl D.


Box 2476 Name File - P

Perlman, Alfred

Perot, H. Ross


Box 2477 Name File - P

Perritt, Henry H.


Box 2479 Name File - P

Perry, Matthew J.


Box 2481 Name File - P

Perusse, Roland I.


Box 2483 Name File - P

Peters, Roberta


Box 2487 Name File - P

Peterson, Karen S.


Box 2491 Name File - P

Pettis, Jerry L.

Pettis, Shirley


Box 2493 Name File - P

Peyser, Peter A.

Peyton, Leslie


Box 2496 Name File - P

Phi Beta Kappa

Phi Beta Lambda

Phi Delta Kappa

Phi Delta Phi

Phi Theta Kappa

Philadelphia Inquirer


Box 2498 Name File - P

Phillips, Dean (Reno, NV)

Phillips, Dean (Washington, DC)


Box 2499 Name File - P

Phillips, J.C.


Box 2504 Name File - P

Pickle, J.J.

Picott, J. Rupert


Box 2508 Name File - P

Pike, Otis G.


Box 2509 Name File - P

Pillsbury Company


Box 2512 Name File - P

Pinochet, Augusto


Box 2516 Name File - P

Pitts, Milton


Box 2517 Name File - P

Planned Parenthood


Box 2521 Name File - P

Plyushch, Leonid

Poage, W.R.


Box 2522 Name File - P

Podell, Bertram L.


Box 2523 Name File - P

Poff, William B.

Polhaus, J. Francis


Box 2525 Name File - P

Policastro, Thomas


Box 2531 Name File - P

Pope, Fortune

Pope Paul VI


Box 2538 Name File - P

Potter, Charles E.


Box 2539 Name File - P

Pottinger, J. Stanley


Box 2542 Name File - P

Powell, John H., Jr.


Box 2543 Name File - P

Powell, Walter E.


Box 2544 Name File - P

Powers, James, Jr. (Sherman Oaks, CA)


Box 2549 Name File - P

President Ford Committee


Box 2550 Name File - P

Presser, Jackie

Presser, William

Pressler, Larry


Box 2552 Name File - P

Preyer, Richardson


Box 2554 Name File - P

Price, Melvin

Price, Milo V. (1)-(9)


Box 2555 Name File - P

Price, Milo V. (10)-(21)


Box 2556 Name File - P

Price, Robert

Price Waterhouse & Co.


Box 2558 Name File - P

Prince Philip

Princess Anne

Princeton University


Box 2559 Name File - P

Pritchard, Joel


Box 2563 Name File - P

Provo, Larry S.


Box 2564 Name File - P

Proxmire, William


Box 2566 Name File - P

Public School 1-75


Box 2567 Name File - P

Public School 76-300


Box 2568 Name File - P

Public School 301-End


Box 2570 Name File - P

Pulliam, Eugene C. (Jr. & Sr.)


Box 2572 Name File - P

Purifoy, Rus


Box 2574 Name File - P

Putnam, Miriam


Box 2576 Name File - Q

Quayle, Donald

Queen Elizabeth


Box 2577 Name File - Q

Quello, James

Quern, Arthur

Quick, James

Quie, Albert H.


Box 2578 Name File - Q

Quie, Albert H.


Box 2579 Name File - Q

Quinlan, Sterling "Red"


Box 2580 Name File - Q

Quinn, Sally

Quinn, William J.


Box 2585 Name File - R

Radock, Michael (University of Michigan)

Radsliff, Kathleen R.


Box 2587 Name File - R

Railroad Yardmasters of America

Railsback, Thomas F.

Railway Labor Executives Association


Box 2588 Name File - R

Rainbow for Girls, International Order of the


Box 2590 Name File - R

Rall, Joseph Edward


Box 2591 Name File - R

Ramo, Simon


Box 2592 Name File - R

Rampton, Calvin L.

Ramsbotham, Peter


Box 2595 Name File - R

Randall, William J.


Box 2596 Name File - R

Rando, Elizabeth

Randolph, A. Philip

Randolph, Jennings


Box 2597 Name File - R

Rangel, Charles B.


Box 2598 Name File - R

Rao, Paul P.


Box 2599 Name File - R

Rarick, John


Box 2603 Name File - R

Raughley, William C. (Philadelphia, PA)

Rausch, James S.

Ravenholt, Dr. R.T.


Box 2604 Name File - R

Rawls, Nancy

Ray, Dixy Lee


Box 2605 Name File - R

Ray, Robert D.

Ray, Ronald G.


Box 2606 Name File - R

Raymond, Floyd L.


Box 2608 Name File - R

Reagan, Ronald


Box 2609 Name File - R

Reasoner, Harry


Box 2614 Name File - R

Reed, Clarke


Box 2615 Name File - R

Reed, John H.

Reed, John S.


Box 2616 Name File - R

Reed, Nathaniel P.


Box 2618 Name File - R

Rees, Thomas M.


Box 2622 Name File - R

Reich, Alan A.


Box 2623 Name File - R

Reid, Charlotte T.


Box 2624 Name File - R

Reifel, Ben


Box 2627 Name File - R

Reinhardt, John E.


Box 2633 Name File - R

Republican ...

Republican National Committee


Box 2634 Name File - R

Reserve Officers Association

Ressing, Herbert A.

Reston, James ("Scotty")


Box 2635 Name File - R

Retired Officers Association

Reuss, Henry S.


Box 2636 Name File - R

Revell, Richard A.


Box 2639 Name File - R

Reynolds, Thomas H.


Box 2642 Name File - R

Rhode Island

Rhodes, James A.


Box 2643 Name File - R

Rhodes, John J.


Box 2644 Name File - R

Ribicoff, Abraham


Box 2645 Name File - R

Rice, Charles E.


Box 2647 Name File - R

Rice, W. Thomas


Box 2650 Name File - R

Richardson, Elliot (1)-(2)


Box 2655 Name File - R

Rickover, H.G. (Admiral)


Box 2656 Name File - R

Ridenour, Ron


Box 2658 Name File - R

Riegle, Donald W.


Box 2659 Name File - R

Rifkin, Jeremy


Box 2665 Name File - R

Ripon Society

Risenhoover, Theodore M.


Box 2671 Name File - R

Rizzo, Frank (Mayor of Philadelphia)


Box 2680 Name File - R

Robertson, Pat


Box 2682 Name File - R

Robinson, Dick


Box 2683 Name File - R

Robinson, Glen O.

Robinson, J. Kenneth


Box 2687 Name File - R

Robison, Howard W.

Robson, John E.


Box 2688 Name File - R

Rocha, Delores S. (San Jose, CA)


Box 2689 Name File - R

Rockefeller, David

Rockefeller Foundation

Rockefeller, John D. III

Rockefeller, Laurance S.

Rockefeller, Nelson


Box 2690 Name File - R

Rockwell, Kent

Rockwell, Norman

Rockwell, Willard F., Jr.


Box 2692 Name File - R

Rodino, Peter J.


Box 2694 Name File - R

Roe, Jerry D.


Box 2695 Name File - R

Roe, Robert A.


Box 2699 Name File - R

Rogers, Paul G.


Box 2700 Name File - R

Rogers, William D.


Box 2701 Name File - R

Rohatyn, Felix


Box 2702 Name File - R

Rohrer, Grace J.


Box 2703 Name File - R

Roll, Charles W.

Rollins, John W., Sr.


Box 2704 Name File - R

Rollins, O. Wayne


Box 2706 Name File - R

Romero-Barcelo, Carlos

Roncalio, Teno

Roncallo, Angelo D.


Box 2707 Name File - R

Roney, Paul H.

Rooney, Fred B.

Rooney, John J.


Box 2710 Name File - R

Rose, Charles


Box 2711 Name File - R

Rose, Jonathan C.


Box 2714 Name File - R

Rosenbaum, Richard M.


Box 2716 Name File - R

Rosenblum, Thelma (Mrs. Sidney)

Rosenker, Mark V.


Box 2717 Name File - R

Rosenthal, Benjamin S.


Box 2718 Name File - R

Rosoff, Jeanne


Box 2722 Name File - R

Rossides, Eugene T.


Box 2723 Name File - R

Rosson, William B. (General)

Rostenkowski, Dan

Rotary International


Box 2725 Name File - R

Roth, William V.


Box 2727 Name File - R

Roudebush, Richard L.


Box 2728 Name File - R

Roush, J. Edward


Box 2729 Name File - R

Rousselot, John H.


Box 2732 Name File - R

Roy, William R.


Box 2733 Name File - R

Roybal, Edward R.


Box 2738 Name File - R

Rudman, Warren B.


Box 2739 Name File - R

Ruff, Charles


Box 2741 Name File - R

Rumsfeld, Donald


Box 2742 Name File - R

Runnels, Harold


Box 2743 Name File - R

Ruppe, Philip E.

Rush, Kenneth


Box 2744 Name File - R

Rusk, Dean


Box 2748 Name File - R

Russell, Roxanne


Box 2749 Name File - R

Rustin, Bayard


Box 2750 Name File - R

Ruth, Earl B.

Ruth, Henry S., Jr.


Box 2753 Name File - R

Ryan, Leo J.


Box 2756 Name File - S

Sabin, Albert


Box 2758 Name File - S

Sadler, Barry


Box 2759 Name File - S

Safire, William


Box 2762 Name File - S

St. Germain, Fernand


Box 2764 Name File - S

St. Louis Southwestern Railway Company


Box 2767 Name File - S

Sakharov, Andrei


Box 2771 Name File - S

Salt River Pima - Maricopa Indian Community

Salvation Army


Box 2773 Name File - S

Sampson, Arthur F.


Box 2774 Name File - S

Sampson, Carol L.

Sampson, Theodora


Box 2782 Name File - S

San Francisco Examiner


Box 2784 Name File - S

Santini, James

Santistevan, Carlos


Box 2786 Name File - S

Sarbanes, Paul S.


Box 2788 Name File - S

Sasakawa, Ryoichi



Box 2789 Name File - S

Satterfield, David E.


Box 2791 Name File - S

Saunders, Stuart T. (Jr. & Sr.)


Box 2793 Name File - S

Sawhill, John


Box 2795 Name File - S

Saxbe, William B.


Box 2796 Name File - S

Scaife, Richard M.

Scalia, Antonin


Box 2797 Name File - S

Scanlon, Michael T., Jr.


Box 2801 Name File - S

Schaffer, Gloria


Box 2805 Name File - S

Schembechler, Glenn "Bo"


Box 2806 Name File - S

Scherle, William J.


Box 2808 Name File - S

Schieber, Haviv


Box 2810 Name File - S

Schlafly, Phyllis (and Fred & Anne)


Box 2811 Name File - S

Schlesinger, James R.


Box 2813 Name File - S

Schmalzried, Darlene


Box 2816 Name File - S

Schmidt, Adolph

Schmier, Michael K. (1)-(4)


Box 2818 Name File - S

Schneebeli, Herman T.


Box 2824 Name File - S

Schorr, Daniel


Box 2827 Name File - S

Schroeder, Patricia


Box 2832 Name File - S

Schulze, Richard T.


Box 2838 Name File - S

Schweiker, Richard


Box 2841 Name File - S

Scoggins, Ralph N. (1)-(2)


Box 2842 Name File - S

Scott, Ernest W.


Box 2843 Name File - S

Scott, Hugh


Box 2844 Name File - S

Scott, Hugh


Box 2847 Name File - S

Scott, Stanley S.


Box 2848 Name File - S

Scott, William

Scouten, Rex

Scowcroft, Brent

Scranton, William


Box 2850 Name File - S

Sea-Land Service, Inc.


Box 2854 Name File - S

Secchia, Peter F.


Box 2857 Name File - S

Seiberling, John F.


Box 2858 Name File - S

Seidman, L. William


Box 2862 Name File - S

Selover, William


Box 2864 Name File - S

Sencer, David

Senft, Kenneth


Box 2865 Name File - S

SER (Service Employment Redevelopment)


Box 2867 Name File - S

Sertoma, etc.


Box 2868 Name File - S

Sevareid, Eric

Sevastos, James


Box 2869 Name File - S

Seward, Bill (Florida)


Box 2871 Name File - S

Shadron, Robert A.


Box 2874 Name File - S

Shamel, Tom (Little Rock, AR)


Box 2877 Name File - S

Shapp, Milton


Box 2881 Name File - S

Shaw, E. Clay (Mayor)

Shaw, Leslie N.


Box 2889 Name File - S

Shepard, Geoffrey C.


Box 2898 Name File - S

Shipley, George E.


Box 2902 Name File - S

Shorey, Albert J.


Box 2904 Name File - S

Shoup, Dick

Shouse, Catherine Filene (Mrs. Jouett)


Box 2905 Name File - S

Shraishi, R. - AKA Shraii, R. (San Francisco, CA)

Shriners (Shrine Club)


Box 2906 Name File - S

Shriver, R. Sargent


Box 2908 Name File - S

Shultz, George P.


Box 2909 Name File - S

Shuster, E.G.


Box 2910 Name File - S

Sick, Gary


Box 2914 Name File - S

Signor, Clyde E.

Sihanouk, Norodom

Sikes, Robert L.F.


Box 2916 Name File - S

Sills, Beverly

Sills, Leon


Box 2919 Name File - S

Sim, Um


Box 2923 Name File - S

Simon, Paul

Simon, William E.


Box 2927 Name File - S

Simpson, Richard O.


Box 2929 Name File - S

Sinbad, Captain


Box 2931 Name File - S

Sinnott, Rev. James


Box 2932 Name File - S

Sipple, Oliver


Box 2933 Name File - S

Sisk, B.F.

Sisler, Maynard


Box 2936 Name File - S

Sister Mary Clarissa


Box 2939 Name File - S

Sive, Charles, Jr.


Box 2943 Name File - S

Skubitz, Joe


Box 2944 Name File - S

Slack, John


Box 2955 Name File - S

Smith, Alva C.

Smith, Anthony M.


Box 2962 Name File - S

Smith, Elton R.


Box 2965 Name File - S

Smith, Gerard C.

Smith, Glee S.


Box 2966 Name File - S

Smith, Henry P. III


Box 2969 Name File - S

Smith, Jerome A.

Smith, John A.

Smith, John B.

Smith, John C.

Smith, John Covantry

Smith, John D.

Smith, John E.

Smith, John F.

Smith, John G.

Smith, John H.


Box 2971 Name File - S

Smith, Kenneth M. (Project 70001)


Box 2973 Name File - S

Smith, Margaret Chase


Box 2974 Name File - S

Smith, Mary Louise


Box 2976 Name File - S

Smith, Neal


Box 2979 Name File - S

Smith, Robert S. (Ambassador)


Box 2982 Name File - S

Smith, Thomas F.


Box 2983 Name File - S

Smith, Virginia


Box 2984 Name File - S

Smith, William French


Box 2987 Name File - S

Sneider, Richard L.


Box 2989 Name File - S

Snow, John W.


Box 2996 Name File - S

Solarz, Stephen


Box 2998 Name File - S

Solzhenitsyn, Alexander

Somerville, William C.


Box 3000 Name File - S

Sons of the American Revolution

Sons of Italy


Box 3004 Name File - S

South African Coal, Oil and Gas Corp.

South Carolina Republican Party, etc.


Box 3005 Name File - S

Southard, Shelby


Box 3006 Name File - S

Southern California Edison

Southern Pacific Company

Southern Railway


Box 3010 Name File - S

Sparkman, John


Box 3011 Name File - S

Sparling, James M.

Spatuzza, John G.


Box 3012 Name File - S

Spaulding, Aaron L.

Spaulding, Asa T.

Spaulding, Asa T., Jr.

Speakes, Larry M.


Box 3015 Name File - S

Spellman, Gladys Noon

Spence, Floyd D.

Spence, Richard


Box 3017 Name File - S

Spencer, Stuart


Box 3021 Name File - S

Splane, Beverly


Box 3025 Name File - S

Sprouse, James M. (Mr. & Mrs.)

Spuckler, Raymond J.


Box 3028 Name File - S

Stafford, Robert T.

Staggers, Harley O. (1)-(2)


Box 3032 Name File - S

Stanfield, Algene

Stanford University


Box 3034 Name File - S

Stans, Maurice


Box 3035 Name File - S

Stanton, Frank

Stanton, J. William

Stanton, James V.


Box 3037 Name File - S

Stark, Fortney H.


Box 3043 Name File - S

Steck, Fred J.

Steed, Tom

3044         Name File - S

Steele, Robert H.


Box 3045 Name File - S

Steelman, Alan

Steeves, Gurney


Box 3047 Name File - S

Steiger, Sam

Steiger, William A.

Stein, Herbert


Box 3050 Name File - S

Stella, Frank D.


Box 3054 Name File - S

Stephens, Robert G.


Box 3059 Name File - S

Stevens, John Paul

Stevens, Paul M.


Box 3060 Name File - S

Stevens, Ted

Stevenson, Adlai E.


Box 3061 Name File - S

Stever, H. Guyford


Box 3063 Name File - S

Stewart, James (actor)

Stewart, James (Woodbine, NJ)


Box 3066 Name File - S

Stier, Serena


Box 3071 Name File - S

Stoessel, Walter J.


Box 3072 Name File - S

Stokes, Louis


Box 3075 Name File - S

Stone, Richard


Box 3076 Name File - S

Stop ERA


Box 3080 Name File - S

Stranahan, R.A., Jr.


Box 3082 Name File - S

Stratton, Samuel S.


Box 3083 Name File - S

Strausz-Hupe, Robert

Stream, Bernard M.


Box 3084 Name File - S

Streit, Clarence


Box 3085 Name File - S

Strickfaden, Newton

Strickland, Joseph (Mr. & Mrs.)


Box 3087 Name File - S

Strom, Don


Box 3090 Name File - S

Strul, Gene

Strumkis, Louis (Oscala, FL)

Strunk, Norman (Chicago, IL)


Box 3092 Name File - S

Stubblefield, Frank A.

Stuckey, W.S. "Bill"

Studds, Gerry E.


Box 3094 Name File - S

Stumpf, Henry

Suharto, General (President of Indonesia)

Sullivan, Leonor K.


Box 3103 Name File - S

Sulzberger, Arthur Ochs


Box 3108 Name File - S

Sutton, Percy E.


Box 3113 Name File - S

Sweat, Richard C.


Box 3119 Name File - S

Symington, James

Symington, Stuart C.


Box 3120 Name File - S

Symms, Steven D.


Box 3122 Name File - T

Tabita, Maria


Box 3123 Name File - T

Tabor, John K.


Box 3124 Name File - T

Taft, Julia V.

Taft, Robert


Box 3126 Name File - T

Talcott, Burt L.


Box 3127 Name File - T

Talmadge, Herman


Box 3128 Name File - T

Tanaka, Kakuei


Box 3134 Name File - T

Taubman, Alfred


Box 3135 Name File - T

Taylor, Arthur

Taylor, Bill


Box 3136 Name File - T

Taylor, Billy


Box 3138 Name File - T

Taylor, Gene

Taylor, Hobart, Jr.


Box 3142 Name File - T

Taylor, Raymond M.


Box 3143 Name File - T

Taylor, Roy A.


Box 3144 Name File - T

Teague, Charles M.


Box 3145 Name File - T

Teague, Olin F.


Box 3146 Name File - T

Teeley, Peter

Teeter, Robert


Box 3147 Name File - T

Teller, Edward


Box 3154 Name File - T

Texas Instruments

Thatcher, Margaret


Box 3159 Name File - T

Thieu, Nguyen Van


Box 3164 Name File - T

Thomas, Lowell


Box 3166 Name File - T

Thomas, Stanley, Jr.


Box 3169 Name File - T

Thompson, Clifford E.


Box 3170 Name File - T

Thompson, Fletcher

Thompson, Frank, Jr.


Box 3173 Name File - T

Thompson, Robert (Sir)


Box 3175 Name File - T

Thompson, Zack


Box 3176 Name File - T

Thomson, Vernon W.

Thone, Charles


Box 3177 Name File - T

Thornburgh, Richard


Box 3178 Name File - T

Thornton, Ray


Box 3181 Name File - T

Thurmond, Strom


Box 3182 Name File - T

Thurmond, Strom


Box 3183 Name File - T

Tielking, James N.

Tiernan, Robert O.


Box 3185 Name File - T

Tillinghast, Charles C., Jr.


Box 3186 Name File - T

Time/Time-Life/Time, Inc.

Timmons, William E.


Box 3187 Name File - T

Tiniakos, Mark V.


Box 3188 Name File - T

Tipton, Howard


Box 3189 Name File - T

Tito, Josip Broz


Box 3190 Name File - T

Tjoflat, Gerald B.


Box 3192 Name File - T

Todd, Webster B., Sr.

Todd, Webster B., Jr.


Box 3196 Name File - T

Tone, John Philip


Box 3198 Name File - T

Toon, Malcolm

Toote, Gloria E.A.


Box 3200 Name File - T

Torruella del Valle, Juan R.


Box 3202 Name File - T

Tower, John


Box 3203 Name File - T

Tower, John


Box 3204 Name File - T

Townsend, Courtland


Box 3205 Name File - T

Tracy, James T. (Springfield, VA)


Box 3206 Name File - T

Train, Russell


Box 3207 Name File - T

Transportation Association of America


Box 3209 Name File - T

Traxler, J. Robert (Bob)

Traylor, Lawrence M.


Box 3210 Name File - T

Treanor, William W.


Box 3213 Name File - T

Trilateral Commission


Box 3216 Name File - T

Trotter, Virginia


Box 3217 Name File - T

Troubh, Raymond S.


Box 3221 Name File - T

Tsongas, Paul E.


Box 3223 Name File - T

Tuffy, Esther Van Wagoner


Box 3225 Name File - T

Tunney, John


Box 3236 Name File - U

Udall, Morris K.


Box 3237 Name File - U

Ukrainian Congress Committee

3238    Name File - U

Ullman, Al


Box 3241 Name File - U

Union Pacific


Box 3242 Name File - U

United Hellenic American Congress

United Hellenic-American Action Societies

United Hellenic-American Action Societies

United Hellenic-American Organizations of New England

United Hellenic Societies of America

United Hellenic Societies of New Hampshire

United Nations

United Press International


Box 3243 Name File - U

United States Catholic Conference

U.S. Coalition for Life

United States Lines


Box 3244 Name File - U

United Transportation Union

University of California


Box 3245 Name File - U

University of Maryland

University of Michigan

University of Pennsylvania

University of Richmond

University of Southern California


Box 3247 Name File - U

Upjohn Company


Box 3248 Name File - U

Urban League

Urmanski, Beatrice (Covina, CA)


Box 3249 Name File - U

Usery, William J.


Box 3251 Name File - V

Vachon, Kathryne F.